Jason Mitchell, Seismic Nationals 2007, Hybrid Slalom.  Photo by Greg Fadell Northern California Downhill Skateboarding Association
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Gotta' Slalom! SESSION (Not-race)
8 Registered Contestants.   Signup online!

Event Date and Time: Saturday, July 17, 2021  10:00
Event Duration: 1 Day
Location: Bush Park Soap Box Derby Hill, Salem, Oregon
Entry: Open
Helmets: Mandatory
Divisions: Slalomers who slalom.

Proletariat longboarders.
Classes: Actually Riding.

Blabbing all day long.
Organizer: CSA South Annex and Vic Smead Race-Wear
Entry Fee: Free if you bring brooms, leafblowers and dustpans
Contest Info: WHAT: SLALOM FUN-SESSION Get-together -NOT a "race", there will be No Timers, No Start ramps - Just a LOT of cones, riding and/or blabbing at the top of the hill .

Contest Info: ***
DON'T MARK YOUR CALENDARS YET!!! HOPEFULLY THIS THINGY WILL STAY ON THE POSTED DATE-BUT IT'S VERY SUBJECT TO CHANGE!!!!, I'll make periodic calls to check on the hill's availability status and post on the SLALOM forum here and Facebook CSA page if things get nixed or changed.

BRING YOUR OWN FOOD AND WATER - This year due to annoying persistent virus mutations, food won't be supplied most likely even though I want to light the BBQ really bad.

PUBLIC BATHROOMS and WATER FOUNTAINS: Currently open for business again per phone call with Parks-n-Rec on 5-7-20201.

DISTPANS AND LEAFBLOWERS!!! -This hill is famous for falling remnant acorns, twigs and squirrels chasing the acorns. Since this is not city sanctioned, the city Parks and Rec dept probably will not have cleaned it recently.

HELMETS: Yeah fool, what do you think? It's on a hill on pavement. Hills Kill. Everything else is recommended strongly.

MASKS: Wear them if you want, and don't cough on people if not wearing a mask.

BEWARE: This is an At-Your-Own-Risk activity and no one but you will be responsible for your injuries.

BE ADVISED: This is an "Unscheduled drop in usage of a municipal recreation facility" so, "we" don't own or hold title to the hill and we may have to leave if we're told to or if there is another event that has been scheduled. So bring your park decks as a backup plan.

SPECIAL BONUS: You'll be one of the coolest people in the whole world if you bring your slalom cones, chalk and/or brooms, dust pans or leaf blowers. Really, you'll be "that" cool.

NEWBIES!! Skate-wrench gear-head session and slalom board tuning and advice all day long!!! Great Bushing free schwag to those in need courtesy of Riptide (Thanks Riptide!)

COURSES: 2 courses, one big open-ish, Gianty slalom for the Longboarding types and people into GS, the other course will be a Techy hybrid tighter course than the other one but not "that" tight-OK, maybe it will, unless it's not. Both will have the usual Pauliwog mixed rhythm and features since he's probably the one setting the courses again unless someone beats him to it, which noone ever seems to so, noone is to blame for that except everyone that fails to set courses before Pauliwog does.

WHERE: Salem Oregon, Bush Park Soap Box Derby Hill.

DIRECTIONS: I-5 to South Salem Oregon. Take the Hwy 22 Exit West (toward the Pacific Ocean and away from the Cascades), it will become "Mission Blvd", follow it as it weaves around, you'll pass K-Mart, keep going and going, you'll go up over an overpass then under an underpass -watch out for the surprise stoplight, soon you'll see the huge forested "Bush Park" to your Left(South, in the general direction of Peru) and the Salem Hospital on your Right(North, you know, like, ummm Canada). Look for the parking to the park on the Left, or keep going to the next stop light, turn left and park on that street and walk over to the hill or keep going and turn Left again to the parking on the top of the hill. It really is that easy! Watch for signs about parking space or time limits and getting busted for parking anywhere too long.

See you all there! - Vic
1st Place Finisher:
2nd Place Finisher:
3rd Place Finisher:
Overall Results:

Registered Contestants (8) -- Gotta' Slalom! SESSION (Not-race)
Name Home City Division Classes Sponsors Bio Comment Date Submitted
1. Steven KIng San Ramon, CA  Slalomers who slalom.  Actually Riding.  IRA, 401K  Some old slalom guy who last raced on this hill in 1981.    4/17/2021 2:16:03 PM 
2. Paul Howard Corvallis, Oregon  Slalomers who slalom.  Actually Riding.  Vic Smead Race Foods and Vic Smead Race Wear  I'm still really, really bitter about when the "visitors" came from the sky at night and obliterated the drainage ditch I grew up in. I think they killed the Dagoo also around 2006, Never Forget!!!  Stupid Aliens suck! I hate them ALL!!!!  4/17/2021 2:27:06 PM 
3. Paul Peterson Philomath or  Slalomers who slalom.  Actually Riding.        4/17/2021 4:10:06 PM 
4. Paul Chestnut Huntington Beach Ca  Slalomers who slalom.  Actually Riding.  Sk8kings    Love this hill!!!  4/18/2021 5:44:13 PM 
5. Gary Neuhoff Eugene OR  Slalomers who slalom.  Actually Riding.        4/24/2021 3:50:30 PM 
6. WENTZLE RUML south yarmouth cape cod ,   Slalomers who slalom.  Actually Riding.  vans, dont trip truks, pro designed, fuel clothing, dead dog sk8 shorts, kimos, old bones therepy, JBH boards, hana srf sk8  ol dog, no new tricks, want to ride!!! see slalom family and most of all.... HAVE FUN!!  doctors/ PT / chiro/ , all think im nuutz to race!!!, they dont get it  5/9/2021 4:06:01 AM 
7. Mark Harris La Grande   Slalomers who slalom.  Actually Riding.        5/9/2021 8:28:39 PM 
8. Paul Steiger Kennewick, WA  Slalomers who slalom.  Actually Riding.        5/16/2021 12:48:40 PM 


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