Jason Mitchell, Seismic Nationals 2007, Hybrid Slalom.  Photo by Greg Fadell Northern California Downhill Skateboarding Association
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3dm Wheels
Crash Pads
Downhill Motion Video
Octanesport.com - UK online store
Original Longboards
Park Hill Skates
Pavel Skates Slalom Skateboards (GER)
Pleasure Tool Bearings - Online store
Precision Skateboard Bearing Spacers
Pro-Designed Pads
Seismic Trucks
Skate School
Skateboard Lessons with Chris Yandall
Solid Skate - Online store
Southern California Skatepark Directory
TimeShip Racing

No Helmet? Campaign Supporters Add URL
45 at 45 Tour - Action obsession or middle age madness?
eXtribe (PH)
Gravity Sports International
Half Ass Expeditions (Skateluge.com)
Kracked Skulls Longboards
Pirate Slalom - Skateboard Racing in Paris
XSportsProtective - Protective Gear Specialists

Organizations Add URL
Board Rescue
Brasas. Downhill Speed Team (Brazil)
BreakAway Industries
British Skateboard museum
Cascade Slalom Association
Concrete Disciples
Endless Lines (F)
Gentle Giants Dogs News
Gravity Sports International
HotHeels (Germany)
International Distance Skateboard Association (IDSA)
International Gravity Sports Association (IGSA)
Italian International Racing (luge)
Italian Olympic Skateboarding
Longboards Panama
North-East European Downhill Skateboarding (Estonia)
Northern Underground Adrenaline Circuit (NUAC)
San Jose Downhill Skate Club
Sandboard.cl (Chile)
Skaters for Public Skateparks
The Ian Tilmann Foundation
United Kingdom Skateboard Slalom Association
USA - Distance Skateboard Association
Vintage Skateboard Appreciation Society

Personal Sites Add URL
40 Polegadas (Brazil)
45 at 45 Tour - Action obsession or middle age madness?
About Bearing Spacers
Adventures In Longboarding
Anne Downhill (France)
Benny's Longboard Page
Chris Yandall's Pump Your Deck Skateboard Website
Colorado Skateboard Portal
Di Dootson's National Skateboard Review
Downhill Longboard (Brazil)
Florida Skater
Greg's longboard page
HC's Wacky Board Page
IowaSk8er Vinatge Videos & Skateboard Site
JD Downhill Speed Freak
Keith Johnson's Surfskating (learn surf moves!)
Kickturn.com (awesome vintage collection)
KludyVille - Downhill Speedboarding
Lonecore Webzine
Long Distance Pumping (skumping.com)
Longboard.nu (Swedish)
Longboardmag.de (German)
mikez speedboarding page (South Africa)
Nose Wheelie
Nose Wheelie - Cult of the Longboard
Old School Sk8boarding Association (France)
Pelou Carve (France)
René Riveros Allendes - Professional DownHill Skateboarder
Skate Geezer Home Page
Skateboard Zoo (UK)
Surface Motion (riding tips)
Texas Longboarders
Thunhill (Swiss)
Toes Over Longboard Life (Australia)
Transpirations (Germany)
Tyler's Longboard Page
www.skaters.com.br (Brazil)

Photo Sites Add URL
2001 World Slalom Championships (photos2)
68mm.com Skateboard Racing
Four Wheels Down with Dan Gesmer (5MB freestyle video)
Skate Scene Media - La Costa Downhill Slalom Race - July 24, 2004
The Gathering 2, May 2002

Press Coverage Add URL
Cirque taps local skateboarder
Concrete Wave Magazine publisher Michael Brooke Interviewed in Skateandannoy.com
Denver Post - Old-school skaters
Judi Oyama: Skater for life - Santa Cruz Sentinel
Kenny Mollica in the Columbus Dispatch -- July 25, 2003 (scan 1, 486K)
Kenny Mollica in the Columbus Dispatch -- July 25, 2003 (scan 2, 184K)
Kenny Mollica in the Columbus Dispatch -- July 25, 2003 (scan 3, 634K)
Paving the Way in the Seattle Times Magazine, Aug 1, 2004
Skate Across America in the Casper Star Tribune (Aug 11, 2003)
'Sliders': Racing Down Berkeley's Steep Hills (NPR)
TopView Sightseeing NYC: Skateboarding Safety in the City

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