Jason Mitchell, Seismic Nationals 2007, Hybrid Slalom.  Photo by Greg Fadell Northern California Downhill Skateboarding Association
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US Nationals
38 Registered Contestants.
Event Date and Time: Saturday, July 11, 2009  09:00
Event Duration: Two Days
Location: Lafayette, Colorado
Entry: Open
Helmets: Mandatory
Divisions: Pro
Organizer: Mitchells and Fluitt
Entry Fee: 125.00
Contest Info: Thanks to all the racers, friends and families!
We hope you had a good time at the 2009 SEISMIC US Nationals!

Thanks to all of our AWESOME sponsors:
• Allboards Sports
• Sk8Kings
• TimeShip
• Tactics Racing
• Abec 11
• Dan Dengler Longboards
• Curve, INC
• Folliage Printing
• Voltage Advertising
• Colorado Sk8 School
• Splitfire
• City of Lafayette
• Skate Colorado
• Banshee Bungee
• Monster Energy Drink
• Khiro
• Woodword Copper
• Mary/Acupuncture Clinic
• Sk8Sister
• Radikal
• Nitro
• Pavel
• Venom Bushings
• Black Ops
• MOB Skateboards
• Greg Fadell
• Oskar Blue’s Brewery
• Empire Lounge

COLD HARD CASH PRO Prize Purse per event (HS,TS,GS)
$500 (1st)
$300 (2nd)
$200 (3rd)
$100 (4th)

SK8RCROSS CASH Prize Purse $300,$200,$100,$50
1st Place Finisher: HS: mitchell TS: pappas GS: pappas
2nd Place Finisher: HS reaves, TS:mc laren, GS: maytam
3rd Place Finisher: HS: mc laren, TS: mitchell, GS: reaves
Overall Results: OPEN
HS: 1 k.delaney 2 m.duquette 3 j.collins
TS: 1 j.collins 2 m.duquette 3 j.putrah
GS: 1 k.delaney 2 r.harrison 3 m.duquette

HS: 1 hollien 2 bara 3 pirnack
TS: 1 pirnack 2 fluitt 3 hollien
GS: 1 lehm 2 hollien 3 fluitt

HS: 1 g.duquet 2. z.miller 3. d.duquet
TS: 1 d.duquet 2 g.duquet 3 z.miller
GS: 1 g.duquet 2 z.miller 3 d.duquet


Registered Contestants (38) -- US Nationals
Name Home City Division Sponsors Bio Comment Date Submitted
1. Dave the Wave Pirnack Centennial, CO  Masters  Jack Daniels  I'm a gay fly fisherman that loves to skate.  Bring on the masters, off the couch division  3/31/2009 4:43:22 PM 
2. Gary Fluitt Golden, CO  Masters  Depends  I'm a hetero snowboarder that doesn't love to skate  Off the couch rules = no practice until the weak before the race. No tan lines from the pads (barker).  3/31/2009 4:49:05 PM 
3. Rick Floyd Brrrrlingtin, VT  Open  Call me.  Sometimes goes by the alias "Harvey Boris" when traveling. Raised by the band Pink Floyd - first board was made from one of David Gilmour's old Strats. Genetically un-related to Syd Barrett.  I'm not Canadian, but I play one on YouTube. Fullbag isn't my sponsor - they're my religion.  4/1/2009 9:25:44 AM 
4. GEO Myler Longmont, ColoRADo  Open  Photobucket  Longtime COSS member, invited so that there will be a keg of beer for Claude!  Love this hill, plenty of places to leave some blood! Is there an Open Masters?  4/1/2009 1:56:41 PM 
5. Gib Lewis Breckenridge  Masters  A real strange desire to slalom race.  Still going after all these years  Who let those promising youngsters into the Master's class? Nationals in Colorado again!!!!!  4/1/2009 6:50:27 PM 
6. Martin Reaves COSSorado  Pro  Pocket Pistol Skates, Radikal, Garver, Venom... and Cat    I got money on Gib for the masters class.  4/4/2009 3:41:54 PM 
8. Zak Maytum Boulder, CO  Pro  Venom Bushings, Venom Wheels, Pavel, Madrid, Fly Paper, Cadillac Bearings      4/5/2009 1:21:12 PM 
9. Jonny "Thriller" Miller California Dream in  Pro  Bulldog,Khiro,P.P.S, Indy always, Toyland,OUTLAW RANCH PRODUCTIONS. ( Rock n Ron s??)  Huff and puff your house down...  Can't wait to sleep in the bubble???  4/6/2009 11:23:53 AM 
10. Richy "Brown Bomber " Carrasco OC So Cal  Pro  SK8KINGS, Khiro, Oust, S-One, Maria  AXE Army Cometh  Thanks Team Mitchell  4/7/2009 8:37:06 AM 
12. Adam Schwippert Stratton Mountain, Vermont  Pro  SK8KINGS, Radikal, Khiro, Abec 11, Shock Wave Sportz, Podium Skate Shop  Attends University of Vermont, Pro Snowboarder (4th year)& competed this season in New Zealand, Colorado, Maine, & Vermont  This will be a good tune-up for Hood River.  4/8/2009 9:11:32 AM 
13. Wentzle Ruml IV wellfleet cape cod/kihei, hawaii  Masters  subsonic, fatboy, ninja, pro designed, flyaway, dead dog, flexmeter wristguards, woodys halfpipe, gladiator knee gaskets, z-boy, fuel clothing, osiris shoes, willys gym, cahill underground, bulldog sk8s, HSRA (NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH NRA)  Fully stoked on sk8n......maybe more than ever in my entire life 100% srfrsk8brdr4evr  masters division is going to be tough and get tougher....lots of us older sk8rs that are in it for the long haul....  4/15/2009 5:15:16 PM 
14. John Stryker Fairwood, Washington  Open  Sk8Kings, AXE ARMY  First time to the Land of COSS. Looking forward to racing at mile high.GO! AXE ARMY!   Thanks Jason, Terri and the rest of the COSS people who are putting on The 2009 US Nationals.  4/20/2009 8:24:16 PM 
15. Lynn Kramer San Diego, CA  Pro  Sk8kings, Khiro, Nitro, Timeship Racing, ABEC-11  Corn fed by LCB, spiced up by the Axe Army.    4/24/2009 9:20:40 PM 
16. Brad Kasha Calgary Alberta   Open  QWIP Woodworks Ltd  Canadian homeboy playing in a wiggly world  :^) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  5/3/2009 6:01:14 AM 
17. Paul Price Park City, Utah via Sydney and London  Pro  Pavel  Green Card Racing  Looks like a fast hill!  5/11/2009 12:08:58 PM 
18. Claude Regnier Ottawa, Ontario, Canada  Pro        5/19/2009 7:35:51 AM 
19. kevin delaney Watsonville, CA  Open  Pappas Bros. Racing, ABEC11, Roe Racing, Riley Racing Team, Kimstigators Racing, $3300 in 4 weeks I'll show you how.  Boulder Co raised
93-95 World Snowboard Champ Overall
2008 US Nats Overall Champ - Open
2008 NA Championships 1st Overall - Open.

To the mighty Mitchell's - thanks for the show!  5/20/2009 1:17:53 PM 
20. Keith Henderson Granite Bay CA  Open  Tactis Sk8, Khiro      5/21/2009 4:28:39 PM 
21. Joe Lehm Santa Fe, NM  Masters  TimeShip Racing  Joe lives in Santa Fe, NM where he runs the Timeship Skate School and produces TimeShip slide gloves and puts on race events like the Ditch Slap. This is his 40th year of skating.   The Masters Class will feel just like getting whooped in the Pro Class used to. Leathers don't leave tan lines...  5/23/2009 11:14:22 AM 
22. Gabe Duquet Ottawa, ON  Pro  mom, Claude  none  CAN - AM  6/1/2009 2:53:44 PM 
23. Dan Duquet Ottawa, ON  Pro  mom, claude  hmmmm  pie  6/1/2009 2:54:45 PM 
24. HELL FADELL DETROIT  Pro    PPS, GOG, KHIRO    6/2/2009 5:37:36 PM 
25. justin collins so cal  Open  sk8kings, oust, funhouse skateboards, spine clothing      6/2/2009 7:34:33 PM 
26. tim kienitz los angeles, ca  Open  S & S cycle. Harbor Skateboard Racing  I ride SK8KINGS Unicus AXE, Ultimate AXE, and Gaximus AXE  AXE ARMY!!!  6/3/2009 11:17:09 AM 
27. Chris Barker Longmont, ColoRADo  Pro  Pavel, GOG, Abec-11, Venom Racing  Can I switch to Masters on Game Day?  Haven't got off the couch since Dixie...  6/9/2009 11:10:19 AM 
28. Lou Statman Texas  Open  Doesn't matter  If you don't know me say hello. If you know me I'm still not sorry!  I'm a Texas Outlaw.. Let's Skate  6/11/2009 2:43:49 PM 
29. Rich Harrison Louisville, ColoRADo  Open  Pavel, GOG  Local Dad-Dad-Daddio  Hooray OVERLOOK! Thank you Jason, Teri and all in ColoRADo!  6/12/2009 1:50:52 PM 
30. Joel Putrah Arvada  Open  Venom bushings, Deity racing    DEITY RACING!  6/15/2009 8:30:53 AM 
31. Mike Duquette Bristol, ct  Open  Gecko, Joe I       6/15/2009 9:46:50 AM 
32. Zion Miller Santa Fe, New Mexico---->The 505!!!  Open  Timeship Racing, Mom & Dad      6/16/2009 6:38:36 AM 
33. BA RA DETROIT  Masters      One last time around the block  6/17/2009 6:08:51 AM 
34. Rick Fitzpatrick Golden Colorado  Open  I'm a Venomus, axeweilding, Seismologist.  Raised by Wolves.  This race is going to be more fun than a barrel of tattooed,drunken,one armed, flaming chainsaw juggling...Monkey's!  6/25/2009 4:21:39 PM 
35. Eric Tokle Petaluma, CA  Open  Folliage Printing and Apparel, NCSC  NCSC and Axe Army!  Whats in the water that make the COSS crew so darn fast? Time for me to find out!  7/2/2009 12:10:58 PM 
36. galen goldscheitter boulder, colorado  Open        7/5/2009 7:57:58 PM 
37. Chris Pappas Boulder CO  Open  Venom Bushings, 7-11  I can Steer, Shift, Talk on the phone, eat a hot dog, read the paper, drink a cup of coffee, smoke a cigarette, and blow in the breathalizer all at the same time!  yes  7/7/2009 8:49:14 PM 
38. MR CALL OUT callsville CA   Women (minimum 4)    justin collins You told everyone your going Pro in NC whats up sandbager!!!!   Sandbager   7/8/2009 9:26:33 AM 

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