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188-Mile Silver Comet Sk8 Challenge
22 Registered Contestants.
Event Date and Time: Friday, May 20, 2011  00:00
Event Duration: Three Days
Location: Smyrna (Atlanta), Georgia to Weaver, (Anniston), Alabama
Entry: Open
Helmets: Mandatory
Divisions: Full 3-day Stage Race
1-day Race
18-mile FUN SKATE
Organizer: Marion Karr and USADSA
Entry Fee: $100/$120/$140
Contest Info:

The Chief Ladiga Silver Comet Sk8 Challenge 2011

Smyrna (Atlanta), Georgia to Weaver, (Anniston), Alabama

May 20 – Day 1: Smyrna, Ga to Rockmart, Ga. ..approx. 40 miles

May 21 – Day 2: Rockmart, Ga to Weaver, Al approx. 50 miles

May 22 – Day 3: Weaverv, Al to Smyrna, Ga 94 miles



Venue: The Silver Comet and Chief Ladiga Bike Trail……a paved rails-to-trails bicycle and walking trail that runs 94 miles from Smyrna, GA to Weaver, AL

The first long distance skateboarding stage race ever to be held. 3 days, 188 miles!

Designed on the same platform as a bicycle stage race like the Tour de France of Tour de Georgia riders will be racing both daily and for the overall best time.

30% percent of all proceeds and entry fees from the event will go to www.charitywater.org to provide clean water to people in countries who need it.

Long distance skateboarders from around the world will be descending on the 94 miles long Silver Comet and Chief Ladiga Bike Trail that runs from Smyrna (Atlanta), Georgia to Weaver (Anniston, AL) for three days of racing that will total approximately 180 miles plus!

DAY 3 will feature a FUN SKATE for non-racers who want to support the cause and have some long distance fun.

FUN SKATE Riders will start from Smyrna, Ga (the start/finish line for the race) and skate to Hiram, Ga and back, approximately 18 miles. Entry fee for the FUN SKATE FOR WATER is $20 with $10 going to charity:water and the other $10 for trail support. Note that the 18-mile FUN SKATE is non-competitive and not covered by USADSA sanctioning.

Official Sign up and Paypal direct below to Marion Karr

Race Entry Options

$100 - Racing Member(includes $20 membership)
$120 - Gold Member(includes $40 membership)
$140 - Platinum Member(includes $60 membership)

USADSA Memberships provide insurance to race organizers, and are based on an annual calendar date from when you purchase the membership program. Gold member includes an annual subscription to Concrete Wave. Platinum includes the Concrete Wave subscription plus an official USADSA T-Shirt.

More Race details @ www.USADSA.org


Please direct any questions to Marion Karr at marionkarr@execquest.com

1st Place Finisher: Paul Kent (M) Cami Best (F)
2nd Place Finisher: Jeff Vyain (M) Maribeth McHugh (F)
3rd Place Finisher: Joshua Rosenthal (M)
Overall Results:

From Jack Smith of theskateboardersjournal.com:

" Today I witnessed the most remarkable athletic event I have seen in my 35+ years of skateboarding. Paul Kent pushed his skateboard 94 miles in 6 hours and 45 minutes…yes you read that correctly. Hr did this in 90 degree heat and off the chart humidity.

Right behind Paul was Jeffurry Vyain who skated with serious abrasions and a cut on his hip that was stitched up the night before. He was followed by a group of young athletes, and 50 year old Rick Fitzpatrick. An absolutely amazing collection of athletes.

And then there was Mary Beth McHugh and Cami Best. Mary Beth was suffering from blisters and other injuries. Cami not only pushed her board, but also Mary Beth a great deal of the way. They completed the ride in 12 hours and change. They were accompanied and supported by their friend, whose name escapes me as I write this. She filmed them from her bicycle the whole way."

From James Peters of pavedwave.org:

"21 racers Day1, 15 racers Day2, and 13 made the gauntlet of Day3.

Paul astounded all with a 6:45 finish on the third day in near-100 degree heat.

Conan launched from the gate and stayed with Paul for the first part of the morning, and just behind them was a "peloton" of Joshua, Jeff, Billy, Andrew, and James. Joshua split from this group and made his surge toward the front, then I felt the effects of heat and pace after a couple hours and pulled back a notch, reducing the peloton to three. Jeff, Andrew and Billy stayed together until Cedartown where Jeff committed himself to a faster pace -- and note he was also on the injured list!! By the end, things turned around quite a bit with everyone in the top six throwing down hard.

Greg Feiss pumped to a fast finish on Day1 (as one-day racer), Luke Ayata knocked out most of Day2, with Mario Trujillo pulling him out of a near-exhaustion situation, and a badly injured Marion Karr still had a few pushes to send us all off on Day3. Chadd Hall buttboarded to a 1st day finish with a patented upper-body rubber-sole technique you'll have to ask him about!

Cami Best aiding an injured Maribeth McHugh all the way to the last day's finish summed up the true spirit of the weekend. Unforgettable.

Thank you again Marion Karr, Skanunu Ken, Rockmart EMT, Chadd and Georgia Hall, all the sponsors who donated time and schwag -- and everyone else who supported this amazing, EPIC race."

Registered Contestants (22) -- 188-Mile Silver Comet Sk8 Challenge
Name Home City Division Sponsors Bio Comment Date Submitted
1. Conan Gay Eugene Oregon  Full 3-day Stage Race  Bones Bearings, Pulpit Clothing ,Boardsports,Shoe Goo and Bobs Donuts    This race should be super fun and a great warmup for Ultraskate 13  3/20/2011 5:24:59 PM 
2. William Coale Indianapolis, IN  Full 3-day Stage Race  N/A      3/21/2011 4:40:58 AM 
3. Mason Mayday McNay atlanta, georgia  Full 3-day Stage Race  woody's halfpipe skateshop, tiger skateworks, jatiboards  if lost, please return to finish line    3/21/2011 8:10:37 AM 
4. Jack Smith Morro Bay, CA 93442  Full 3-day Stage Race  RollsRolls, Seismic, The Skateboarder's Journal, Kahuna Creations, Sporting Sails, VS Athletics    This is going to a be a great adventure.  3/21/2011 12:05:41 PM 
5. Chris Yandall San Diego CA  Full 3-day Stage Race  SK8 Kings, Bennett, Seismic, Oust  chrisyandall.com  Day 3 is going to be a good one :)D  3/21/2011 3:06:56 PM 
6. Jeffrey Vyain Brooklyn, NY  Full 3-day Stage Race  Bustin Boards, Atobe Wheels, Longboard Loft, Subsonic Longboards, Kombucha Brooklyn  longboardloftnyc.com  I'm going to start training tomorrow.  3/21/2011 3:29:17 PM 
7. HammerHead Karr Statesville, NC  Full 3-day Stage Race  Subsonic Skateboards, Seismic Wheels, Woodys Halfpipe Board Shop, Patagonia, Bear Trucks, Lucky 13 Tattoos,PowersKarr,   Stoked To the Freakin Max.  The devil went down to Georgia he was looking for a board with wheels....  3/21/2011 3:49:33 PM 
8. James Peters Seattle, WA  Full 3-day Stage Race  RoeRacing Subsonic Virage Bennett Seismic MOBO  gro.evawdevap  Stooooked!!  3/21/2011 7:37:45 PM 
9. Luke ayata ny, ny  Full 3-day Stage Race  Fabrika Productions  FabrikaProductions.com explore nyc underground   Just happy to be here  3/23/2011 6:14:47 AM 
10. Aydin Uysal ny,ny  Full 3-day Stage Race  Luke Ayata    I will be the first:))  3/23/2011 6:28:10 AM 
11. Emily Pruyn Chicago, IL  Full 3-day Stage Race      mad stoked   3/28/2011 7:31:14 PM 
12. maribeth mchugh brooklyn, new york  Full 3-day Stage Race  SURE Skateboards, Bustin Boards    Yea!  3/29/2011 12:37:10 PM 
13. cami best where brooklyn at   Full 3-day Stage Race  Bustin Boards  i wish pangaea didnt break up so i wouldnt have to stop skating   live free, skate hard.   4/5/2011 8:02:43 PM 
14. Alexander Louden Denver, CO  Full 3-day Stage Race      Looks like some skating is in order  4/19/2011 1:07:43 AM 
15. Trevor Scott McGee Rockmart Georgia  18-mile FUN SKATE  Delores S. Lockridge  Avid Beginning skateboarder--1st race ever    4/29/2011 5:57:36 AM 
16. Joshua Rosenthal New York, NY  Full 3-day Stage Race        5/4/2011 6:11:23 PM 
17. Richard Freakin Fitzpatrick (Call me Fitz) Golden Colorado  Full 3-day Stage Race  Earl's Truck Stop & Cafe  Winn Dixie, Waffle House, Piggly Wiggly, Dirt track Racing, I miss the South.  Thanks For all your hard work Marion, This is an awesome event.  5/5/2011 1:49:33 PM 
18. Mario Trujillo Los Angeles  Full 3-day Stage Race  Loaded Boards  Endurance athlete and adrenaline junky.   Stoked.  5/5/2011 2:05:06 PM 
19. Rick Shewchuk Birmingham Alabama  Full 3-day Stage Race  SkierSynergy.com LDP footbeds      5/9/2011 11:43:52 AM 
20. Matthew Klosterman Birmingham, AL  Full 3-day Stage Race        5/9/2011 12:47:29 PM 
21. Chadd Hall Sugar Hill, GA  1-day Race  Longboard-Atlanta, StokedSkateboards.com  Founder of Longboard-Atlanta  Thanks for putting on a great event! I am STOKED!  5/10/2011 9:37:29 AM 
22. Callahan Duncan Gunnison CO  Full 3-day Stage Race    winner of the 2010 Leadville Trail 100 mile run   this is my first skateboard race looking forward to it..   5/18/2011 9:47:22 AM 

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