Jason Mitchell, Seismic Nationals 2007, Hybrid Slalom.  Photo by Greg Fadell Northern California Downhill Skateboarding Association
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Woody's Halfpipe Crank n' Bank Sk8 Jam
18 Registered Contestants.
Event Date and Time: Saturday, April 19, 2008  10:00
Event Duration: Two Days
Location: Brook Run Skatepark, 4770 N. Peachtree Rd, Atlanta, GA
Entry: Open
Helmets: Mandatory
Organizer: Woody's Halfpipe
Map: Click here for online map
Entry Fee: 20.00/6.00
Contest Info: Slalom weekend in Atlanta. Both days will be held at teh Brook Run Skatepark in Dunwoody. The events will be in conjunction with the annual Lemonade Days festival and has historically drawn over 25,000 visitors. Hybrid will have a ramp start. Sunday will be a park slolom in the skatepark flow bowl. Brook Run will also be hosting a pool jam Saturday night, so come drop in. Late night garage session will be held on Saturday, as well. This park is new and bult by California Skateparks - that means is it nice! Helmets and waivers are required

Skate at your own risk - No Insurance
1st Place Finisher:
2nd Place Finisher:
3rd Place Finisher:
Overall Results:

Registered Contestants (18) -- Woody's Halfpipe Crank n' Bank Sk8 Jam
Name Home City Sponsors Bio Comment Date Submitted
1. wentzle Ruml IV WELLFLEET MA  Subsonic, fatboy, woodys halfpipe,flyaway,pro designed,sexxvision,pleasuretool,z-boy ,willys gym  the dog went down to georgia  this is going to be one kick ass georgia weekend!!!  3/4/2008 6:10:02 PM 
2. John Karg Norcross, GA  Yeah, right  I own several skateboards and am terrified of them all    3/4/2008 6:58:25 PM 
3. Mark Kovachi roswell        3/5/2008 9:09:34 AM 
4. Geoff Cook Atlanta Ga  my mom      3/5/2008 3:15:41 PM 
5. Marion "MC HammerHead" Karr Skatesville, North Carolina  Headblade, Lucky 13 Tattoo Studio, Absolute Speed/Ninja Bearing  Georgia is where it all started for me in this sport...  Stoked on riding with the Ga crew. Parking garages anyone?  3/6/2008 10:32:09 AM 
6. Woody "Chocolate Thunder" Trend The Old Fourth Ward in the ATL, GA  The elderly and weak , your medicine cabinet,   Hoes, blood, blades, tatoos, blunts, more hoes, nose-hair and so much fight action - THIS FLICK IS GONNA BLOW YOUR WIG!!!  Bring it!!!  3/6/2008 11:37:42 AM 
7. Marty Schaub Dacula, JOJA    I'm OLD  Down for Saturday only. Hey where is Surly? Wentzle, pick him up on the way through.  3/8/2008 4:00:35 AM 
8. Jim Mather wake forest, NC  Delicious Skate Shop      3/10/2008 12:02:12 PM 
9. Six Teesix J-town, joja  Skate Shop Of Athens  please don't feed the six're  hired help is underpaid  3/31/2008 6:24:07 PM 
10. Keith Hollien Gainesville, FL.    Radikal, AXE ARMY & Oust.  Keith Hollien Signature Series  4/5/2008 6:11:17 AM 
11. brian sneed Jonesboggie, rocknsaw  I'm a sponsor  Former Pro from Jetway SkateParks, 1977-79 Coca-Cola Memphis. TN,79-80
TN State Slalom champion 1978
Psyco Skates Memphis, TN
should I ride switch or regular?  4/6/2008 3:10:14 PM 
12. Bob Morris Knoxville, TN  Brian Sneed Racing  This is only my second race and I got my ass kicked at the first one.  Don't kick my ass too bad or Sneed will fire me.  4/7/2008 5:26:34 AM 
13. Ron O Johns Creek, GA  AXE  Army  4/7/2008 7:12:51 PM 
14. Evan St.Clair Sucksville NC   Subsonic,sexxvision, 3DM,Team Stem, Oust  what-ever  The devil come down to Georgia He's looking for a soul to steal

PS: I need gas money! 
4/8/2008 5:23:57 AM 
15. steph St.clair Sucksville NC  The Saint  2007 Dixie Cup champ

I'm running with the devil  4/8/2008 5:26:04 AM 
16. David Dix Newnan, Ga  M.M.I  Nuclear Medicine pays the bills. 1st race so I'm sure I'll get my asked kicked. Looking forward to some dirty south fun.  Nuclear is not unclear!  4/8/2008 6:21:57 AM 
17. J.R. McDowell Atlanta, GA  A sheet with glued on cottonballs for eyes and a nose  Slow and low is the tempo.  Has anyone seen my steed? Yee-haw!  4/16/2008 3:37:25 PM 
18. Chris Stevens Newnan GA.  David Dix Skate Supply  I like long walks on the beach in the moon light, dancing till the music stops, being held close while watching the sunset over the ocean and slumber partys at woody's moms house. SHH don't tell him!  Woody like to sit on the cones.  4/18/2008 11:26:11 AM 

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