Jason Mitchell, Seismic Nationals 2007, Hybrid Slalom.  Photo by Greg Fadell Northern California Downhill Skateboarding Association
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Ditch Slap '09
79 Registered Contestants.
Event Date and Time: Thursday, April 30, 2009  08:00
Event Duration: 4 days
Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Entry: Closed
Helmets: Mandatory
Classes: Serious
Not so Serious
Organizer: TimeShip Racing
Entry Fee: $125, $100
Contest Info:


Helmets are required at all times, slide gloves are recommended. You will NOT be allowed onto the shuttle vans without a helmet.
1st Place Finisher: Mostly Brunson
2nd Place Finisher: Mitchell, Lynn
3rd Place Finisher: Mostly Angelus
Overall Results: Katenips Race

Will Brunson 29.54
Jason Mitchell 30.13
Zak Maytum 30.89
Brian Peck 31.08
Kelly Lynn 31.24
Robin McGuirk 31.36
Ryan Ricker 31.51
Mark Fry 31.86
Casey Morrow 32.05
James West 32.10
Nick Brenton 32.11
Jim Z 32.16
Louis Pilloni 32.23
Dave Angelus 32.32
Jody Wilcox 32.78
Mike Sanders 32.81
Dave Price 33.42
Chris Miller 33.66
Chris Brinkley 33.98
King Brian 35.03
Matt Franklyn 35.04
Brett Dooley 35.15
Matt Sellars 36.17
Chris Kelley 36.26
Geoff Treadwell 36.33
Ellis Fagalde 37.34
Matt Shaw 37.52
Joshua S. 37.86
Aaron Francouver37.92
Dave Leslie 37.93
Tad Drysdale 38.12
Hugh Johnson 38.51
Jude Wilhemsen 38.63
Dan Garbo 38.73
Rozco Henderson 38.91
Bill Dunn 38.94
Kody Noble 39.35
Zion M 41.05
Cody Lebow 41.17
Hayato Tanaka 42.25
Hayden Conroy 42.54
Katie Neilson 42.68
Keith Henderson 43.36
Dave Bradley 46.65
Kristen Gregerson DNF
Jessica Kampling DNF
Dean Levens DNF
Andrew Archibeque DNF
Dan Dengler DNF
Sheldon Lawzon DNF

Harper/Calvary/Bungee Race

Jason Mitchell 15.73
Will Brunson 16.01
Dave Angelus 16.04
Louis Pilloni 16.08
Zak Maytum 16.43
Brian Peck 16.80
Ryan Ricker 16.88
Mike Sanders 16.94
Cody Raver 17.04
Jim Z 17.04
Casey Morrow 17.07
Jody Wilcox 17.08
Brian Elderkin 17.08
Mark Fry 17.24
Chris Brinkley 17.58
James West 17.69
Robin McGuirk 17.90
Chris Miller 17.93
Bryan Holden 18.06
Matt Franklyn 18.09
James Kelley 18.10
Rozco Henderson 18.11
Nick Brenton 18.15
Chris Kelley 18.21
Geoff Treadwell 18.59
Matt Shaw 18.59
Hugh Johnson 18.68
Deano Ozuna 18.71
Dean Levens 18.81
Devon Bailey 19.02
David Hansen 19.06
Phillip Lemire 19.13
Ellis Fagalde 19.23
Brett Dooley 19.31
Matt Sellars 19.69
Keith Henderson 19.70
Ross Porter 19.74
Hayato Tanaka 20.04
Aaron Francouver20.20
Jude Wilhemsen 20.81
Tad Drysdale 20.93
Joshua S. 21.59
David Price 21.88
Josh Burt 21.92
Dan Garbo 22.62
Zion M 23.00
Kristen Gregersen23.86
Lucas Harari 23.89
Bill Dun 24.35
Chris King 24.57
Katie Neilson 24.69
Andrew Archibeque25.51
Cody Lebow 27.64
Dave Bradley 28.06
Dave Leslie DNF
Hayden Conroy DNF

The Bear

Will Brunson 17.19
Kelly Lynn 17.81
David Angelus 17.89
Brian Peck 18.01
Jody Wilcox 18.05
James Kelley 18.07
Robin McGuirk 18.08
Zak Maytum 18.12
Nick Brenton 18.13
Jim Z 18.13
Jason Mitchell 18.17
Mike Sanders 18.34
Ryan Ricker 18.45
Chris Miller 18.71
James West 18.73
Brian Elderkin 19.00
Casey Morrow 19.05
Matt Shaw 19.12
Cody Raver 19.14
Malcom H. 19.18
Bryan Holden 19.25
Mark Fry 19.27
Dave Price 19.33
Chris Kelly 19.55
Chris Brinkely 19.69
Zac B 19.74
David Hansen 20.06
Hugh Johnson 20.11
Dean Levens 20.14
Jude Wilhemsen 20.57
Sheldon Lauzon 20.57
Ross Porter 20.64
Aaron Francouver20.74
Hayato Tanaka 20.83
Katie Neilson 21.18
Ellis Fagalde 21.94
Joshua S. 21.96
Rozco Henderson 22.04
Dave Leslie 22.26
Matt Franklin 22.48
Matt Sellars 23.60
Kristen Gregersen24.08
Brett Dooley 24.69
Louis Pilloni DNF
Kody Noble DNF

Chinese Ditch Race

James Kelly
Rob McKendry
Robin McGuirk
David Angelus
Brian Elderkin
Nick Bretton
Mike Sanders
James West
Will Brunson
Casey Morrow
Mark Fry
Jody Wilcock
Brian Holden
Hugh Johnston
Undetermined beyond that!

Crosstown Race

Robin McGuirk
James Kelly
Will Brunson
Casey Morrow
Undetermined beyond that!

Registered Contestants (79) -- Ditch Slap '09
Name Home City Classes Sponsors Bio Comment Date Submitted
1. Slap Happy Podunk, New Mexico  Serious  My Mom, My Visa and TimeShip Racing  Skating since 1969, Racing since 1976, Foot Braking since I turned 40.  Don't back talk me Ditch! You need a good Slappin'!  1/15/2009 4:45:02 PM 
2. Zak Maytum Boulder, CO  Serious  Venom, Madrid, Pavel, G.O.G.  Your Bungee madness makes me very afraid.  Can't wait. It's ON!  1/15/2009 7:05:23 PM 
3. Casey Morrow Portland, Oregon  Not so Serious  Eastside Longboards, The Board Room    I'm finally going to make it down!  1/16/2009 5:56:33 AM 
4. DDean Ozuna Spokane, Washington  Serious  LongboardLarry  I don't get slapped, I bounce!  I love tell people I am going on a vacation to play in the sewage system of a major city!  1/16/2009 8:02:24 AM 
5. B Peck Vancouver, BC / Hartford, CT  Serious      Slappy make me happy  1/16/2009 9:57:45 AM 
6. Joshua Burt Portland, OR  Not so Serious  Subsonic Skateboards, My Museum Tattoo  TOO FAST FOR LAST  Thanks Joe!  1/16/2009 10:36:09 AM 
7. Geoff Treadwell Norcal  Not so Serious  Slush fund    Broken collar bone should be ready to break again by april!  1/16/2009 10:46:55 AM 
8. AJ Powell Montreal, QC  Not so Serious  Kebbek    I hope leathers aren't mandatory, I got too fat to zip them up!  1/16/2009 12:03:39 PM 
9. Kevin Reimer BC  Serious, Not so Serious  Rayne, Coast, Orangatang, Colabo, Venom  Footbrake? What's up?  Oooooooh no. Looks like I'm going now. Seriously not so serious.  1/16/2009 12:05:49 PM 
10. Robin McGuirk Portland, Oregon  Serious, Not so Serious  Eastside    Wouldn't miss this for anything, TSR Rules!  1/16/2009 12:13:08 PM 
11. Louis Pilloni Los Angeles, California  Serious  Loaded Boards, Orangatang, and Zak's Mom   So serious i didn't even pack my smile  Skateboarding shouldn't be fun. It is all about winning  1/16/2009 2:02:33 PM 
12. James Kelly Petaluma, California  Serious, Not so Serious  Loaded Boards, Orangatang, Sonoma Old School, Venom   I recently discovered that daily showers can improve your personal hygiene.  Ditching my responsibilities to go skateboard wait a sec It is my responsibility to go skateboard ditches. Thats better  1/16/2009 2:13:25 PM 
13. Katie Neilson LANGLEY, british columbia  Serious, Not so Serious  SECTOR 9, boardroom, waking up at 6 in the morning to go to work and pay for this shit  its amazing what ill do with a 40oz and a few bad influences  lookin forward to kickin your asses all the way from new mexico to HELL  1/16/2009 4:17:14 PM 
14. David Price Santa Fe, New Mexico  Serious  Madrid Skateboards, Timeship Racing, Sector 9 wheels, Visa  I was born here all my life. eh. i'm the most fiercest skateboarder ever. for serious.  contact me for info about the sandia crest session & if you want to stay in santa fe and skate some epic roads.  1/16/2009 5:17:14 PM 
15. Rob Briggs Kensington CT  Serious, Not so Serious      Stonked!!!!  1/16/2009 5:55:15 PM 
16. Christin Gregersen Vancouver, BC  Not so Serious  none, i work hard for this shit    Ha! might as well give it a go! Can't fucking wait  1/16/2009 6:11:24 PM 
17. Nick Chamberlain Rockport, Massachusetts  Serious, Not so Serious      My first time heading out here to skate and I can't wait.  1/16/2009 9:20:00 PM 
18. Sheldon l lauzon edmonton alberta  Not so Serious  n.o  Shello from edmonton, 780 local hill killa  Cant wait first time going out here hope to shred hard and long!  1/17/2009 4:41:35 PM 
19. Mark Frydrychowski Richmond, VA  Serious, Not so Serious  Larry Flint  I need gnar! DS rocked my face off in 2008 is worth traveling from Australia! Viva NM y ABQ! Muchas gracias Joe!  I need my ass-kicking ditch-fix! See ya'll in April!  1/17/2009 5:52:37 PM 
20. Hoodie Shaw Vancouver BC  Serious, Not so Serious  Who needs them!!   Coast Longboarder that has been racing for 7 years and skating for 15 years. If Hoodie doesn't win the race he'll win the party!!  Serious about not being serious!!  1/17/2009 5:55:50 PM 
21. Alicia Godbout Kensington CT  Not so Serious        1/17/2009 8:05:39 PM 
22. Mike Sanders Edmonton, Alberta, Candaadadada  Serious  Local 124, Darkspeed  I love racing skateboards in ditches. Mercado thinks I'm fat.

I'm dreaming of Golden Pride, safety cylinders, and noodle legs. 
1/18/2009 8:10:21 AM 
23. James West Jr. land of the ditches ,NM  Serious  Longboard Larry Timeship & Koa Nalu surf shop  seriously going to have fun thats about it ha ha skating is not a thing to take seriously  anyone who needs a place to crash i live at the bottom of 3-mile ditch
hit me up 
1/18/2009 10:34:59 AM 
24. Devon Talley-Bailey Albuquerque, New Mexico  Serious, Not so Serious  Ghoti Longboard Co.    !!!Team Albuquerque!!!
1/18/2009 1:52:16 PM 
25. Nick Breton Edmonton, Alberta, Flatland  Serious, Not so Serious  Sayshun, Local 124, Darkspeed  No footie break!  Stoked.  1/18/2009 4:12:00 PM 
26. Scott Gravelle Calgary Alberta  Serious, Not so Serious  Sayshun    Live before you die.  1/18/2009 4:28:02 PM 
27. Douglas Fox Norman, OK  Not so Serious  Pressure Drop Longboards    I've been slapped once, NO MORE!  1/20/2009 2:29:58 PM 
28. Mischo Erban Vernon, BC  Serious, Not so Serious  Landyachtz, Retro, Bear, Biltin, Coastlongboarding      1/20/2009 10:36:15 PM 
29. Brandon Lewis Albuquerque, NM  Not so Serious  me  This year I'm out to have FUN!!  This is my third "slap", and I just want to have as much fun as possible this year.   1/22/2009 8:03:23 AM 
30. cHRIS mILLER RIo Rathole  Serious, Not so Serious  Pressure Drop F-in Longboards!  It may not be long, but at least it's thin  Slap, Slap, it aint no crap  1/22/2009 3:21:54 PM 
31. Nick Harris Philadelph PA  Serious, Not so Serious    taa daa    1/23/2009 7:22:32 PM 
32. zac brenner santa fe, NM  Not so Serious  not TSR, RED CURB ARMY!!!  huey, Rat tails???  tsr is really stupid  1/25/2009 12:00:45 PM 
33. Chris King Albuquerque NM  Not so Serious  me, myself, I    word  1/25/2009 5:23:44 PM 
34. Jason Mitchell Louisville, Colorado  Serious, Not so Serious  PPS-KHIRO-NITRO-GOG-PRODESIGNED-FLYAWAY-VOLTAGE-DEAD DOG SHORTS-CURVE-ALLBOARDSPORTS-SKATECOLORADO      1/26/2009 7:39:37 AM 
35. Dan Garbo El Paso Tx.  Not so Serious        1/26/2009 12:05:55 PM 
36. Jimmy Flindt Fullerton, California  Not so Serious  RETRO Wheels, Biltin Bearings, Randal Trucks and TimeShip Racing    Thanks TimeShip Racing!  1/27/2009 7:31:21 PM 
37. dubreuil benjamin bois-des-filion quebec  Serious, Not so Serious  KebbeK   Second year of racing. Did a lot of event in Quebec and did munnsville last year. I've been skating since i was a kid and bombing hill since 2 years.   I can wait to hit the ditch this year.  1/28/2009 3:37:43 PM 
38. Brett Dooley Phoenix, AZ  Not so Serious  Ha Ha Ha    Yes!!!!!!!  1/30/2009 6:03:44 AM 
39. Bill Dunn Apex, NC  Not so Serious  You gotta be kidding  North Carolina surfer turned skater  Not so serious. Keep telling myself that.  1/31/2009 10:09:22 AM 
40. Julian Wilhelmsen Vancouver, BC  Serious  My paycheque  Don't Make it Bad!  So stoked for ditchslap, Great american roadtrip kickoff!  2/2/2009 9:38:53 PM 
41. Thriller miller slo town  Serious  Toyland,BLR, khiro,my self      2/5/2009 9:09:41 AM 
42. Kelly Lynn NSB, FL  Serious  Soul Trip, Fuel Clothing, 9-BALL    Coming back... again!!!  2/8/2009 6:50:37 AM 
43. Troy Smart Hampton Bays, NY  Serious  Tax return  Smooth like butta  Buttafuoco  2/10/2009 2:23:26 AM 
44. Gabe Hogan Albuquerque, NM  Serious  Mob Shop      2/10/2009 3:04:16 PM 
45. Drew Orlovsky Albuquerque, NM  Serious, Not so Serious  Mob Shop, Shenanigans Racing  Cracka What?    2/12/2009 2:50:16 PM 
46. David Angelus Right here buddy!  Serious, Not so Serious  Sector 9  This is what it's all about. Ditches are my home.  No pain no gain. If you don't come away from this hurting some way or another ya didn't do it right. hope you're ready!  2/12/2009 2:54:21 PM 
47. Rob McKendry Vail, Colorado  Not so Serious  Who ever picks me up from the side of the road.      2/14/2009 7:50:20 AM 
48. Tad Drysdale Kirkland, Wa.  Serious  Daddies Board shop    I am so stoked about this years slap, I wanted to be #50 this year but Rob beat me to it. I'm seriously in for the fun.  2/14/2009 11:17:31 PM 
49. Matt Franklin Austin Texas  Serious  Mr. Charmin, Skeleton Key, Fleet of Hard working Ho's  Get's suckered into every Timeship event by some mysterious force residing in Joe Lehms hair.   Texas.   2/16/2009 9:05:22 PM 
50. Matt Sellars Seattle, WA  Not so Serious  Ye Olde Plumb Bob  Mossback  Love skatin' that ole "alluvial fan"  2/19/2009 3:42:24 PM 
51. Andy Griffith Columbus, Ohio  Not so Serious  N/A  N/A  N/A  2/24/2009 6:43:05 PM 
52. Stone Bennett Albuquerque, NM  Not so Serious  Beach Zone, Sector 9  Rides the short bus daily, 12 years old, Outlaw since 2008  I'll be the short guy wearing a fly-away!  2/26/2009 7:53:27 AM 
53. Alejandro Gonzales albuquerque NM  Serious, Not so Serious  koa nalu  i like ditches.  where do babies come from?  2/28/2009 2:46:41 PM 
54. Lee Monagan Columbus,Ohio  Not so Serious  N/A  Started skating more seriously at 40.....I'm 41 now.  Better not rain.  3/5/2009 1:18:08 PM 
55. Cody Lebow Huntington Beach, Ca  Not so Serious    I set tile and lay women.  Road rash here I come.  3/6/2009 6:58:46 AM 
56. hugh johnston Vancouver, BC  Serious  LANDYACHTZ, MOLSON PILSNER, BEAR TRUCKS, MY MOM  im on a motherfucking boat!  my species is going lazy  3/9/2009 8:22:05 PM 
57. William Brunson Madrid, NM  Not so Serious        3/10/2009 7:40:27 PM 
58. ryan ep here  Not so Serious      allright  3/20/2009 7:45:34 AM 
59. Aaron francoeur Edmonton, Alberta  Not so Serious  Local 124      3/22/2009 2:18:32 PM 
60. ellis fagalde richmond , VA  Not so Serious  n/a  I have skated my entire life for fun and will never stop.  Im super stoked to be out west and skating ditches  3/23/2009 8:06:31 AM 
61. Justin DuBois estes park,co  Serious, Not so Serious  comet,venom  i like skating
never been to albequerque though!
  3/24/2009 7:11:18 AM 
62. Jody Willcock Kimberly, BC  Not so Serious  TimeShip, Honda Civic, Sully Challenge   Been doin this for a while now, ABQ Ditch Bitches love me!  When's the Safety Meeting?  3/25/2009 11:26:49 AM 
63. Jim Zimlanski Somewhere, BC  Serious  TimeShip, Speedparts, Kebbek, Corduroy Aero Systems  I'm the guy that double carved the Witches Nose, broke my pinkie and bought a NM junker car to drive home in.   The Bear, the Indian School and melted plastic trophies, I love ABQ!  3/25/2009 11:31:55 AM 
64. Chris Kelly Canadia  Serious, Not so Serious  Yes, they're somewhere around here.  I know Jim Z and Jody, how far will that get me?  1st time to ABQ, they tell me it sucks there.  3/25/2009 11:34:25 AM 
65. Jessica Kampling Alba-crazy, New Mexico  Serious, Not so Serious  Mom & Dad...lovin' the support for all my craziness! THX!  I love sandwiches and massive amounts of adrenaline!  less comments...more skating...  4/5/2009 3:47:25 PM 
66. Brian Holden Littleton, CO  Serious, Not so Serious  Never Summer, BC Surf and Sport  Been trying to make it since Sandia 2006. Hope to end my dryspell this year!  Rado'  4/8/2009 4:56:50 PM 
67. Shannon Levin Salem kiezer  Not so Serious  My love  I love oregon  Go Girl  4/8/2009 9:31:04 PM 
68. ! Rozco Sactown916  Serious, Not so Serious  Tactis Sk8, stuff i found layin around Toyland.N-MEN  From Sactown to New Mexico slappin every ditch on the way  Comin' out to slap some Ditches!  4/9/2009 11:24:58 AM 
69. sean carroll Salem oregon  Not so Serious  what?  thanks joe ... Paid up at MH....shuttle pass x 2 thanks again  see you all soon  4/12/2009 7:41:13 PM 
70. Garr Poe New Smyrna Bch, Florida  Not so Serious  none      4/13/2009 4:20:28 PM 
71. Dean Leavens Carmi, Illinois  Not so Serious  Illinois Dept of unemployment security. Missionskates of Paducah.ky.   riding forward since 84  jus tryn 2 make this midlife crisis go by fast.REAL FAST!  4/13/2009 7:22:20 PM 
72. Josh Rolf Tucson, AZ  Serious, Not so Serious  Madrid, MUNKAE trucks    oOh Aah, ah ah OoH Ah!  4/14/2009 10:10:18 AM 
73. Dan Dengler Del Norte CO  Not so Serious  Dan Dengler Longboards  "I will be riding a tree today"  I climb trees with chainsaws! why be afraid of a little ditch.. or a big one  4/14/2009 10:22:23 AM 
74. David Hanson Ft Collins CO  Serious  Dairy Queen, Pabst Blue Ribbon      4/15/2009 12:49:13 PM 
75. Keith Henderson Sacramento, CA  Serious, Not so Serious  Tactis Sk8, Khiro, Abec 11      4/15/2009 4:50:07 PM 
76. Ross Porter albuquerque, NM  Serious, Not so Serious  none  im awsome    4/20/2009 4:22:21 PM 
77. ross uhl Carlsbad, NM  Serious, Not so Serious        4/22/2009 10:03:29 AM 
78. Don Lee Columbus, Ohio  Not so Serious  Horizons[Companies]  Poser Old Guy with bad back    4/25/2009 10:07:25 AM 
79. Dave Bradley Oregon Baby  Not so Serious  wouldn't that be nice  ready to rip with da bros  gonna be lookin' for some safety meeting equipment if anyone can help...  4/25/2009 11:52:53 AM 

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