Jason Mitchell, Seismic Nationals 2007, Hybrid Slalom.  Photo by Greg Fadell Northern California Downhill Skateboarding Association
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World Championships Slalom - Hobby Park
15 Registered Contestants.
Event Date and Time: Friday, October 18, 2019  00:00
Event Duration: Three Days
Location: Hobby Park, 2301 W Clemmonsville Rd, Winston-Salem, NC
Entry: Open
Helmets: Mandatory
Divisions: Pro
Classes: Giant
Organizer: Cape Fear Slalom Racing
Map: Click here for online map
Entry Fee: $50-$125
Contest Info: The Who, What, Where and When for the
2019 ISSA World Skateboard Slalom Championships
World Championships Slalom 2019
Cape Fear Slalom Racing, the City of Winston-Salem, NC and the ISSA are proud to host
the top professional and amateur slalom competitors as they battle for the World title!

The What
World Slalom Skateboarding Championships
ISSA Status: Major

The When
October 18-20, 2019 (Friday/Saturday/Sunday)

The Where
Hobby Park, 2301 W. Clemmonsville Rd,
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Fri / Sat Race SCHEDULE
Friday: Dual Lane Tight Slalom / Racer Welcome
Saturday: Dual Lane Hybrid Slalom
Masters (11)
800-830 Practice- one run each lane
830-915 Qualifications
930-1015 TS/HS dual lane racing. Round of 8

Pro (16)
1015-1045 Practice-one run each lane
1045-1130 Qualifications
1145-1245 TS/HS dual lane racing. Round of 16

Women (4)
1245-115 Practice- one run each lane
115-130 Qualifications
145-215 TS/HS dual lane racing. Round of 4

Juniors (3)
215-230 Practice-- one run each lane
245-300 Qualifications
315-345 TS/HS dual lane racing.

Amateurs (16)
345-415 Practice- one run each lane
415-500 Qualifications
515-615 TS/HS dual lane racing. Round of 16

We will run the next class immediately following the prior elimination round.

Please be at the park at least an hour before the scheduled time. Food trucks will be on site each day for your convenience. They will be there for lunch from 11 to 2. Please support these small businesses.


●Practice begins at 800. Racing at 900.
●Open to all racers.
●2 practice runs each.
●Fastest run out of 3 attempts

Run order as follows: one run, then back to top
of the order. Repeat. Run. Repeat. Done!

Juniors (will start mid-hill and get all of their runs in first.
The timer will be moved to the top of the hill for everyone


While final results are tabulated, there will be a speed trap open for anyone that wants to see how fast they can go down the “elevator shaft.” No points, just for fun and the top speed wins a prize!

Awards ceremony at the bottom of the hill.

We will try to complete the GS by 1pm, and the awards by 3 pm.

RACER REGISTRATION AND EVENT WEB RESOURCES: Racers - if you have not yet registered but would still like to race - please contact the organizers at email above.

Registered Racer List available at ISSA Website - http://bit.ly/SlalomWorlds2019

**Note - signups below have been added to the official racer roster at ISSA now.**

Entry Fee: Pre-pay is now closed. Please contact organizers via email to arrange for fee payment if you have not already done so.
Other Event Web Resources:

ISSA site - http://bit.ly/SlalomWorlds2019Info

Facebook - http://bit.ly/SlalomWorlds2019FBEvent

Public / Spectators
The public is welcome to come out and spend the day watching some great racing beginning Friday and continuing through the weekend.
It's free - just BYO - chairs, shade, food/drink as the venue is a county park and there are no services or stores within walking distance.
As a county park, alcohol is prohibited.
Spectator parking and public bathrooms are located at the shelter in the middle of the park.

The soapbox hill on which we run the giant slalom is STEEP and FAST with good length, sloping off and transitioning
to a flat zone before rising up again into an uphill run off. Giant on this hill is a challenge for any skill level.
Foot braking is not necessary.
Hobby Park - Venue for World Championships Slalom 2019

The track is 19 feet wide, good for dual-lane tight and hybrid. Giant is run as a single lane.
The run-out hill at the other end is not as steep as the main hill.
Right next to the hill is a BIG shelter with charcoal grills and probably enough tables to seat 100 people. Bathrooms are located at the back of the shelter.

See all those dark areas stretching across the road? That’s called shade.
Most race locations are unfamiliar with it.
Plus, the same forest providing the shade is also an excellent wind break.
Last year’s race saw wind gusts in the 25+mph range. We never saw a cone move all day.
Anyway, that's Hobby Park. To sum up, it's a PERFECT location for slalom skateboarding. Hope to see ya’ll this October!
This event is sanctioned by the ISSA (International Slalom Skateboard Association)
Major status official world ranking - making this the highest ranked slalom event of 2019!


ACCOMMODATIONS - Hotel and Camping Info
Hotels for World Championships Slalom 2019

Rates are good for up to 4 people per room, which helps those on a lesser budget.
Weather this time of year ranges from the 70’s during the day to 30’s at night.
*Hotels in this area fill up fast on weekends with college football games, furniture marts and fall foliage tourists.
We are blessed to have a block by 3 area hotels this early. Please make reservations as soon as you can! All of the
hotels are new or renovated and about a 15 minute drive to all of the race venues. Plus, these hotels are close to
the downtown area for those interested in exploring the nightlife scene.

Camping: This campground is less than a half hour from the race venue/park. $30/day for up to 4 people.
Oak Hollow Campground

Race Sites
Hobby Park, 2301 W Clemmonsville Rd, Winston-Salem, NC

Welcome get-together (Thursday night)
Post-race party and BBQ
Saturday, at Hobby Park
Awards following racing on Sunday

Race Schedule


Charlotte (CLT) 60 minutes from Winston-Salem (Major airlines include American, Air Canada, Delta, Frontier, JetBlue, Lufthansa, Southwest and United)

Greensboro (GSO) 30 minutes from Winston Salem (non-stop service to GSO from Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit and Miami)
American, Delta, Frontier and United
Raleigh-Durham (RDU) 90 minutes from Winston Salem (there are a multitude of non-stop flights direct to RDU, check your carrier)
American, Delta, Frontier, Jet Blue, Southwest and United

$125 Pro & Masters / $100 Amateurs & Women / $50 Juniors
Send payment via PayPal (early registration expires October 1st) to: capefearslalom@gmail.com

Note: Only Pro and Masters Class racers who participate in all three events will qualify for the overall cash purse.
It is important that you register and send your fees early so we can prepare an amazing weekend of racing!
Racers under the age of 18 MUST have parent or guardian present to participate /sign waiver.
Helmets are mandatory. No exceptions! Pads highly recommended, but optional.
1st Place Finisher:
2nd Place Finisher:
3rd Place Finisher:
Overall Results:

Registered Contestants (15) -- World Championships Slalom - Hobby Park
Name Home City Division Classes Sponsors Bio Comment Date Submitted
1. Mika Hadestrand Gothenburg  Pro  Giant, Hybrid, Tight  Tu Madre Skateboards  World and Guiness of record holder of 50 cones.    8/30/2019 11:16:35 PM 
2. Petr Matous Polička, Czech Republic  Pro  Giant, Hybrid, Tight  Sk8 Slalom Polička, le fakap, T-board, Alex Lutz, Jani Soderhall, Frederik Lieberath      8/31/2019 3:02:23 AM 
3. Lynn Kramer San Diego, CA  Women  Giant, Hybrid, Tight  Sk8Kings, Don’t Trip, Radikal, RipTide, Oust  La Costa Boys Racing, Going for #15  Elevator shaft!  8/31/2019 7:27:23 AM 
4. Paul Coupe London  Master  Giant, Hybrid, Tight  Octane sports      9/3/2019 1:11:41 PM 
5. Patrick Lehrmann Carlsbad, CA  Master  Giant, Hybrid, Tight    Geologist and Geophysicist originally a great lake surfer from Wisconsin.     9/3/2019 2:38:06 PM 
6. Orion Lehrmann Carlsbad, CA  Pro  Giant, Hybrid, Tight  Sk8kings, Team Kramer,  Student at UC Berkeley, Been racing since 11 years old. Surf more than anything. La Costa Boys Racing    9/3/2019 2:44:22 PM 
7. Oshean Lehrmann Carlsbad, CA  Pro  Giant, Hybrid, Tight  Sk8kings, Team Kramer,  Student at UC Berkeley, Been racing since 12 years old. La Costa Boys Racing    9/3/2019 2:45:36 PM 
8. Tom Weisenbach Lexington ky  Am  Giant, Hybrid, Tight        9/4/2019 7:53:53 AM 
9. Therese Redman Stockholm, Sweden  Women  Giant, Hybrid, Tight  T-board  Tezzan from Sweden. Started with Slalom for 6 years ago, a grandmother who is crazy people think :-)    9/9/2019 12:22:52 AM 
10. Viktor Hadestrand Gothenburg  Pro  Giant, Hybrid, Tight  Tu Madre Skateboards      9/17/2019 2:35:30 AM 
11. Janis Kuzmins Olaine  Pro  Giant, Hybrid, Tight  Olaine Skateboard Club  World Champion ,European Champion 2018, Guiness record Holder 100 cones.    9/27/2019 10:56:43 AM 
12. Arturs Liskovs Olaine  Pro  Giant, Hybrid, Tight  Olaine Skateboard Club  Worlds Nr 3 2018    9/27/2019 11:02:46 AM 
13. Jonathan Harms St. Louis, MO  Pro  Giant, Hybrid, Tight      I also signed up on slalomskateboarder.com but am adding myself here too so my billions of fans can see it. Ha.  10/8/2019 7:20:19 AM 
14. Keith Hollien Gainesville, FL.  Master  Hybrid, Tight    Keith Hollien Signature Series, Radikal Trucks, FreeRide Surf & Skate Shop, SK8Kings-AXE ARMY, Oust Bearings.  Skateboarding for 55 years & Slalom Skateboarding 43 years.  10/8/2019 8:31:09 AM 
15. Michael Peck Charlotte,NC  Am  Giant, Hybrid, Tight    Originally from West Palm Beach, FL..1978 Brewer Team East..  Love me some..Elevator shaft  10/15/2019 6:33:55 AM 

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