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Ultraskate VI
51 Registered Contestants.
Event Date and Time: Saturday, March 21, 2009  08:00
Event Duration: 24 Hours
Location: US, UK
Entry: Open
Helmets: Mandatory
Divisions: US
Classes: 24 Hours
Personal Best
Skate and Support
Organizer: pavedwave.org, skatefurther.com
Entry Fee: 0
Contest Info:

Seattle - Burke-Gilman (day) & Greenlake (night)

Complete Walkthrough of the Burke-Gilman and Sammamish Trails:

San Diego - Mission Beach

St. Paul to Minneapolis, Minnesota


Use this site to map your course!


Divisions: Details pending

US (Washington, Texas, California)
UK (Probably Dorney Lake)
NZ (Not sure yet!)


(24-Hours) Fully committed, certifiably insane. This is good info to figure out how many people are planning to ride and/or support the entire night, and who they are. That way we can better plan ahead of time about who's parking their van or truck out at the lake overnight, at the "base camp" where we need to have somebody always stationed near the support supplies. And if we don't know each other already, it's also a great way to try connecting and do some rides beforehand as well!

(Personal Best) is for people who are eager to show, but know that 24 is daunting, especially for a first time out. They've set their own goals, like 12 hours, 6 hours, 2 hours, or else a certain number of miles / laps depending on the course.

(Skate and Support) is for people who really want to come, skate a bit, and lend a hand, but no particular goal in mind other than to support the people who are shooting for personal bests.


Ted McDonald - 242m
James Peters - 208m


Eric Lowell - 187m
Nat Halliday - 150m
Keith O'Leary - 150m


Rob Thomson - 143m
Josh Michels - 143m
Calvin Logue - 143m
Richard Simes - 133m
Ben Hall - 132m
Trevor Gibson - 114m
Landy Cook - 111m
Sheldon Lessard - 110m
Keith O'Leary - 109m
Rodrigo Gonzales - 107m
Andrew Birchman - 103m
Laura Hatwell - 102m
Rain Daley - 101m
Calum Warren-Piper - 100m
Zachary Skaggs - 100m
Charlie Andrews - 100m
Jason Tomsic - 100m


More Info at the following sites:





New Zealand:

General Ultraskate Preparation:
1st Place Finisher: Landy Cook - 111m
2nd Place Finisher: Andrew Birchman - 103m
3rd Place Finisher: Zach / Charlie / Jason - 100m
Overall Results: The Ultra 6 vibe was on the chill side, as skaters went up against the cold and strong winds of winter and some still managed to tough it out for 100+ miles!

A lot of personal bests were made in the 40--80 mile range and skaters learned strategies on pacing, fueling, and course choice for distance skates coming later in the year.

Amazing turnout around the world!

Skaters reported in from:
- Dorney Lake
- Maryland
- Minnesota
- Florida
- Colorado
- Seattle

Registered Contestants (51) -- Ultraskate VI
Name Home City Division Classes Sponsors Bio Comment Date Submitted
1. Guto Lamera Encinitas - California  UK  24 Hours, Personal Best, Skate and Support  Gravity Skateboard, Muir Surf, Black Trunk  Hi my name is Guto Lamera I`m from Brazil and I have 26 years old, I live in Encinitas California But I`m moving to London! I ride a Longboard 46`` for Gravity SkateBoard and Muir Surf.  Surf and skate it`s my life!
1/23/2009 6:21:50 AM 
2. Eric Lowell Houston TX  US  24 Hours, Personal Best  G Bomb Longboards  Skating for G Bomb Longboards - He has Completed 3 Ultraskates with a top mileage of 187 miles. Introducing the speed demon from TX EloveE!!!!   I'm here to stoke the crap out of you!  1/23/2009 1:45:00 PM 
3. Blake Harris Shoreline Washington  US  24 Hours, Personal Best, Skate and Support    Hey i am Blake I am here to be a pusher instead of a pumper to. I am trying to get atlease 100+ miles.    1/23/2009 2:11:55 PM 
4. Max Wippermann Mercer island Washington  US  Personal Best  Kracked skulls, sixsixone  Puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuush    1/23/2009 3:44:44 PM 
5. Jacob Dahlgren Mercer Island, WA  US  Personal Best  Kracked Skulls      1/23/2009 3:50:43 PM 
6. David Johnson Seattle, WA  US  24 Hours, Personal Best    New to the scene but stoked to skate.   LDPanda on pavedwave.org  1/23/2009 5:42:49 PM 
7. Rain Daley Shoreline, WA  US  24 Hours, Personal Best  none :(  i skate downhill and LDP. UUUUHHUUUUH.   im going to beat james this time.  1/23/2009 7:59:50 PM 
8. Vader Ryderwood Planet Earth  US  Personal Best, Skate and Support  The Dark Side  Skates at subsonic speeds.  Take a ride on the Dark Side.  1/24/2009 1:07:16 AM 
9. James Simpson San Antonio, TX  US  24 Hours, Personal Best  My wife  Skating for no one. Hoping to some day for someone.   Hey Eric, where are you doing yours at? May I join?  1/24/2009 5:55:47 PM 
10. Zachary Skaggs Washington, D.C.  US  Personal Best  G-Bomb and Loaded Longboards  Zachary Skaggs works at a thinktank in Washington, D.C. When he's not making the case for free markets, individual liberty, limited government, and peace, he's on his longboard! He hails from Cali!  Props to JP for organizing this, and for spreading the long-distance-pumping stoke.  1/26/2009 1:19:39 PM 
11. Marshall Atwood Vashon Island, WA  US  24 Hours, Personal Best  LBL  I AM SO SO SO EXCITED FOR THIS! THANK YOU!  I'll see how I feel after 100 miles, I'd like to go all night!  1/26/2009 2:04:47 PM 
12. Rodgon ( Rod ) Gonzalez San Diego California  US  24 Hours  Me.   RodGon:
Artist wanting to takes his skill to the boards. will pump till he trumps his records and wont stop till hurt or dead! ^_^ 
heres to more LDP'ers and to 150miles!   1/27/2009 1:00:09 AM 
13. Ken Barrett Seattle, WA  US  Personal Best, Skate and Support  Yes  It's Ken. From Seattle. Skateboarding.   I heard there's gonna be some skating going down!  1/27/2009 11:42:22 AM 
14. Crake Bushway St. Paul, MN.  US  24 Hours, Personal Best  My family  Crake: Pushing in the North Star state, among the 10,000 lakes.  Im hoping to break my personal best of 39 miles! Big respect to all the skaters for this massive undertaking!  1/29/2009 2:47:44 AM 
15. Laura Hatwell Plymouth, Devon UK  UK  24 Hours  Stoked Skateboards, Octane Sports, G Bomb, My Friends  I am Laura, I enjoy skating far.  I want Eric to come and stoke the crap out of us!   2/1/2009 12:50:19 AM 
16. Nat 'Wafflesole' Fareham, UK  UK  24 Hours, Skate and Support  me  Skated NZ, Skated 2 Ultras with top mileage of 150miles.
Skating a loaded fathom. 
Let's hope we get Dorney. If not, who konws.  2/1/2009 3:24:18 AM 
17. 'Skatefurther' Ben Hall Oxford/Wales  UK  24 Hours, Skate and Support  www.skatefurther.com, Subsonic Skateboards (sort of)  Been distance skating for a while now, few big skates under the belt. Hoping to beat my PB, 132 miles. Push or pump.....
I just want to make sure everyone has fun!!!!  2/1/2009 4:43:53 AM 
18. tom dunn warwickshire   UK  Skate and Support        2/5/2009 6:49:18 AM 
19. Michael Valliant Easton, MD  US  Personal Best  my family  street skater from 20 years ago, turned distance runner, now after the synthesis in the LDP and distance skating treks  first time distance skate event, personal best and we'll see where it goes.  2/5/2009 8:09:11 AM 
20. Victor Burry Thatcham, Berkshire, UK  UK  24 Hours, Personal Best  er...  Havent done any major mileage, only been actively persuing distance skating since joining Skatefurther. Skated 1 ultraskate and a few charity events. I want to beat my PB of 61 miles.  is there any way of making the 24 entirely downhill, hmm?!  2/8/2009 1:58:56 PM 
21. Burt Beavers Maplewood MN  US  Personal Best  wigglewar.com, mnlbc.com, Gdog B  First ultra.  MN in March will be ultra in other ways too!  2/8/2009 8:16:33 PM 
22. Jason Tomsic Fort Collins, CO  US  24 Hours, Personal Best  Family, Shoe Goo, Band Aid, Mole Skin, Good Will, New Belgium (Post Ride Beverages)    March 21 in Colorado? 50% chance of being butt deep in snow 100% chance of being blown of my board during wind gusts.  2/10/2009 7:26:12 PM 
23. Adam Higdon Fort Collins, CO  US  Personal Best, Skate and Support  Gold Bond Medicated      2/11/2009 12:51:27 PM 
24. Charlie Andrews Easton, MD  US  Personal Best  My Family  Brand new to LDP, but did some skating 20 years ago. Enjoy this as an alternative to running.   Anything accomplished will be a personal best and a blast. Looking forward to it.   2/15/2009 12:51:55 PM 
25. Landy Cook Easton, Maryland  US  24 Hours, Personal Best  My family  Brand new to skateboarding and LDP. Is there a rookie division?  Hoping to crack 100 miles, but just about any distance will be a personal best. Hoping to gather a decent crew here!  2/17/2009 2:11:29 PM 
26. Steve Collins San Pedro, CA  US  Personal Best  my dog Daisy  first distance event  anybody want to join me in Pedro?  2/19/2009 6:52:18 AM 
27. John Galac San Diego, CA  US  Personal Best  Galac Landsurfing, my cats Monkey & Roxy  California skater  I hope to do my best.  2/21/2009 8:35:09 PM 
28. Joseph Salsbury Fareham-ish UK  UK  Personal Best, Skate and Support      2nd UltraSkate.... hoping for 60-70 miles... 50 last time so shouldn't be too bad...  2/23/2009 11:40:19 AM 
29. conner collins puyllup,wa  US  Personal Best    i like to downhill and i thought this would be cool to do so im going to try my best.    2/23/2009 7:22:40 PM 
30. Robert Collins Puyallup, Washington  US  Personal Best  Microspand      2/23/2009 9:14:19 PM 
31. Stefen Harris Puyallup, Washington  US  Personal Best        2/25/2009 5:49:40 PM 
32. Taylor Harris Puyallup, Washington  US  Personal Best        2/25/2009 5:54:25 PM 
33. chance sorenson PUYALLUP.WA  US  Personal Best  DADDIESBOARD SHOP      2/25/2009 6:27:34 PM 
34. Will "Eskimo" Story the Couver, WA  US  24 Hours  eskimo boards      3/2/2009 2:59:51 PM 
35. Thomas Tarin Greco Copenhagen, Denmark  DK  24 Hours, Personal Best  Althea Allen (photographer, water girl, reluctant cheerleader)  I'm looking to see how lost in the groove I can get.  I'll be doing this 2 days late as I'm working that weekend. But better late than never and hooray for sunshine! (i hope)  3/2/2009 8:17:45 PM 
36. jonno stratton falmouth/cornwall  UK  24 Hours  APOLLO11  a crazy Cornish dude who loves to play on skateboards :)    3/3/2009 9:11:25 AM 
37. Priscilla Abeita Isleta Pueblo, New Mexico  US  24 Hours, Personal Best, Skate and Support   
  3/5/2009 8:21:42 PM 
38. Raymond Cash Falmouth/Cornwall  UK  24 Hours, Personal Best  APOLLO11  first endurance skate out to beat 100 miles    3/6/2009 6:30:16 AM 
39. Andrew Birchman shoreline, WA  US  24 Hours    Hoping to beat the 100 mark.    3/6/2009 8:26:43 AM 
40. arnel vicencio seattle, wa  US  24 Hours, Personal Best  none  first ever ultraskate    3/9/2009 2:36:10 PM 
41. ariel vicencio seattle wa  US  Skate and Support        3/9/2009 2:37:55 PM 
42. miko gregorio renton, WA  US  Skate and Support    still on the basics    3/12/2009 5:18:14 PM 
43. Thane Magee San Diego, CA  US  24 Hours, Personal Best  Griffin Skateboards  Skateing San Diego River Valley, Mission Bay and Mission Beach on laps.  Hope to get some distance.  3/13/2009 4:49:29 PM 
44. Ian Tilp Largo, Fl  US  Personal Best      This is my first one. I haven't done any special training. I'm just going to skate until I've had enough. All pump.   3/15/2009 2:15:14 PM 
45. fuzzy beaumont sunny ol' cornwall  UK  24 Hours, Personal Best  APOLLO11  out 4 a laugh trying for a 100 miles but might fall asleep or get lost lol,    3/18/2009 11:27:36 AM 
46. Keith OLeary Winnersh, Berkshire (UK)  US  24 Hours, Personal Best  The Trapist ales of Belgium and the Netherlands  Skating from Hamburg to Reading in July/August. Need sponsors ;-)

Looking forward to skating through the Dragon's Breath, and seeing the "We are not alone" torch lights.  3/18/2009 1:17:04 PM 
47. Greg Fiess Clearwater, FL  US  Personal Best        3/18/2009 6:18:29 PM 
48. James Peters Seattle, WA  US  Personal Best, Skate and Support  RoeRacing, Subsonic, MotionBoardShop, & testing Virage  you guys are like Jello shots of endorphin!  Seattle's doing a Century given the rain and snow forecast, then continue the carbo-loading afterward :D  3/18/2009 9:00:27 PM 
49. Barry Brown West Drayton, Middlesex  UK  Personal Best, Skate and Support  Me and my fat wallet ;-)  Is it meant to hurt when I bend my knees like this >>?  Doing it for the sake of doing it and having a great time with great people.
this is what living is all about;-) 
3/19/2009 12:20:21 PM 
50. Patrick Alldred Seattle WA  US  Personal Best, Skate and Support        3/20/2009 2:28:56 AM 
51. Calum Warren-Piper London, Kingston Upon Thames   UK  24 Hours  Longboard Larry   Im the young gun. 15 and 100 mils under my belt at the last ultra. this time im going for a nice old meet up with old friends     3/20/2009 4:39:09 AM 

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