Jason Mitchell, Seismic Nationals 2007, Hybrid Slalom.  Photo by Greg Fadell Northern California Downhill Skateboarding Association
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Broadway Bomb Event Weekend
38 Registered Contestants.
Event Date and Time: Saturday, October 10, 2009  12:00
Event Duration: 3 Days
Location: Main Event on 116th and Riverside
Entry: Open
Helmets: Recommended
Divisions: Men-pro
Organizer: New York Longboard Association
Map: Click here for online map
Entry Fee: Free
Friday Night Rips
Prospect Park, Brooklyn
Take F train to 15th Street Brooklyn
Get off and skate into park. Make a right on main road and you'll meet skaters by hill.
Night of wheelies, sliding and general skating.

SATURDAY 12 PM (Rain Date 10/10/09 12:00)
Broadway Bomb
116th St. and Riverside Drive
Race down all the way down Broadway, in TRAFFIC. Extremely dangerous for an
inexperienced skater. Helmets strongly suggested. NO RIDERS UNDER 18 without parent.

East River Park (FDR Drive and 10th St.)
Burgers, Beer and the winners' prize and trophy reception. Lots of room to skate as well.

Party at Club CL
132 Ninth Ave (Btw. 18th and 19th Strs)
Open Bar 6-7pm, great Latino food as well. Screening of Fabrika Productions' filming of last year's Central Park Race. DJ's and Live Music.

Fall Slidefest 2009
Fort Tryon, Upper Manhattan 190th St. and Broadway (Subject to change.) Take A Train to 190th St
Get off and skate downhill to the right. Please contact Brian regarding changes that may be made to the Location.
1st Place Finisher: Mark Schaperow
2nd Place Finisher: Collin
3rd Place Finisher: Theseus W./James S.
Overall Results: A wonderful time was had by all! The changes in Broadway's route didn't seem to slow anyone down. I just love hearing that this event is the highlight of people's whole year!

Registered Contestants (38) -- Broadway Bomb Event Weekend
Name Home City Division Sponsors Bio Comment Date Submitted
1. Alwin Narvaez Elizabeth, NJ  Men-pro    LONGBOARD JUNKIE  Been training all summer for this. STOKED!!  9/17/2009 12:23:28 PM 
2. Darien Dawes New York City, NY  Men-pro  None      9/22/2009 7:55:42 AM 
3. Alex Capetanos NY  Men-pro      Skate 4 lyf3  9/22/2009 8:20:33 AM 
4. Sacha Lecca New York, NY  Men-pro        9/25/2009 6:54:00 AM 
5. ted endo brooklyn, NY  Men-pro        9/29/2009 6:52:14 AM 
6. Adam Sayres Philadelphia PA  Men-pro  None  Landed on earth 7 years ago, son of the great spaghetti monster. I will take over your planet.  Beers not bombs  9/30/2009 1:57:05 PM 
7. Robin McGuirk Portland, Oregon  Men-pro  Eastside Longboards, Daddies Board Shop      10/1/2009 10:10:49 AM 
8. Anton Milioti CHERRY HOOD, NJ  Women-pro  yo momma?    sm0k3 w33d  10/1/2009 4:55:20 PM 
9. Robert Rodrigues New York, New York  Men-pro  Miami Inverted  1990 National Skateboard Association Eastern and National Freestyle Champion and all around swell guy.    10/2/2009 7:43:03 AM 
10. Bossman Schwartz Pine Brook, NJ  Men-pro  Garden Skate Indoor Skatepark. Home of The Pirate Bowl  Owner of Garden Skate Indoor Skatepark in Pine Brook NJ. Home of The Pirate Bowl, the largest wooden pool in the world!   Someone call an ambulance.   10/3/2009 8:41:13 AM 
11. mike burns philly  Men-pro        10/3/2009 2:59:15 PM 
12. mike klein franklin sq NY  Men-pro        10/3/2009 3:06:23 PM 
13. Jim Etkin Brooklyn, NY  Men-pro        10/3/2009 5:42:57 PM 
14. Adam Dabonka West New York, NJ  Men-pro  Skateragsonline.com      10/3/2009 7:37:16 PM 
15. Alex Bissonnette Londonderry, NH  Men-pro        10/4/2009 5:43:33 AM 
16. Tommy Gunnz NY, NY  Men-pro  beers, bongs, and boobies  Bombing Broadway since 1869    10/4/2009 10:42:41 AM 
17. M a r s h a l l Olympia, WA  Men-pro  Longboard Larry    It rains and the race is held on Sunday... I will be so disappointed.  10/4/2009 3:36:12 PM 
18. Josh Nulman Roosevelt, NJ  Men-pro      Drop Beats Not Bombs  10/4/2009 5:12:46 PM 
19. Nathalie Herring Queens, NY  Women-pro  BUSTIN   I represent NYC and I "street surf" Bustin style ;)  Where my ladies at!!   10/4/2009 5:14:59 PM 
20. M Poli Bushwick, NY  Men-pro  Are for people with talent!  I skate to get through the warm months...The Bomb to me means SNOW!!!  Going to try and count the number of times people run into each other the first 30 block........   10/5/2009 4:46:19 AM 
21. Alex Bell Queens NY  Men-pro  i'm not that good      10/5/2009 5:26:25 PM 
22. Robare Pruyn-Bush Queens, NY  Men-pro  Tryptich?  Pretend I know what I'm doing here.  Glens Falls Bike Path Bomb next anyone?  10/6/2009 9:45:03 AM 
23. David Hoffman New York, NY  Men-pro  Hoffman-Hofmann Board Company  20 years old
born and raised in Manhattan
General Partner, Hoffman-Hofmann Board Co. 
  10/6/2009 11:20:49 AM 
24. Drew Hofmann New York, NY  Men-pro  Hoffman-Hofmann Board Company  General Partner, Hoffman-Hofmann Board Co.    10/6/2009 11:24:52 AM 
25. Julian Melendez New York, NY  Men-pro  HBC.  This is my route, find me at the front!  Representing the real, homegrown NYC cats that do this on the daily....  10/6/2009 11:27:08 AM 
26. Nevin Nguyen-Tan NY, NY  Men-pro  NED Skateboards  A dude  NED boards are the shit  10/6/2009 11:52:35 AM 
27. michael moody queens new york  Men-pro  who?  19 watever   does this make me cool?  10/6/2009 12:10:18 PM 
28. Animal Chin Have you seen him?  Men-pro        10/6/2009 12:23:47 PM 
29. Cronic rYo Brooklyn NY  Men-pro  me myself and i  ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm    10/6/2009 1:41:40 PM 
30. Dave De La Cruz New York, NY  Men-pro  Hoffman-Hofmann Board Company (HBC)      10/7/2009 6:40:56 AM 
31. Alberto Giraldo whitestone New York  Men-pro    skateboarding since 86  looking forward to the race  10/8/2009 11:05:07 AM 
32. Jonathan Soong Mountainside New Jersey  Men-pro    Crazy Asian on a piece of wood    10/8/2009 12:18:22 PM 
33. Keron Broski Brooklyn, NY  Men-pro    Wrecking Ball!!  Cars and Pedestrians beware of the man with with the wrecked ankle! Push!!   10/9/2009 10:48:34 AM 
34. Colin Guinn Austin, TX  Men-pro        10/9/2009 6:09:32 PM 
35. Christo Casey Queens NY  Men-pro        10/10/2009 12:19:10 AM 
36. Steven Tuciarone new york, ny  Men-pro        10/10/2009 6:41:15 AM 
37. Salvadore Garib new york, ny  Men-pro        10/10/2009 6:43:42 AM 
38. E Silva Fresh Meadows, NY  Men-pro        10/10/2009 8:27:24 AM 

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