Jason Mitchell, Seismic Nationals 2007, Hybrid Slalom.  Photo by Greg Fadell Northern California Downhill Skateboarding Association
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Cold Fusion Sizzler
52 Registered Contestants.
Event Date and Time: Saturday, February 24, 2007  00:00
Event Duration:
Location: Saturday Austin And Sunday San Marcos
Entry: Open
Helmets: Mandatory
Organizer: Texas Outlaws & Texas GRS
Map: Click here for online map
Entry Fee: 45.00
Contest Info: Come and join the Texas Outlaws for two days of slalom sizzle in sunny (we hope) San Marcos and Austin Texas on February the 24th and 25th.
Saturday: GS Slalom will be on Big View Drive in Austin.

Sunday will be held in San Marcos

Saturday Will be GS Slalom and the down hill trap.
Practice starts at 8:am racers meeting at 9:15 and racing to start right after. This will be a single lane Jam style race with 20 foot start boxes and A, B and C starting places, we will race until all racers have had at least two runs in each class. After that we will run until every one who wants more runs can have one or it's 4:pm.
Immediately Fallowing the GS Slalom we will be running the Down Hill Trap. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this the trap is a timer set on the fastest portion of the course for a set amount of space (in this case 88 feet) to figure the fastest speed on the hill. PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS ONE FAST HILL AND REQUIERS A DOWN HILL SET UP !!! ALTHOUGH WE ARE NOT REQUIREING IT A FULL FACE HELMET IS ENGOURAGED, AS WELL AS PROPER ATTIRE. We will be running this until all racers get two runs or 5:pm what ever comes 1st.
After the race join the Texas Outlaws at the Austin headquarters for the Outlaw chili Beer & Soda, we will be viewing the DVD from last years race hanging out and having fun.

Sunday; Hybrid slalom In San Marcos set by a guest setter.


Practice starts at 830:am racers meeting at 9:45 and racing to start at 10:am. We will be running Qualifying and then head to head racing.

Both Races will run A,B,C & D classes; if we have enough woman and juniors 4 will be the magic number and a junior is someone 15 or under we will run those classes as well. We will be using a TrakMate timer with false start detection and Ricky Bryd style start ramps. Cone penalty is one tenth per cone hit there will be no DQ limit on cones hit. False starts will be doubled and added to the racers time. All participants must were safety gear consisting of at least a helmet elbow and knee-pads. Due to time constraints we will be limiting the field of racers to 64. 6 wheelers will be allowed at this race. If we are rained out we will be doing park slalom at the Skatepark of Austin. Cash prize for Sunday will depend on the participant number and expenses.

Added 1/6/07 The hotel for this year's race is the La Quinta at Ben White and 35. The group rate is $85 per night. There is a cut off date of Feb 9th to get this rate.
The phone number is 512 443 1774. Just tell them you're with the Texas Sizzler
Additional Hotel info Red Roof Inn for $49.99 a night
I-35 at Stassney Ln/Ben White Blvd
4701 South I-35 Austin, TX, USA 78744
(512) 448-0091

Added 1/7/07 The race is Prime is Status

Insurance is be provided by the good paople at the ASSA.

Lets Skate.

entry fees can be send to
Marcos Soulsby-Monroy
406 civil drive
League City Texas 77573

As always we would like to get the money as people sign up, but we will take entry fees on the day of the contest.

Questions Concerns crazy rants? E-mail Marcos rog3ue@houston.rr.com or Bosco boscofreak@sbcglobal.net and we will do our best to help you.
1st Place Finisher: Claude Regnier
2nd Place Finisher: Chris Chaput
3rd Place Finisher: Jonathan Harms
Overall Results: A Class Sunday Hybrid

Final Position Qualifying Position
1 Claude Regnier 16.464 1
2 Chris Chaput 16.971 7
3 Jonathan Harms 16.531 3
4 John Stryker 16.838 5
5 Keith Hollien 16.475 2
6 Troy Smart 16.674 4
7 Brad Jackman 16.863 6
8 James West 17.131 8
9 Mike Ohm 17.149 9
10 Kevin Dunne 17.310 10
11 Josh Byrd 17.754 11
12 Karl Floitgraf 17.858 12
13 Chris Miller 17.890 13
14 Chris Favero 18.011 14
15 Ryan Smith 18.049 15
16 Marcos Soulsby-Monroy 18.327 16

B Class Sunday Hybrid
Final Position Qualifying Time Qualifying Position
1 Lou Statman 18.427 17
2 Ricky Byrd 18.994 23
3 Bruce “Norski” Bjortvedt 18.569 20
4 Ed Cole 18.493 19
5 David Price 18.473 18
6 Steve Lavin 18.614 21
7 Mike “Money” Niemann 20.100 25
8 Matthew Franklin 20.694 27
9 Clay Towery 18.629 22
10 Trish Erikson 19.933 24
11 Chris Doan 20.379 26
12 Greg Stubbs 20.832 28
13 Clifton Jennings 21.456 29
14 Sarah Byrd 21.677 30
15 “Cat” Young 22.105 31
16 Eddy Martinez 23.061 32
17 Bosco Farr 25.024 33
18 Zack Levitt DQ 34
19 Alex Quiznos DQ 35
20 Brett Anderson DQ 36

Saturday Downhill Speedtrap

1 David Price 1.124 53.381
2 Jonathan Harms 1.130 53.097
3 Matthew Franklin1.150 52.174
4 Andrew Oliver 1.176 51.020
5 James West 1.195 50.209
6 Chris Miller 1.233 48.662
7 Ryan Smith 1.250 48.000
8 Steve Lavin 1.263 47.506
9 Karl Floitgraf 1.342 44.709
10 Alex Quiznos 1.525 39.344
11 Eddie Martinez 1.929 31.104

Gaint Slalom A Group

Postion Name Time

1 Jonathan Harms 26.224
2 Kevin Dunne 27.034
3 David Price 27.093
4 James West 27.445
5 Troy Smart 27.502
6 Matthew Franklin27.945
7 Mike Ohm 27.961
8 Brad Jackman 28.227
9 Karl Floitgraf 28.381
10 Chris Miller 28.442
11 Ryan Smith 28.843
12 Steve Lavin 29.111
13 Andrew Oliver 31.458

Giant Slalom B Group
1 John Stryker 16.426
2 Norski 17.390
3 Lou Statman 18.265
4 Trish Erikson 18.637
5 Chris Doan 19.137
6 Ricky Byrd 19.185
7 Ed Cole 19.243

Giant Slalom C Group
1 Greg Stubbs 14.721
2 Chris Favero 15.582
3 Pete Cardenas Miniet 16.068
4 Cat Young 16.400
5 Russell Duke -
5 Alex Quiznos -
5 Eddy Martinez -

Registered Contestants (52) -- Cold Fusion Sizzler
Name Home City Sponsors Bio Comment Date Submitted
1. Chris Doan Richardson, TX      lets skateeee  12/24/2006 10:02:10 AM 
2. Mikemoney Dirty3rd, TX        12/24/2006 10:03:07 AM 
3. Lou Statman Wrongview, Texas      I'm ready to roll...   12/24/2006 10:36:55 AM 
4. Eddy Martinez, Texas Outlaws Harlingen, Tx      Looking forward to seeing all my cool friends   12/24/2006 12:18:18 PM 
5. KLARK Floitgraf Needham MA      The Yankees are coming back down to TEXAS!  12/24/2006 12:20:49 PM 
6. DA WEASEL Needham MA      Where's the tequila?   12/24/2006 12:22:16 PM 
7. Cat Bay Area, California      The Wyoming Cajun living in California is going to Texas. Do Texans eat gumbo?  12/24/2006 4:53:29 PM 
8. Ricker Santa Fe, NM      Gettin PUMPED!  12/24/2006 9:26:46 PM 
9. JBH STL, MO      Let's skate "Mabel" too  12/26/2006 5:27:49 PM 
10. Matthew Franklin Austin Texas      Get on down here you Yankee suns of bitches!  12/27/2006 7:49:00 AM 
11. Chris Miller New Mex      After the race, let's all go to Mexico!!  12/27/2006 12:57:59 PM 
12. tyler scott san antonio texas      i cant wait to race  12/27/2006 5:47:40 PM 
13. Chris Chaput Huntington Beach, CA      Don't Mess With Texas  12/27/2006 9:41:39 PM 
14. Ryan Smith Austin, Texas      Bring your leathers & DH rig for the high speed challenge and a pool board for the 4 killer skateparks in Austin!  12/28/2006 2:33:21 PM 
15. Patrick Switzer Toronto, Ontario, CANADA      Your going to let CANADIANS into Texas...?? This could get interesting  12/31/2006 2:10:37 AM 
16. Ricky Byrd Madison, MS      Bringing Kaptain Keystone  1/2/2007 7:32:35 PM 
17. John Stryker Lake Stevens, Washington      AXE ARMY! All the way  1/3/2007 4:48:15 PM 
18. Jim Mather Wake Forest, NC      No broken ankels this year!  1/5/2007 7:12:48 AM 
19. Clay Towery Austin, Texas      Skateboarding? What's that?  1/5/2007 11:38:59 AM 
20. Greg Stubbs Dallas, Texas      My prediction for the race? PAIN...........  1/6/2007 8:33:01 PM 
21. Utah Trish Heber, Utah      It's been a year already? can't wait to see my Texas family.  1/6/2007 11:13:21 PM 
22. Clifton Jennings Pickens, MS      ChilXill'd Keystones For Everyone  1/9/2007 5:10:58 AM 
23. Terra Massia Boston, MA        1/9/2007 6:08:29 PM 
24. Brad"Jackhammer"Jackman Sumner Wa.      AXE ARMY FOREVER.......  1/10/2007 7:47:21 PM 
25. cassidy ventura CA        1/10/2007 8:43:13 PM 
26. Zack Levitt Houston Texas        1/11/2007 8:32:39 PM 
27. Keith Hollien Gainesville, FL      Keith Hollien Signature Series by CHIxILL Skateboards  1/16/2007 10:14:06 AM 
28. hatin skatin I'm still workin on that      Race at Mabel  1/17/2007 9:36:52 AM 
29. Justin Collins floral park, ny      i better get to shred some pools while i'm out there!!  1/18/2007 8:24:14 AM 
30. James West L town NM      Texas sucks  1/18/2007 2:14:15 PM 
31. Kevin Dunne Oceanside, Ca.      AXE Army Comin' to Texas! (black box #1 !!!)  1/19/2007 3:59:14 PM 
32. Brete Anderson San Marcos, Texas      Free camping at my place  1/22/2007 2:05:43 PM 
33. Sarah Byrd Madison, MS      Not large but in CHARGE!  1/27/2007 12:57:00 PM 
34. Bosco Austin, TX      I'll be rolling, not racing. Unless there's a can't pump division  1/29/2007 9:38:23 AM 
35. Woode Thrid Coast, Texas      Does this board make my butt look fast...  1/30/2007 8:12:04 PM 
36. Stephen Lavin CHIxILL      CHIxILL Mafia  2/2/2007 1:14:15 PM 
37. Mike Ohm Alexandria, VA        2/2/2007 4:47:21 PM 
38. Troy Smart L.I. N.Y.      It's all about the rodeo  2/3/2007 8:12:32 PM 
39. David Price Santa Fe, NM      first race of the season. stoked!! not 100% i can make it yet, but i'm trying hard  2/4/2007 2:11:47 PM 
40. Cknuck/Claude Regnier Ottawa, On, Canada      2007 here we go, EH!  2/4/2007 5:02:26 PM 
41. WillJ anywhere south of 33*        2/5/2007 1:53:39 PM 
42. Pete Cardenas-Miniet Austin, Texas        2/6/2007 8:59:50 AM 
43. Josh Byrd Madison, MS      Judgement Comes  2/7/2007 7:18:04 AM 
44. Cfav CHIcago ILLinoize      good to see such a fine assemblege of the skate community.You see,it's been a long,cold hard winter here.Bring It.  2/8/2007 11:09:46 AM 
45. Ronny Ripper Dallas, TEXAS      This is the GS, right Swivel Hips??  2/12/2007 7:23:18 AM 
46. Andrew Oliver austin,tx      so psyked  2/13/2007 8:41:12 AM 
47. Bruce "Norski" Bjortvedt Nor~Kalifornication      Image hosted by Photobucket.com  2/16/2007 12:10:37 AM 
48. Danny aka Turtle O G Texas Outlaws Harlingen, Texas      The Turtle cometh  2/18/2007 4:36:58 PM 
49. Raymond Daffin Pearland, TX      15 and under (I hope)  2/19/2007 1:29:19 PM 
50. http://gmc.110mb.com/ http://gmc.110mb.com/      2007 GMC prices http://gmc.110mb.com/  2/20/2007 1:55:39 PM 
51. Gabe Steptoe Ocean Springs, Ms      splinters from Katrina will be on display, bring your wallet cuz your gonna want one.  2/21/2007 11:17:56 AM 
52. http://ford.host-page.com/ http://ford.host-page.com/      2007 ford prices http://ford.host-page.com/  2/22/2007 5:56:53 AM 

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