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Bro, Your Dad's a Martian - Salem Oregon
16 Registered Contestants.
Event Date and Time: Sunday, June 19, 2005  10:00
Event Duration:
Location: Bush Park Soap Box Derby Hill
Entry: Open
Organizer: Pauliwog and Cascade Slalom Assoc Presents:
Entry Fee: Leaf Blowers, brooms, labor
Contest Info: HEY!
WHAT: *WARNING* I've been reading the Slalom-Zine archives on www.slalomskateboarder.com and getting ideas. Tight Slalom with a very mixed-rythem course(not a constant wiggle-fest), S-curves, "gimme" cones, big and far apart and closer and tighter offsets, and the new secret toy surprise- the 3'center to center gimme "shoot-thru". I'll do my best to make it challenging, fast, tight but not too tight. The intent is to have everyone MORE PREPARED PSYCHOLOGICALLY TO RACE THE T/S AT HOOD RIVER- consider it a "primer"-if the course is so challenging that noone makes a clean run, that will be all the better preparation for Hood. Possibly single lane Jam-Format but Non-elimination format either way, everybody races the whole race. Gilmor and Dunn would be proud.

OFFICIALITY: OUTLAW. Bust potential is low as the field staff like us and the "suits" at the Parks office don't seem to know about us yet. LETS STAY OFF OF THEIR RADAR SCREEN AND CLEAN UP WHEN WE'RE DONE, NOT BE A PEST TO OTHERS USING THE PARK, ETC (so far Everyone has been Great about this-Thanks!). This is one of our bestest of the best of slalom race resources, lets not ruin it. Thanks!

WHEN: Sunday June 19th 2005. Practice hopefully starts at 10:00am, Racer's Meeting and racing starts 10:30/11:00-ish. This is all subject to change depending on Bush Park and Salem Soap Box Derby add-on events. Not likely, any date changes will be posted here, email, and on the Slalom forum.

WHERE: Bush Park, Soap Box Derby Hill, Salem Oregon.
Take I-5 to Salem, go to south Salem(not south of Salem), take the HWY 22 exit West, into Salem, toward the bright blue sea. This immediately becomes Mission Street, stay on it for approx 2.6 miles from the I-5 interchange. Look to the left/South toward Ecuador. Look for Bush Park, look for a big track and field stadium, the Soap Box Derby Hill is just to the west of that.

PRIZES: Maybe, we'll see. Likely something along the lines of a "wheels/decks for the needy" sort of thing.

TROPHIES: Yes, Unique sculpted trophies courtesy of Some Guy From Oregon.

HELMETS: YES, and you're old enough to know why.

WHAT TO BRING: Shorter wheelbase boards(flat and stiff will be an advantage), maybe Cambrias or Stingers if you have them, Leaf Blowers, Brooms, and HELMETS AND OTHER PADS AND STUFF, water, racing food and whatever else you need to race. Bring your park decks just in case we get busted.

WHAT CAN I DO TO HELP? Thanks for asking, show up early and help clean the hill, bring cones (I'll have 70), chalk, and hopefully someone will bring a timer, if not we'll do it lo-tech single lane with a stopwatch and flags.

CONTACT:Paul at bird041167@yahoo.com or (541)754-7826

1st Place Finisher: Micheal Dong
2nd Place Finisher: Paul Howard
3rd Place Finisher: Brad Jackman
Overall Results: This was a 50-something cone tight, weird, hard course with 2 "gimme" cones, one of which was a 3' center to center easy to make but was psycologically disturbing. We ran the event as dual lane, head to head but in basically a Jam Format and taking the final ranking by the fastest of 6 runs for each racer. 12 racers showed up but actually it made for a nice easy fast flowing race. Trophies went to the first 4 fininshers (not including myself since I made them). The lineup is as Follows:

1)Micheal Dong
2)Paul Howard
3)Brad Jackman
4)Dave Anderson
5)Dave Baker
6)Gareth Roe
7)John Stryker
8)Brian Carlstrom
9)Dave Mitchell
10)Scott Moore
11)Josh Burt
12)Skip Marcotte

Highlights were Mike D's FAST runs, Brad J's solid fast style, Dave A skating pretty dang good and Skip M's entering into slalom with a really hard-to-make course for his first race. Skip won a set of 3DM Avalons, bearings, and a Subsonic prototype "hand me down" since he didn't actually have a slalom setup and borrowed one of my setups.
BIG THANKS TO: Dave Mitchell, Dave Anderson, John Stryker, Gareth Roe, Scott Moore and Micheal Dong for helping get the course set, marking cones, cleaning the hill, setting the timers, Dave B for supplying extra cones Thanks to Pat Chewning, Gareth Roe and Dan Loveland for supplying timing systems, Thanks to Pete Ingraham for cone marshalling, SPECIAL THANKS to Lorraine Carlstrom for running the timer and recording times, Thanks to everyone who came and raced, coneheaded spectated and made it all happen. -Paul

Registered Contestants (16) -- Bro, Your Dad's a Martian - Salem Oregon
Name Home City Sponsors Bio Comment Date Submitted
1. John Stryker Everett, Wa      Thanks Poliwog!  5/11/2005 8:55:09 PM 
2. Dave Mitchell Portland, OR      Way to go Pauli  5/11/2005 9:35:52 PM 
3. Paul Howard Corvallis, Oregon      OK, I guess I will get to put on and enter a really tight race after all  5/12/2005 7:48:18 PM 
4. Thor Janda Who wants to know?      Thats funny you said tight.  5/13/2005 11:08:50 AM 
5. Josh Burt Portland,OR      LIVE FAST DIE FAST  5/13/2005 2:50:22 PM 
6. Helmut Von Schlalom Eiensturzenuebauten, Deutschland      I am ze very essence of da slalom, I am ze greatest slalom'a of all time  5/20/2005 7:25:29 PM 
7. One of the park bums Deepwood Bush Park, Oregon      I've already removed all our needles from the track. Mark my words, i own this track.  5/27/2005 4:09:20 AM 
8. SGT. Stadanko Capitol City, Oregon      We will be watching and wating for you outlaws. We also have a mole that is wired.  5/27/2005 4:20:09 AM 
9. scott moore p-town      Helnut Von Shlalom is my evil twin  5/29/2005 11:59:33 PM 
10. Brian Carlstrom Hood River      Great.  5/30/2005 3:32:00 PM 
11. Brad Jackman Sumner Washington      Just moved here from O.C.....Slalom from Mars???...  6/9/2005 9:59:21 PM 
12. David Baker Wiinston, OR      go fast, when something gets in yer way ...tuuuuurrrrn...  6/10/2005 11:26:58 PM 
13. Michael Dong Bothell, Wa      No rain please  6/15/2005 11:20:17 PM 
14. Gareth Roe Seattle, WA        6/15/2005 11:28:34 PM 
15. Dave Anderson PDX        6/17/2005 2:07:39 PM 
16. Skip Marcotte NE PDX      I'll bring my 10 cones....Maryhill Saturday, Salem Sunday  6/19/2005 7:53:50 AM 

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