Jason Mitchell, Seismic Nationals 2007, Hybrid Slalom.  Photo by Greg Fadell Northern California Downhill Skateboarding Association
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Cyber Slalom Challenge

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Take the Cyber Slalom ChallengeTM!

The course:
1. Flat area.
2. Start line with 3-foot Starting Box drawn so the box shares its front side
    with the Start Line and evenly straddles the Cone Line.
3. 15-feet past Start Line is first of 25 cones spaced 6-feet on center.
4. 15-feet after last cone is Finish Line (174 feet total start-to-finish).

How to run it:
1. One foot on board, push foot on ground within 3-foot Starting Box.
2. Board must cross Start line between the front corners of the Starting Box.
3. Time starts when board crosses the Start Line.
4. Time stops when board reaches Finish line.
5. Any cone displaced DQ's.

If your course is not flat, please run it in both directions and post the average of your best time in each direction. Post as many entries as you like, only your fastest time will display.

Your 4-digit access code is unique to you, meaning that you can update your time whenever you wish. Only your best time will display in the standings.

Credit goes to Neil G, who as near as we can tell was the first to propose this idea on ncdsa.com way back on Sept 11, 2000.† Neil's First Annual World Wide Web Slalom Challenge eventually morphed into the Cyber Slalom Challenge, but the idea is essentially the same.† Ncdsa.com is proud to be able to further fulfill our charter by promoting the sport of skateboarding through the exchange of information. Let the games begin!

Personal Best History for Michael Dong
(Show All Racers)
Name  Country Time Updates Comment Date Submitted IP Addr
1. Michael Dong  USA 7.981 sec 0 run in "the cell" 4/1/06, 89a 70mm Retros, Biltins, Roe Biax Bullet, PVD/Rad, Best time on concrete  4/3/2006 11:30:58 PM  24.17.xxx.xxx 
2. Michael Dong  USA 7.896 sec 0 run 9/6/04, 8.025/7.766, trakmate timer, Roe, Radikal(f)/Pvd(r), grippins, built-ins, TNR footstop  9/9/2004 11:03:44 PM  4.242.xxx.xxx 
3. Michael Dong  USA 8.124 sec 0 Roe Bullet, Grippins, Built-Ins, PVD R3's, TNR footstop  8/1/2004 2:09:26 PM  4.242.xxx.xxx 
4. Michael Dong  USA 8.146 sec 0 Roe Bullet, Tway timer, Batcave course (rough surface), TNR toestop, PVD R3, Flashbacks, Built-Ins  9/4/2003 12:28:59 AM  67.75.xxx.xxx 
5. Michael Dong  USA 8.151 sec 0 Roe Bullet, TNR Designs, PVD R2, ABEC11 Flashbacks, Pleasure tools. Rough Surface in "Batcave"   4/24/2003 12:18:15 AM  209.245.xxx.xxx 
6. Michael Dong  USA 8.251 sec 0 Roe Bullet, PVD R2, ABEC11 Flashbacks, Pleasure tools. Rough Surface in "Batcave"  4/21/2003 11:54:55 PM  63.214.xxx.xxx 
7. Michael Dong  USA 8.28 sec 0 Finally a smooth surface!!! Roe, PVD, ABEC11, Pleasure Tools, Tway timer 8.280  2/22/2003 12:35:21 AM  209.221.xxx.xxx 
8. Michael  USA 8.291 sec 0 Finally a smooth surface! Roe, PVD, ABEC11, Pleasure Tools, Tway timer  2/22/2003 12:18:50 AM  209.221.xxx.xxx 
9. Michael  USA 8.459 sec 0 Finally on a smooth surface! Roe, PVD, ABEC11, Pleasure Tools, Tway Timer   2/21/2003 11:36:53 PM  209.221.xxx.xxx 
10. Michael Dong  USA 8.52 sec 0 Finally on a smooth surface! Roe, PVD, ABEC11, Pleasure Tools, Tway Timer 8.520  2/21/2003 11:26:46 PM  209.221.xxx.xxx 
11. Michael Dong  USA 8.58 sec 0 Roe Racing, PVD, ABEC11, Pleasure Tools, Tway Timer  2/15/2003 11:54:18 PM  209.245.xxx.xxx 
12. Michael Dong  USA 8.616 sec 0 Tway Timer - ROE, ROE, ROE your Bullet, PVDs, Flashbacks 92f, 84r, Pleasure Tools  1/18/2003 4:18:13 PM  67.72.xxx.xxx 
13. Michael Dong  USA 8.773 sec 0 Le Tway Timer - Roe Bullet, PVDs, Flashbacks 92f, 84r, Pleasure Tools, only a few more 100ths to go   1/12/2003 5:58:57 PM  67.75.xxx.xxx 
14. Michael Dong  USA 8.817 sec 0 Tway Timer - Roe Bullet, PVDs, Flashbacks 92f, 84r, Pleasure Tools  1/8/2003 12:35:00 AM  67.75.xxx.xxx 
15. Michael Dong  USA 8.87 sec 0 Roe Bullet, PVD prototype trucks/elastomers, 88 Flashbks front, 85 cust shaved Avalons rear, PTs  12/31/2002 1:24:22 AM  209.245.xxx.xxx 
16. Michael Dong  USA 8.99 sec 0 Roe Bullet, PVD prototype trucks/elastomers, 88 Flashbks front, 85 cust shaved Avalons rear, 38 deg  12/26/2002 11:41:55 PM  209.245.xxx.xxx 
17. Michael Dong  USA 9.07 sec 0 Used 3 foot box rule,Roe Bullet, Flashbacks 88f,78R, Seismic/f, Indy Offset/r  5/25/2002 9:13:56 PM  209.245.xxx.xxx 
18. Michael Dong  USA 10.1 sec 0 Using new 3' box rule, on a Roe Bullet, ABEC11 Stingers, Seismic front, Indy offset rear.  5/14/2002 12:45:57 AM  209.245.xxx.xxx 

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