Jason Mitchell, Seismic Nationals 2007, Hybrid Slalom.  Photo by Greg Fadell Northern California Downhill Skateboarding Association
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2010 Ncdsa.com Contest Calendar
35 Contests listed, 1473 Contestants
Event Date & Time Name Place Divisions Classes Racers Results Organizer Date Posted
Go! Saturday, November 27, 2010  10:00 6th Annual Workin' Off The Turkey  K-Hill, Huntington, WV     12   1st: Dave Harris
2nd: Kyle Smith
3rd: Neil Orta
Lenny Poage  10/25/2010 
Go! Friday, November 05, 2010  00:00 6th Annual Downhillbillies Dixie Cup  Statesville, North Carolina Open Men
(if more than 3 participants)

(No Masters)
A,B,C Dual Lane Hybrid

A-B Single Lane GS
35   1st: A/Adam Schwippert; B/DHolt; C/Joe Iacovelli
2nd: A/ Evan St. Clair; B/Evan Tolley; C/Dave Tolley
3rd: A/Keith Hollien; B/Neil Orta; C/Chris Booth
DownHillBillies  9/13/2010 
Go! Friday, October 22, 2010  10:00 X in the City POSTPONED UNTIL APRIL 2011  Excel Arena, London     64   not yet posted Rob Ashby/Sam Gordon - UKSSA  8/16/2010 
Go! Saturday, October 16, 2010  10:00 So Cal Outlaw Weekend !   San Diego CA     17   1st: Richy Carrasco
2nd: Brent Kosick
3rd: Adam Schwippert
François Brun  8/28/2010 
Go! Saturday, October 16, 2010  00:00 Broadway Bomb 2010  Riverside Park at 116th st, NYC     423   1st: Mark Schaperow (BUSTIN)
2nd: Kiefer Dixon (A-TEAM)
3rd: Steven Sanchez (BOZ/LONGBOARD LIVING)
New York Longboard Association  7/16/2010 
Go! Saturday, October 09, 2010  00:00 Freshpark World Champs of Skateboard-X  Morro Bay, California - Morro Bay Blvd. between Shasta & Monterey     46   1st: Willis Kimbel
2nd: Dustin Taylor
3rd: Nolan Munroe
Jack Smith and Roger Hickey  8/25/2010 
Go! Saturday, October 02, 2010  08:30 High View Autumn Bomb  Burlington, VT USA   Downhill Racing

Predrift Comp

Freeride Session
40   1st: Ludovic Tremblay
2nd: Matthew Kienzle
3rd: Keith Rebhorn
VT LBC  8/16/2010 
Go! Sunday, September 19, 2010  10:00 Salem Slalom Jam (CANCELLED FOR RAIN)  Salem Oregon Soap Box Derby Hill (Bush Park)     6   1st: CANCELLED (Rain)
2nd: CANCELLED (Rain)
3rd: CANCELLED (Rain)
Cascade Slalom  9/9/2010 
Go! Friday, September 17, 2010  00:00 2010 Antrim Can/Am Slalom Championships  Downtown Antrim, NH USA during the Antrim Home & Harvest Festival w/fireworks! Open A
Open B
Open C
Giant Slalom
Fun race Friday night -- Glow Cone or similar.
Amateur race Sunday
25   not yet posted Antrim Home & Harvest Committee  7/19/2010 
Go! Friday, September 17, 2010  00:00 CONE FEST 5  Poage Landing Days Festival, Ashland, KY   A Class
B Class
40   1st: Jonathan Harms
2nd: Steve Pederson
3rd: Brian Parsons
Lenny Poage  7/8/2010 
Go! Friday, August 27, 2010  00:00 Cathlamet Downhill Corral Board Festival  Cathlamet, WA     11   not yet posted Judy Edmondson, Skip Marcotte, Billy Meiners  4/28/2010 
Go! Saturday, August 14, 2010  08:00 Convivium/Metzger Skates slalom expo  North Leo Mennonite Church, 15419 IN-1, Leo, IN 46765 Class A
Class B
Dual-lane TS
Single-lane HS
5   not yet posted Peter Metzger  8/4/2010 
Go! Saturday, August 07, 2010  10:00 Slalom on the Farm X  Bethel, CT   Open A
Open B
Open C
48   1st: Louie Ricard
2nd: Adam Schwippert
3rd: Richie Carrasco
No Time To Hate Productions  7/6/2010 
Go! Friday, August 06, 2010  00:00 British Open Slalom Championships 2010  Hog Hill, Redbridge Cycle Centre, London, Uk Open
Hybrid Slalom
Giant Slalom
Kids Race
36   not yet posted UKSSA  5/29/2010 
Go! Sunday, August 01, 2010  12:00 Boonton Bomb DH Race and Slide Jam  North Jersey     19   not yet posted Ian Donohue and Ben Masters  6/29/2010 
Go! Sunday, July 25, 2010  11:00 Shoekill on the Schulykill  Philadelphia Art Museum   Mini
82   not yet posted Liberty Longboarders  5/24/2010 
Go! Sunday, July 11, 2010  10:00 South Hadley Skateboard 'n Hotdog Races  South Hadley, MA     11   not yet posted Dan Parrish  6/20/2010 
Go! Saturday, July 10, 2010  09:00 Love Monkey Open Slalom Championships  Royal Bath & West Showground, Shepton Mallet, Somerset Open
31   1st: Paul Price (Pavel)
2nd: Louis Selby (Pavel/Pistache)
3rd: Sam Gordon (Pavel/Virage)
Rob Ashby/UKSSA  6/7/2010 
Go! Saturday, July 03, 2010  11:00 Paddle Round The Pier 'Turn or burn'   Hove lawns, Brighton opposite Paddle village     13   1st: Louis Selby
2nd: Sam Gordon
3rd: Mmedo Duffort
Ian  5/12/2010 
Go! Thursday, July 01, 2010  08:30 7th Annual Dovercourt Open   Ottawa, Ontario A,B,C   18   1st: Seb -
2nd: Louis
3rd: Slalom - Rick -Tight - Mig
OSCTP - Sk8city  5/19/2010 
Go! Saturday, June 26, 2010  09:30 NESRA Antrim Jam  Antrim, NH A Open
B Open
Kids Race
9   1st: GS-Rick, SL-Rick, RS-Bailey & Ryan, KS-Emil
2nd: GS-Tom, SL-Tom, RS-Glenn & Angus, KS-Bailey
3rd: GS-Glenn, SL-Glenn, RS-Tom & Riley, KS-Angus
Northeast Skateboard Racing Association  5/27/2010 
Go! Saturday, June 19, 2010  14:00 HOSS Outlaw TS in the Park  Ritter Park, Huntington, WV     7   not yet posted Lenny Poage  6/7/2010 
Go! Saturday, June 19, 2010  09:00 Oregon State Games  Soap Box Derby Hill, Salem, OR , USA Masters
Tight Slalom
Hybrid Slalom
Giant Slalom
Beginners GS
Beginners Hybrid
35   1st: Kevin D, Jordan H, Richy (2)
2nd: Richy (2), Kevin D, Stryker
3rd: Jordan H (2), Kevin D, Lynn K
Cascade Slalom, Oregon Amateur Athletic Assoc  11/20/2009 
Go! Sunday, May 30, 2010  10:00 The UK Outlaw Championships  Hog Hill, Redbridge Cycle Centre, London, Uk Dual & Giant Slalom
DH Freeride/Race
Girls Only Workshop
Gravity Bikes
118   not yet posted UKSSA & UKLL  2/10/2010 
Go! Saturday, May 29, 2010  10:00 Slalom St. Louis 2010  Tower Grove Park, St. Louis, MO Open
Women (if ≥ 4 show up)
Single-lane "sort of loose" slalom (Sat.)
Dual-lane "sort of tight" slalom (Sun.)
29   not yet posted St. Louis Daggers  4/25/2010 
Go! Sunday, May 23, 2010  10:00 Annie Ross Open 5  Mt.Tabor-Sellwood, Portland, Oregon     31   1st: Robin McGuirk 26:04
2nd: Wil Best 26:10
3rd: James Wood 26:50
Wil Best  5/12/2010 
Go! Sunday, May 16, 2010  10:00 2 Fast and 2 Furious Hybrids  Graham, WA. Newbie
  9   not yet posted CSA Seattle Crew  1/9/2010 
Go! Saturday, May 15, 2010  16:15 Dunbar Distance Skate   Dunbar WV City Hall   Adult Class
Youth - new school class
5   1st: Cody Helms
2nd: Drake Smedley
3rd: Tom "Tommy Gun" Sloan
Marc's Board Shop  4/21/2010 
Go! Saturday, May 15, 2010  09:30 Burlington Bomb  Burlington, VT - Contact organizer for location/directions A Open
B Open
7   1st: GS - Schwippert / SG - Floyd / DH - Deming
2nd: GS - Floyd / SG - Schwippert / DH - Wilson
3rd: GS - Wilson / SG - Wilson / DH - Floyd
Northeast Skateboard Racing Association  5/4/2010 
Go! Sunday, April 18, 2010  09:57 Shhhhhh, it's the 2010 Salem Slalom BBQ!  Bush Park Soap Box Derby Hill, Salem, Oregon, USA Hairy Arms.

Arms without hair.
A lot of hair on Back.

Sparse hair on back.
13   not yet posted Some Guy with a BBQ and a slalom setup, CSA South   11/4/2009 
Go! Saturday, April 17, 2010  00:00 Madness in the Mitten II  Lansing, MI     34   1st: Push- J.Yerke & Bill Ris (tie)
2nd: HS - Derek Yerke
3rd: TS - Jason Yerke
Go Green Longboarding, MSU Longboarding Club  3/16/2010 
Go! Saturday, April 10, 2010  00:00 Two Days of Turri  Turri Road, San Luis Obispo, California (Central Coast) Open (Pro/Am)
47   not yet posted Jonny Miller-Toyland / Richy Carrasco - Sk8Kings  2/6/2010 
Go! Saturday, March 27, 2010  14:00 Texas Sizzler Downhill Segment  Austin, TX OPEN DOWNHILL 37   not yet posted THE TEXAS OUTLAWS  2/23/2010 
Go! Saturday, March 27, 2010  09:00 2010 ISSA Texas Sizzler  Austin, TX USA Men-Pro
A Class
B Class
59   not yet posted THE TEXAS OUTLAWS  1/13/2010 
Go! Saturday, January 02, 2010  00:00 NEW JERSEY SLIDE JAM: Round 3!!!!!!!!!!  Cherry Hill, NJ   Hardwheel
51   not yet posted Anton Milioti  10/1/2009 

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