Jason Mitchell, Seismic Nationals 2007, Hybrid Slalom.  Photo by Greg Fadell Northern California Downhill Skateboarding Association
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Portland Pusher #8
78 Registered Contestants.
Event Date and Time: Sunday, August 19, 2007  09:00
Event Duration:
Location: Portland,OR
Entry: Open
Helmets: Mandatory
Organizer: JB
Entry Fee: FREE
Contest Info: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The Portland Pusher began in 2003 to showcase skateboarding as a way of transportation, and as a test of skill and endurance. Since then, it has evolved into a series that includes 2 races per year- 1 in the winter and 1 in the summer. Each race has a unique course. Distances have ranged between 3 to 15 miles. Prizes are given out by raffle. Everyone from first to last has the same chance at the prizes.

Bring gear that you don't need, don't want, or can't use. You might find a good deal or a great trade!!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*It is legal to skate on any street or sidewalk in the city 24 hours a day outside of the defined downtown core. In the downtown core area–defined geographically by Naito Parkway to the east, 13th Avenue to the west, Northwest Hoyt Street to the north and Southwest Jefferson Street to the south–you are allowed to skate in the street only, not on the sidewalk.

The City of Portland has designated certain downtown streets as "preferred skating routes." These streets will be signed as skate routes. Outside of downtown, the Portland Office of Transportation recommends skaters use designated bike routes. Those routes are signed for bicycles and will be signed for skating in the future. To obtain more information on the city’s bike routes and to get a map, please call Transportation Options at 503-823-CYCL(2925).

There is NO skating allowed on any portion of the downtown transit mall on 5th and 6th Avenues or on the walkways in the center of the downtown park blocks.

All skaters under the age of 16 years old must wear a helmet at all times while skating. If you skate after sunset, you must wear either reflective materials, a flashing reflector or a light on both your front and back. All skaters using the city streets must obey the same rules of the road that apply to bicycles.

Any violation of the new skate rules carries a $25 fine. If you are under 16 and get caught skating without a helmet, your parent or guardian will be notified of the violation.

Remember, it is still ILLEGAL to skate on private property or to cause damage to any ledges, stairs, rails or other urban architecture. Other applicable laws still apply to this illegal behavior and these laws will be strictly enforced by the Portland Police Bureau. It is also still illegal to skate on any brickwork, cobblestones or ornamental surface, picnic table, tennis court, fountain area, planter or sculpture located in a public area (City Ordinance 20.12.205).*

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


From I-5 N
Take Exit 307 Marine Dr.
Follow Marine Dr. West signs
Right on N Marine Dr.
N Marine Dr. to Kelley Point Park

From I-5 S
Take Exit 307 Marine Dr.
Follow Marine Dr. West signs
Left on N Marine Dr.
N Marine Dr. to Kelley Point Park

From Hwy 30
Cross St. Johns Bridge
Left on N Lombard
Follow N Lombard past Pier Park.
N Lombard becomes N Burgard then becomes N Lombard
N Lombard to Kelley Point Park

Kelley Point ...
Kelley Point, Oregon, is located at the junction of the Willamette River with the Columbia River, at Columbia River Mile (RM) 101. Kelley Point is the right bank point of the Willamette. Directly across the Willamette from Kelley Point is Sauvie Island, and across the Columbia from Kelley Point on the Washington side is Blurock Landing, a spot where five Cascade Range volcanoes can easily be viewed from the parking lot.

Hall J. Kelley ...
Kelley Point was officially named in 1926 after Hall J. Kelley, an early promotor of Oregon. In 1829, Kelley drew up plans for a great city on the peninsula between the Columbia and the Willamette Rivers. Kelley was also famous for his proposal to name the Cascade Range Peaks after U.S. Presidents.

Meet in the parking lot at Kelley Point Park at 8:30 AM for registration. At 9 AM we will skate as a group from the park, cross Marine Dr. to the other side for safety reasons, and begin the race. The course will follow the bike path going east on Marine Dr. to Smith-Bybee Lakes Wildlife Area. The path leads into the park and continues through the park until you reach N Portland Road. Cross at the crosswalk, take a right and follow the path south. Continue on the path as it winds downhill and follows the Columbia Slough going east. When you see the bridge, take a right and cross over to the next path. You have 2 options on which way to go, both end in the same place. Follow the path west until you reach N Portsmouth Ave. Take a left up the hill and cross N Columbia Blvd. Take a right, follow the sidewalk on N Columbia Blvd., past N Van Houten and N Clarendon to the Peninsula Crossing Trail entrance. Follow the Peninsula Crossing Trail west to the end, all the way to N Willamette Blvd. Take a right on N Willamette Blvd. and go north to the St. John's Bridge, then take a left on N Philadelphia Ave. The finish line is the first archway under the bridge. Distance for this race is approximately 8 miles.


1st Place Finisher: Robin McGuirk
2nd Place Finisher: David Hendrickson
3rd Place Finisher: Reed North
Overall Results: 4th. Casey Morrow
5th. Will Story
6th. David Mitchell
7th. Eric Hovey
8th. Danimal Wehner
9th. Graham Kelley
10th. Ryan Hatch
11th. Jake Patterson
12th. Conner Mitchell
13th. James Peters
14th. Corey Poole
15th. Jon Huey
16th. Sheldon Lessard
17th. Billy Meiners
18th. Raine Fredrickson
19th. Adam Lund
20th. Craig Crockett
21st. Cole Sommers
22nd. Robert Duncan
23rd. Aaron Myers
24th. Ruben Unrau
25th. Jp Rowan
26th. Mitch Byers
27th. Reed Van Mouweriq
28th. Kevin Schnell
29th. Ryan Wallace
30th. Tim Johnson
31st. Scott Moore
32nd. Joshua Burt
33rd. Mike Christopher
34th. Chris Nelson
35th. Josh Koelker
36th. Paul Peterson
37th. Sean Monroe
38th. Jak Sharkey
39th. Conner Dawson
40th. Larry Peterson
41st. Mario Pieretti
42nd. Daniel Cliney
43rd. Shane Donogh
44th. Josh McCormick
45th. John Bergman
46th. Billy Chinn
47th. Cody Cockrell
48th. Brandon McCormick
49th. Josh Smith
50th. Kevin Johnson

Registered Contestants (78) -- Portland Pusher #8
Name Home City Sponsors Bio Comment Date Submitted
1. Joshua Burt West Hills, Portland        4/16/2007 10:12:29 AM 
2. Eric Hovey Portland, OR      My knee better be good to go by then!  4/16/2007 12:34:54 PM 
3. Casey Morrow Portland, Oregon      Hmm, no cliffs or dangerousness in NoPo, fishy, Josh...  4/16/2007 1:28:16 PM 
4. Reuben Unrau 503, ore.      I better take it to a hole...nutha...level  4/16/2007 1:28:28 PM 
5. Billy Meiners nopo      This is going to be in my neck of the woods. NoPo Represent!  4/16/2007 5:28:48 PM 
6. tim johnson portland oregon        4/16/2007 5:31:42 PM 
7. Nicholas Calafato washougal, wa      school is out!!!  4/16/2007 8:47:02 PM 
8. David Mitchell Corvallis/keizer      can't wait  4/17/2007 9:57:06 AM 
9. skip NEPDXOR      another great way to see the town  4/17/2007 11:12:25 AM 
10. Robskey EASTSIDE PDX      I'm up to woop up again  4/17/2007 1:14:44 PM 
11. Jon Huey Oly, WA but maybe PDX by then.      Robskey will die!!!!!... probably not.  4/17/2007 3:27:13 PM 
12. Blazin J SE PDX        4/19/2007 11:54:15 AM 
13. Akword strange Venice, CA  Venice originals skate shop  This guy is a maniac! Returning from Venice, CA to his Hometown in Portland to show you grommets how to skate!   RAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!  4/27/2007 11:54:27 AM 
14. Danimal Portland, OR      Look out bitches, I'm getten faster.  4/30/2007 11:36:32 PM 
15. Wil Best Portland, OR  MyOwnSkinnyAss.com  AKA the Human Basketball. Organized the annual Annie Ross Open series and participated in PP# 4 & 6  It's Training time for the human basketball. Districts in Track? this can't be much worse... NOT. guhh.  5/6/2007 3:29:19 PM 
16. Scott Moore outer SE, Ptld. OR  water, air and sunlight.      5/13/2007 2:01:59 AM 
17. BENjamin Lebwohl NEP  just me    i am ready to ride in nopo and clean up!  5/15/2007 2:31:10 PM 
18. josh smith salem, OR      salem concrete surfers represent  5/17/2007 4:44:45 PM 
19. Jackson Marsh Eazy-Mo, OR        5/31/2007 10:31:19 PM 
20. Mark Hessman Salem ,OR  Longboard Larry Boards      6/2/2007 3:37:15 PM 
21. Josiah Marshall Sherwood, OR      im stoked  6/4/2007 8:53:30 AM 
22. Adam Jones Aloha Or  your mother    i've missed two of these so far but this time it's on. im skating 20 miles a day to practice... uhh... yeah. sorta.  6/4/2007 4:45:55 PM 
23. Mike McDowell Bend, Oregon        6/9/2007 12:57:13 PM 
24. Will Story Vancouver WA    Will "The Eskimo Man" Story is racing the Portland Pusher for the first time and is out to show his love for the sport.  looking forward  6/10/2007 3:07:22 PM 
25. Bryce Harmsen Vancouver WA        6/10/2007 5:54:45 PM 
26. Benjamin Jordan Vancouver    ..what ..was that?    6/11/2007 11:22:37 AM 
27. Jeff Lane Beaverton, Oregon        6/22/2007 7:02:58 PM 
28. Dane Brady Portland, OR        6/22/2007 9:50:40 PM 
29. Perry Freund Portland OR  me    My lucky number 3rd!!!  6/28/2007 5:36:29 PM 
30. Claudiu Lodromanean Milwaukie, OR        7/2/2007 6:17:17 PM 
31. Larry Peterson Salem, OR  LongBoardLarry      7/6/2007 12:26:38 AM 
32. robert duncan portland, oregon  whatever I want  thats right  i'm not going to win.  7/11/2007 1:40:18 PM 
33. Ryan Read Vancouver, Washington      im scared its my first time  7/11/2007 4:53:38 PM 
34. Jace NoPo      i got nopo DOWN! watch out  7/11/2007 10:47:10 PM 
35. tom arthur portland or, gully cully        7/14/2007 6:44:36 PM 
36. Adam Lund Portland, OR        7/15/2007 10:13:59 AM 
37. Phillip Hickey P-town       hope i make it to this one...  7/16/2007 9:17:36 AM 
38. craig crockett milwaukie,OR        7/16/2007 2:07:24 PM 
39. Reid Van Mouwerik Portland, OR      I will win...if everyone else is in a sudden and fatal pileup.   7/17/2007 6:01:36 PM 
40. James Peters Seattle, WA  RoeSonicLarry    secret is out- robin shaves his legs and arms before all races  7/18/2007 9:38:57 PM 
41. Joshua Koelker camas wa  GOD!  look at that kid over there. He is going the wrong way!  sound pretty cool hope a silverfisher wins!  7/18/2007 9:47:01 PM 
42. Sheldon Lessard Seattle, Wa      First time out!  7/20/2007 12:07:39 AM 
43. ingrid varholdt portland oregon      be ready to get beat by a girl big boys  7/20/2007 7:09:13 PM 
44. jake patterson portland oregon        7/21/2007 11:01:08 AM 
45. David Hendrickson oAk/PDX transplant  Cascadia    I pitstop at Twilight Room  7/22/2007 11:13:52 AM 
46. Cory Poole Salem OR  ME  Ooooo! That must have hurt  will push for gas money.  7/23/2007 11:37:39 PM 
47. Mitchell Byers Portland Or      Drip, drip, drip, drip  7/29/2007 9:47:02 PM 
48. Shaner Donogh Kirkland, Evergreen State  NORTHWEST LONGBOARDING .COM  A Skateboarder and Northwest Longboarding .com founder.!  DFL shoo-in. NWLB representing.  7/30/2007 6:51:18 PM 
49. aaron meyers portland, or      aka lazyron  8/1/2007 9:31:45 PM 
50. Connor Mitchell Portland Oregon  Daddies Board Shop  I'm Connor Mitchell representing Daddies Board Shop and the Stay Lifted Kids    8/2/2007 5:25:57 PM 
51. Chaz Bogner Salem, OR        8/4/2007 4:31:08 PM 
52. Fast Tanya Schmucker Tigard, OR  Wu-Tang Clan  If there was a golden ticket to be in this race, I'd buy 1,000 choclate bars.  There will be gatorade? Yes?  8/4/2007 8:05:25 PM 
53. Ryan Sorensen Beaverton, Oregon  None  A boy on a longboard.    8/7/2007 9:21:31 PM 
54. jeff roane beaverton, oregon    some dude on a board    8/8/2007 7:12:46 PM 
55. Reid North Milwaukie, OR        8/8/2007 9:23:45 PM 
56. Ryan Hatch Milwaukie, Or        8/8/2007 9:27:25 PM 
57. tony guerreiro beaveton oregon    BIGSEXY!    8/8/2007 9:27:40 PM 
58. Peter Downs beaveton oregon    Sexiest kid ull ever meet     8/9/2007 11:50:26 AM 
59. roby worthington portland oregon      this should be fun  8/12/2007 5:02:41 PM 
60. Les Bjornrub Vancouver, USA  U-man  Old man  Virgin  8/12/2007 9:03:32 PM 
61. Billy Chinn Portland, OR.        8/14/2007 3:46:38 PM 
62. Jeff Darnell Gladstone,Or        8/14/2007 3:55:26 PM 
63. Kevin Johnson Gladstone,Or      Im comin for you rob!  8/14/2007 4:00:17 PM 
64. kevin schnell portland,OR        8/15/2007 7:41:29 PM 
65. John Bergman Portland OR        8/16/2007 2:21:26 PM 
66. Sean Monroe Wiesbaden, Germany      mal sehen wie das wetter gehts!!!  8/16/2007 4:12:47 PM 
67. Cole Somers Portland Oregon  Second To None Childrens Consignment      8/16/2007 5:41:36 PM 
68. Condog Dawson Portland Oregon  Afro Samari Apparel    q1  8/16/2007 5:48:14 PM 
69. Jak Sharkey Portland OR  Sweets, Etc. Chocolate and Truffles  Born from a small family in the 1900s, Jak sharkey will be forever known as an expert in afros and samurai's    8/16/2007 5:51:05 PM 
70. Brad Stevens Oregon City, OR        8/16/2007 10:22:12 PM 
71. Jeff Kendal Portland, Oregon  Big Momma's Board Room  It's smack down time for any litte Daddie out there. Big Momma's in the house.  We're not bastards who don't know our daddie. Big Momma's coming for you!!!  8/17/2007 7:12:02 AM 
72. ryan wallace lake oswego, or        8/17/2007 12:11:56 PM 
73. paul peterson newport or  sector 9 (in my dreams)  all around gravity and friction specialist  which board will it be? the sector 9 secrets or the new luke nosewalker? I DON'T KNOW!!!!!   8/17/2007 3:15:01 PM 
74. Jack Kasal Porltand Oregon  none i suck  In southwest portland born and raised
On the playground where I spent most of my days Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool And all bombing the hills outside of the school 
  8/17/2007 9:36:19 PM 
75. Brenda Hoppe Milwaukee, WI  Miller beer and cheesy blood clots  Drunk off my ass I can still milk a cow blindfolded.   Racing with pride for ovaries across the globe.  8/18/2007 4:14:34 PM 
76. Brandon McCormick Vancouver Wa      im excited  8/18/2007 6:47:57 PM 
77. Josh McCormick Vancouver WA        8/18/2007 7:06:14 PM 
78. Raine Frederickson p-town oregon  i-tunes  this man is a saint a lord if you may. raine is a beautiful animal, a conquerer of worlds, a beast of the sport. From the deepest catacombs of hell he has unleashed his reign for always and forever!!!  fuck yea!  8/18/2007 8:47:10 PM 

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