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33 Registered Contestants.
Event Date and Time: Sunday, September 25, 2011  08:00
Event Duration: 24 hours
Location: Powerbuilt Raceway at Ruapuna Park, Christchurch, New Zealand
Entry: Open
Helmets: Mandatory
Organizer: Skatefurther.com
Map: Click here for online map
Entry Fee:
Contest Info:

Date: 0800 Sunday 25th September to 0800 Monday 26th September 2011.

Location: Powerbuilt Raceway @ Ruapuna Park, Christchurch, New Zealand. (Click here to go to Googlemaps)

Event: 24 hour skate for Cholmondeley House. (Skateboards, inlines, rollerskates and skooters.) Official Sign-up is here.

  • solo, group or relay it.

  • cruise or compete

  • 1km, 1lap, 10km or 100km.

  • 1 hour or the whole 24

  • Raise money per km or hour.

Info: This is the first event of its kind in New Zealand. 24 hours at one of the countries premier race locations. There is no 'must do' for this event. Come as you are, skate as you want.

Charity: Cholmondeley House





Sponsors: Ruapuna24 is proud to be sponsored by the following great people.

Rayne longboards were the first to come on board for Ruapuna. They have thrown in 4 longboards and 3 hoodies. Rayne make the best longboards on the planet, go an visit their website. www.raynelongboards.com


†Sport Canterbury provides services that support, lead and develop sport and physical activity participation to encourage active healthy communities.




Cheapskates Skateskool are going to be at Ruapuna on the first day wit hall the gear to get kids skating. Skateboards, inlines and helmets will be avaialble to hire for free thanks to Scotty and the skateskool crew. They will also be bringing their ramps along to skate on.
















For sponsorship opportunities, help and questions email nat@skatefurther.com

Donate: You can now donate online. This ensures that ALL the money will be going to the right place.

1st Place Finisher:
2nd Place Finisher:
3rd Place Finisher:
Overall Results:

Registered Contestants (33) -- Ruapuna24
Name Home City Sponsors Bio Comment Date Submitted
1. Nat 'Wafflesole' Halliday Lyttelton, NZ  Holesom, Cheapskates      6/3/2011 11:38:47 PM 
2. Da Rollwilder Otautahi/Christchurch  Otautahi Roller Derby       6/5/2011 6:33:48 PM 
3. julie stechmann Christchurch  OTAUTAHI ROLLER DERBY LEAGUE  Derby name is JEWELS VENGEANCE, a roller derby member of Otautahi roller girls. Play a blocker.    6/5/2011 6:44:38 PM 
4. Crash Cookie 420 Christchurch  Otautahi Roller Derby      6/5/2011 8:05:12 PM 
5. Warrior Rainbow Christchurch  Otautahi Roller Derby League      6/5/2011 8:09:22 PM 
6. Apple * Teaser Christchurch  Otautahi Roller Derby League      6/5/2011 8:12:26 PM 
7. Connie Knoxville Lyttelton  Otautahi Roller Derby League      6/6/2011 12:10:58 AM 
8. Aggres Shan Christchurch  Otautahi Roller Derby League      6/6/2011 4:33:57 PM 
9. Stu McConchie Christchurch  Behind closed doors tattoo      6/6/2011 8:43:09 PM 
10. Katherine Manslaughter Lyttelton  Otautahi Roller Derby League  Little do most NZer's know, one of our most literary suffragettes was also a threatening, blood-thirsty bitch. Katherine Manslaughter was her alternative nom de plume, but she settled on Mansfield.    6/6/2011 11:47:22 PM 
11. Tipene Newbery Lyttelton    Banks boys!!! churr, go real fast     6/7/2011 11:30:58 PM 
12. Hammer'n Wench Christchurch  Otautahi Roller Derby League      6/8/2011 2:11:08 AM 
13. troy bilbrough Waikuku Beach , Canterbury  Sporting Sails  Born and bred in Canterbury, has successfully skateboarded 3500km from Thailand to Singapore and is aiming to skate the length of Chile in December...    6/8/2011 12:51:50 PM 
14. anne kill grider christchurch  otautahi roller derby      6/8/2011 10:17:41 PM 
15. Cody Harrington Christchurch    Studying towards a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science    6/9/2011 5:55:31 AM 
16. Peter Paton Christchurch        6/9/2011 1:13:04 PM 
17. Alice Ravn Christchurch  Otautahi Roller Derby League      6/25/2011 10:21:12 PM 
18. Wahine Disaster Christchurch  Otautahi Roller Derby League      6/25/2011 10:27:09 PM 
19. Nat Good Christchurch  Otautahi Roller Derby League  ROLLER roller rolling skater    6/26/2011 9:24:05 PM 
20. James Bohan Christchurch        7/12/2011 11:56:15 PM 
21. Richard Winchester Christchurch        7/13/2011 9:18:57 PM 
22. Sophie Gold Christchurch        8/5/2011 12:50:20 AM 
23. Daniel Filner Wellington, NZ    "Danger Danger" is a referee with Richter City Roller Derby in Wellington. Formerly from San Francisco, now reffing derby all over NZ, and jam-skating in between.    8/21/2011 9:01:49 PM 
24. Finn Boyle Dunedin    High school student from Dunedin    8/24/2011 2:47:18 AM 
25. max brown christchurch    i ride a dervish    8/28/2011 5:05:27 AM 
26. Brett McCormack Dunedin  Dunedin Sk8 Racing    attempting to break the 12 hour quad skating world record of 235km.  8/31/2011 2:17:25 PM 
27. Mark McCormack Dunedin  Dunedin Sk8 Racing  NZ under 12 1/2 marathon skating champion    9/3/2011 12:37:46 AM 
28. Buzzy Bee-arch Christchurch  Otautahi Roller Derby League      9/9/2011 5:58:32 PM 
29. Axel Massacre Chch  non yet - with Dead End Derby  A Filthy Habit, Skating with Dead End Derby    9/19/2011 10:48:50 PM 
30. Rita Lyn Christchurch      Filthy Habit, Dead End Derby Rollergirls  9/20/2011 2:36:21 AM 
31. Storm French Christchurch, New Zealand        9/20/2011 10:32:06 PM 
32. John-Paul "J-P" Lilburne Christchurch .New Zealand    Cross country skier and Biathlete    9/22/2011 4:24:14 AM 
33. Rawdon Wallace Christchurch, NZ        9/23/2011 3:28:34 PM 

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