Jason Mitchell, Seismic Nationals 2007, Hybrid Slalom.  Photo by Greg Fadell Northern California Downhill Skateboarding Association
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2004 Ncdsa.com Contest Calendar
42 Contests listed, 1497 Contestants
Event Date & Time Name Place Divisions Classes Racers Results Organizer Date Posted
Go! Saturday, November 20, 2004  00:00 JPL Outlaw Round 7  Sterling Place, Altadena, CA 91001     27   1st: Richy Carrasco
2nd: Mike Maysey
3rd: John O'Shei
Mike Gorman  10/12/2004 
Go! Sunday, November 07, 2004  11:00 Salem Slalom Acorn Rally & BBQ!  Salem Soap Box Derby Hill, Salem, Oregon     20   1st: Some Guy from Oregon-27.52
2nd: Pete Ingraham - 28.18
3rd: John Stryker - 28.20
Pauliwog and Cascade Slalom Assoc  10/17/2004 
Go! Sunday, November 07, 2004  00:00 BLR OUTLAW PUMP STATION GS  PUMP STATION ROAD, San Diego     30   1st: KOSICK 34.34
2nd: MITCHELL 34.53
3rd: CHICKEN 34.90
Black Leather Racing/La Costa Boys Racing/Khiro  10/16/2004 
Go! Sunday, October 17, 2004  00:00 3rd Annual Mountain State Slalom Skate  Fayetteville West     50   1st: Kenny Mollica
2nd: Vlad Poopov
3rd: Paul Price
Dave G/KHRT: a GRS event  11/6/2003 
Go! Friday, October 08, 2004  17:00 2004 Cyber Slalom Cup  Skate Mor, 2198 Riverside Ave, Paso Robles, CA     64   1st: Michael Dong
2nd: Richy Carrasco
3rd: Chris Chaput
Ncdsa.com  8/30/2004 
Go! Friday, October 08, 2004  00:00 World Championships of Skateboard Racing  Morro Bay, California     98   1st: Pro Overall Jason Mitchell
2nd: Open Overall Vincent Berruchon
3rd: Women's Overall Lynn Kramer
Bahne Skateboards - Radikal - OP  1/23/2004 
Go! Saturday, September 25, 2004  08:00 Sandia All Around Challenge  Albuquerque, New Mexico     32   1st: Chris Chaput 161 pts
2nd: Robert Palmer 156 pts
3rd: Will Brunson 147 pts
TimeShip Racing  8/3/2004 
Go! Friday, September 24, 2004  08:00 San Francisco Gravity Festival  San Francisco, CA     22   not yet posted Robert Wurgaft and David Miles  8/16/2004 
Go! Saturday, September 18, 2004  08:00 World Longboard Skateboard Championships  San Diego, California USA     78   not yet posted ILSA  7/1/2002 
Go! Sunday, September 12, 2004  11:00 Cascade Slalom Association  Ridgefield, WA USA (Near Portland Oregon)     28   1st: Dan Loveland (Daddies Board Shop)
2nd: Gareth Roe
3rd: Dan Hughes
Cascade Slalom Association (Grass Roots)  2/9/2004 
Go! Saturday, September 11, 2004  17:00 Red Clay Cup  Athens, Georgia     37   1st: Vlad Popov (2 - 15.905)
2nd: Aki Van Glasow (1 - 15.635)
3rd: Jonathan Harms (3 - 16.029)
Red Clay  4/19/2004 
Go! Saturday, September 11, 2004  09:00 California Championship Series  Mammoth Lakes, California     0   1st: Marc Du Paul
2nd: Did not show
3rd: Did not show
Westwood Ski Club and IGSA  9/2/2004 
Go! Wednesday, September 01, 2004  17:00 Mt. Tabor Outlaw  Portland,OR     35   not yet posted Joshua Burt   8/10/2004 
Go! Thursday, August 26, 2004  00:00 Look Out Mtn.  CANCELLED     24   not yet posted TimeShip Racing  5/4/2006 
Go! Sunday, August 22, 2004  00:00 US Championships of Skateboard Racing  Breckenridge, Colorado     76   1st: Carrasco
2nd: Mollica
3rd: Mitchell X
AsphaltPlayground.com & COSS  2/27/2004 
Go! Saturday, August 21, 2004  00:00 US Championships of Skateboard Racing  Breckenridge, Colorado     81   1st: Mollica
2nd: Barker
3rd: Mitchell X
AsphaltPlayground.com & COSS  2/27/2004 
Go! Friday, August 20, 2004  15:00 US Championships of Skateboard Racing  Breckenridge, Colorado     70   not yet posted AsphaltPlayground.com & Ncdsa.com  1/9/2004 
Go! Friday, August 20, 2004  07:00 US Championships of Skateboard Racing  Vail Pass, Colorado     60   1st: Aki Von Glasow (Switzerland)
2nd: Rob McKendry (USA- Vail)
3rd: Will Brunson (USA- NM)
Asphaltplayground.com & Timeship Racing  6/8/2004 
Go! Saturday, August 07, 2004  10:00 Exit Real World Skate Classic  Salem Oregon Soap Box Derby Hill     16   1st: Slalom: Tay Hunt Downhill: Tay Hunt
2nd: Slalom: Dan Hughes Downhill: Aaron Burks
3rd: Slalom: John Stryker Downhnill: Andy
Exit Real World Skate Shop  7/29/2004 
Go! Saturday, August 07, 2004  08:00 The Farm 4.0pen- Sold Out  Bethel, CT - Derby Hill     51   1st: Mitchell/ Fluitt
2nd: Mollica/ Hollien
3rd: Barker/ Pirnack
TK Tway  7/7/2004 
Go! Saturday, July 24, 2004  07:00 La Costa Open 2004  El Fuerte Street, La Costa, Carlsbad, North San Diego, California, USA     99   not yet posted La Costa Boys Racing, founded by Steve Sherman   2/24/2004 
Go! Saturday, July 10, 2004  00:00 Gorge Games (American Cup #2)  Hood River, OR     49   not yet posted American Cup Slalom Series & Cascade Slalom Assoc.  3/29/2004 
Go! Thursday, July 01, 2004  09:00 The First Annual Dovercourt Open  Dovercourt & Roosevelt, Westboro, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada     12   1st: Pierre Gravel
2nd: Mike Cividino
3rd: Ian Comishin
The Ottawa Sk8park & Sk8city  6/23/2004 
Go! Saturday, June 26, 2004  00:00 Colorado Cup  Golden, Colorado     21   not yet posted COSS  5/7/2004 
Go! Sunday, June 20, 2004  11:00 Cascade Slalom 100 Cone Challenge  Salem Oregon     32   1st: Michael Dong
2nd: Tay Hunt
3rd: Gareth Roe
Cascade Slalom Association (Grass Roots)  2/9/2004 
Go! Sunday, June 13, 2004  10:00 California Championship Series  West LA College, California     13   1st: Richy Carrasco
2nd: Attila Azodi
3rd: David Carrasco
Westwood Ski Club, IGSA  6/5/2004 
Go! Sunday, June 13, 2004  10:00 Portland Pusher #3  Springwater on the Willamette-Eastside Portland,OR     7   1st: Robin McGuirk
2nd: Chris Stevens
3rd: Adam Fuller
Joshua Burt  5/3/2004 
Go! Saturday, May 29, 2004  09:00 Race the Bear   Albuquerque, New Mexico     22   1st: Rob Palmer
2nd: George McClellan
3rd: Jim Z
TimeShip Racing  2/14/2004 
Go! Sunday, May 23, 2004  10:00 Cascade Slalom Association - 2nd race  Seattle WA, Group Health Cooperative, Tukwila Campus     27   1st: A).Steven King B).Dave Mitchell C).Thor Janda
2nd: A).Dan Hughes B).Denny Franklin C).Darrin Moy
3rd: A).Paul Howard B).Bret Dooley C).Grant Levins
Cascade Slalom Association  2/9/2004 
Go! Sunday, May 23, 2004  09:00 Cambria Calling  Cambria, California     10   1st: Jack Smith
2nd: David Baker
3rd: Adrian Pina
JSAP  5/11/2004 
Go! Saturday, May 22, 2004  12:00 Central Park Race (NYC)  Central Park, New York City     23   1st: Kasper Spargeon 22:47
2nd: Doug Dupin 22:54
3rd: Anthony Pistono 23:36
Ian Nichols  4/9/2004 
Go! Saturday, May 22, 2004  12:00 NY Longboarding Assoc. Central Park Race  Central Park     4   not yet posted NYLBA - Ian Nichols  5/17/2004 
Go! Saturday, May 01, 2004  08:00 4th Gathering  Seneca Creek State Park, Gaithersburg, MD     63   not yet posted USSSF and the DC Outlaw Slalom Series  3/15/2004 
Go! Sunday, April 25, 2004  11:00 Cascade Slalom Series - Dual Hybrid  Ridgefield Washington, USA (near Portland Oregon)     27   not yet posted Cascade Slalom Association  2/9/2004 
Go! Saturday, April 24, 2004  00:00 TimeShip Team Time Trial  Albuquerque, New Mexico     14   1st: Rogers Bros
2nd: Moody / Flindt
3rd: Brunson / Lehm
TimeShip Racing  2/13/2004 
ATTILA ASZODI  3/16/2004 
Go! Saturday, April 17, 2004  19:00 Luna Slalom Jam 2004  Jackson, Mississippi     52   not yet posted Mississippi Chapter Of Grass Roots Slalom  1/27/2004 
Go! Sunday, April 04, 2004  10:00 Cascade Slalom Primer/Joe Beck Salute  Salem Soap Box Derby Hill, Salem, Oregon     24   1st: Pretty much everybody who showed up
2nd: Blah, Blah, Blah
3rd: Same as Before
Pauliwog /Cascade Slalom Association  2/25/2004 
Go! Sunday, March 21, 2004  00:00 Kona Nationals - CANCELLED!  Kona Skatepark -- Jacksonville, FL     12   not yet posted Kona Skatepark  1/23/2004 
Go! Sunday, March 21, 2004  00:00 Kona Nationals - CANCELLED!  Kona Skatepark -- Jacksonville, FL     3   not yet posted Kona Skatepark  1/23/2004 
REDNECK RACING   2/11/2004 
Go! Saturday, February 21, 2004  10:00 JPL Outlaw Round 6  Sterling Place, Altadena,     20   not yet posted Mike Gorman   1/20/2004 

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