Jason Mitchell, Seismic Nationals 2007, Hybrid Slalom.  Photo by Greg Fadell Northern California Downhill Skateboarding Association
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South Hills Slalom Skate & Boardercross
31 Registered Contestants.
Event Date and Time: Saturday, June 16, 2007  10:00
Event Duration:
Location: Charleston WV * Bible Center Church* 1111 Oakhurst DR. Charleston, WV
Entry: Open
Helmets: Mandatory
Organizer: Marc's Board Shop (Marc Fuentes)
Entry Fee: 25.00
Contest Info: ******************THIS IS A POINTS RACE *********** THE WEATHER LOOKS GREAT *** 85 DEGEES AND CLOUDY FOR RACE DAY***** Slalom is $25 ** The rest of the events are free ****** If you do not want to enter the slalom, it's free to sign up***** June 16th Contest!!! It's on!!

It's on !!!! June 16th Saturday at the Bible Center Church in South Hills in Charleston WV. The Pastor was generous enough to allow us to use the parking lot from 10 am to dark. There will be food and refreshments available for sale from the church. The main event will be a dual lane slalom race set up on the sloped parking lot. The parking lot should be long enough for 50 cones and the pavement is asphalt and in good condition but I would recommend soft wheels. The hill is fast with plenty of runoff.

These events will also be held at no extra entry fee

Longest Ollie, Longest Slide, Longest Manual, Consecutive Kickflip contest, 360 event, and my favorite, ** The First Annual South Hills Boardercross*** . Skaters in packs of 6 will race around a course with cones placed at the ends of the parking lot, with a downhill and uphill grade and the first to cross the line wins. The adult class will be 3 laps and the 15 and younger will be 2 laps. The Boardercross will be fast so bring your pads, helmet, and gloves. Prizes will be given in all events. It's going to be lots of fun, so bring the family for a day of skateboarding. Sponsored by Marc's Board Shop. **** Helmets are required to compete in all events ******* Pads are recommended for the Boardercross, no spikes please.

over $1000 in total prize money

$250 for first place in Tight slalom
$250 for first place in Hybrid slalom
$100 for second in tight slalom
$100 for second in Hybrid slalom
$50 for third in tight slalom
$50 for third in Hybrid slalom
$25 for 4th place in tight slalom
$25 for 4th place in Hybrid slalom

T shirts will be given to the first 25 entered on NCDSA.
*** BONUS *** $100 to the first place, $50 for second, and $25 for 3rd place in Adult class 16 or over in Boardercross

All other events will have prizes for first and second place. I will be posting pics of the course soon and if you have any questions, email me at RealRiders@aol.com


Entry fees can be paid thru PayPal at RealRiders@aol.com or at the day of the race.

This race is held in West Virginia so the weather is unpredictable. This race will be held *** RAIN OR SHINE***** Hotels around the area are around $50 a night to 120 a night. I recommend the Microtel in South Charleston. It has a nice Mexican restaurant that is close and it is located 4 miles from the race course. It also has a nice parking lot to skate at night. All that is available for June 15th night is the specialty suites which will sleep 4 people ( two beds, pullout couch, and a window seat bed so everyone has their own bed) for $84 a night. The number is 304-744-4900. You can also camp at kanawha State Forest which I highy recommend. It has great camp sights. www.kanawhastateforest.com http://www.microtelinn.com/reservations/locationdetail.asp?facid=9
This is an overview of the Slalom hill from the top

Course from the bottom looking up. All the cars will be gone

Left Hand Hairpin Turn for the Boardercross

We had a practice session and the course turned out great. This is 50 cones and the course was fast with plenty of runoff to get slowed down at the end

Lenny and me on the course. The course is fast.

Dave H. on the course at the top of the hill

1st Place Finisher: Evan St. Clair
2nd Place Finisher: D.Holt
3rd Place Finisher: Gabe Steptoe
Overall Results:

South Hills Slalom and Boardercross Final Results June 16, 2007

Hybrid/Special Slalom

1. Evan St.Clair

2. Darren Holt

3. Gabe Steptoe

4. Ben Barkey

5. Dave Harris

6. Jeremy Coffman

7. Lenny Poage

8. Dave Tolley

9. Ryan McCowen

10. Tedd Ellis

11. Stephanie St.Clair

12. Jordan Meadows

Boardercross Results

1. Ryan McCowen

2. Gabe Steptoe

3. Evan St.Clair

4.Dave Tolley

Registered Contestants (31) -- South Hills Slalom Skate & Boardercross
Name Home City Sponsors Bio Comment Date Submitted
1. Lenny Poage Huntington, WV      So stoked! So very very stoked!!  4/11/2007 10:53:34 AM 
2. Mr. Surly HillsVegasBorough, Noth Cakalaky      your honor your honor  4/11/2007 5:08:45 PM 
3. Marc F. Charleston WV       The boardercross is going to rule!! I hope there is no pushing or shoving   4/11/2007 8:29:11 PM 
4. Jim Wake Forest, NC      An Ollie competition? Hell Yeah!!  4/12/2007 2:05:07 PM 
5. Ben Barkey Princeton Westbygodvirginia      new logo "West Virginia Open For Skateboarding"  4/13/2007 4:38:55 AM 
6. The Saint States - Vegas NC      10 man boardercross! I love it!! Let do it after the slamom race, it may be the end for me  4/16/2007 6:24:42 AM 
7. Marion "MC HammerHead" Karr Skatesville, North Carolina      DHB Representing in West ByGodVirginia  4/16/2007 7:44:58 AM 
8. jeremy grimmett man, wv      Im going to be there  4/16/2007 9:22:39 AM 
9. mike duquette bristol ct        4/17/2007 7:30:53 PM 
10. Evan Tolley Huntington, WV        4/18/2007 5:02:48 PM 
11. David Tolley Huntington, WV      see you there  4/18/2007 5:45:02 PM 
12. Stephen Lavin CHIxILL        4/20/2007 1:38:07 PM 
13. brainfart Alerts Reachmund Virginia      Testing, testing, always testing. Might make it in time to practice this time Surly  5/6/2007 4:21:24 PM 
14. Jeremy Coffman Louisville, KY        5/7/2007 8:07:17 PM 
15. Dave Harris Crown City, OH      First race!!!  5/9/2007 7:42:35 AM 
16. Collin Walker Belpre, OH  Apethetic dellusion skateboards    this competition sounds insane cant wait to shred it up!  5/25/2007 9:34:29 PM 
17. Tyler Sinnett Coolville, OH  Apethetic Dellusion Skateboards    cant wait to kill it!  5/26/2007 8:05:33 AM 
18. Jeff Haynes Charleston, WV  Pabst Blue Ribbon    WTF dude, you have got to be kidding me. What a rad day this will be.  5/27/2007 10:09:38 PM 
19. Johnny Gunno Charleston West Virginia        5/31/2007 7:52:00 AM 
20. Dwight Ford Charleston, WV      I cant wait. This will be awsome!!!  6/1/2007 2:10:11 PM 
21. miss saint statesville        6/3/2007 7:34:29 AM 
22. J.D. Paxton Elkview,WV  Mayhem skate Industries    RIP Shane Cross we bid farewell to one of the most awesome ams in the world(1986-2007)  6/4/2007 5:38:53 PM 
23. Gabriel Steptoe Ocean Springs, Ms  Foiled Concepts  Street surfing soccer pro!  Riding storm debris you got to see! Salvaged not Harvested wood products!  6/5/2007 9:05:37 AM 
24. Josh Smith Clendinen,WV  mayhem skate Industries    R.I.P. Shane Cross  6/7/2007 8:31:51 AM 
25. Dallas Clark Clendenin,WV  Mayhem skate Industries    i might be there  6/7/2007 8:35:11 AM 
26. Frank Young Clendenin WV  mayhem skate industries    Prepair to lose  6/8/2007 7:08:35 AM 
27. Little dynamite Yea there         6/8/2007 10:14:33 AM 
28. aaron light charleston wv  mom, paw paw, haley :)    this is my turf to skate. I can't wait  6/10/2007 5:08:44 PM 
29. Jace Heller Hurricane WV      Looking forward to it.  6/14/2007 12:16:07 PM 
30. Scott Norman Charleston WV        6/14/2007 12:36:19 PM 
31. Nathan St.Clair States - Vegas NC  DAD      6/14/2007 1:11:10 PM 

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