Jason Mitchell, Seismic Nationals 2007, Hybrid Slalom.  Photo by Greg Fadell Northern California Downhill Skateboarding Association
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24-Hour Ultraskate V
41 Registered Contestants.
Event Date and Time: Friday, October 10, 2008  20:00
Event Duration: 24 hours
Location: US, UK, New Zealand
Entry: Open
Helmets: Mandatory
Divisions: 24-Hours
XX-Hours Personal Best
Skate and Support
Classes: Seattle US
San Diego US
Houston US
Dorney Lake UK
Takapuna NZ
Organizer: pavedwave.org, skatefurther.com, neednotollie.com
Entry Fee: Free
Contest Info:

New Zealand info:
Saturday morning, October 11th -- 12th
8 a.m. Start, 8 a.m. Finish


Auckland Waterfront 15.1 km path

Dorney Lake, UK info:
Friday night, October 10th -- 11th
8 p.m. Start, 8 p.m. Finish


Seattle, WA USA info:
SATURDAY morning, October 11th -- 12th
Sat 8 a.m. Start, Sun 8 a.m. Finish

San Diego starts Friday 10 a.m. and Houston starts 8 p.m. on October 10th, contact me if you have any questions (pavedwave @ comcast . net)


Keep an eye on the Seattle weather here: weather.com

Updates here and on the Pavedwave Forum!

SAN DIEGO: Mission Beach Boardwalk (not Harbour anymore...need a new map!!)

HOUSTON: George Bush Park


pavedwave.org / skatefurther.com / neednotollie.com
1st Place Finisher: Peters - 170 miles
2nd Place Finisher: Thomson, Michels, Logue - 143 miles
3rd Place Finisher: Simes - 133 miles
Overall Results: This weekend of distance skateboarding was all about getting out to push ones limits and sharing the ride worldwide.

Many riders joined the "100-mile club" as a result.

And the events set a number of Firsts:

1. Laura Hatwell - First FEMALE 100+ mile Ultraskater!

2. Calum Warren-Piper - YOUNGEST 100+ mile Ultraskater (14 years old!)

3. First Ultraskate held simultaneously in 3 separate continents!

Also, the UK group overcame a bit of adversity when their course was shut down by security a mere four hours into the event. They reconvened at the "legal" hour of 8 a.m. for a 10-hour version of the Ultraskate.

The New Zealand crew also made a last-minute shift in plans, opting for a 15km waterfront course that didn't have troublesome intersection issues of the first location.

The Seattle crew decided to pull out at 1 a.m., 16.5 hours into the ride, due to rain / wet conditions.

Overall, Ultraskate V was a huge success and will be repeated some time in early summer 2009!

(Distances shown in miles)

New Zealand
Rob Thomson, Josh Michels & Calvin Logue - 143m
Richard Simes - 133m

Dorney Lake UK
Keith O'Leary - 109m
Laura Hatwell - 102m, 11+ hours
Calum Warren-Piper - 100m
Barry - 63.4m, 7 hours
Vic - 60m

=== Seattle, WA ===
Peters - 170m
Rain Daley - 101m
Miles - 80m
Calin Schepler - 61.6m
Scott Moore - 51m
Blake - 50m
Connor - 45m
Sheldon - ?
Eric Westberg - 34m
Amelia Moore - 34m
Beth Fishman - ?

=== Bakersfield CA ===
Alan Schmidt - 52m, 8+ hours

=== San Diego CA ===
Rodrigo Gonzales - 107m

=== Lake Murray CA ===
John Galac - 25m
Thane - 25m
Sleeveless - 25m

=== Miramesa Lake CA ===
Terry Trimble - 29.5m, 3+ hours

=== Houston, TX ===
Eric Lowell - 102m, 12 hours

Mileage / Rider info added as it arrives.

Registered Contestants (41) -- 24-Hour Ultraskate V
Name Home City Division Classes Sponsors Bio Comment Date Submitted
1. James Peters Seattle, WA  24-Hours  Seattle%2C US  roeracing, bennett, seismic, trojan, adam&eve  this oughta cure my insomnia    9/23/2008 1:28:59 PM 
2. Laura Hatwell Plymouth UK  24-Hours  Dorney Lake UK  w/ thanks to stoked longboarding, octane sports  good things come in small packages    9/23/2008 2:23:33 PM 
3. Richard Simes Wellington  24-Hours  Takapuna NZ  Uglie Carnie Longboards      9/23/2008 2:25:33 PM 
4. nat Halliday Fareham, Hants. UK  24-Hours  Dorney Lake UK  I blame my mum.  Making it up as I go along.    9/23/2008 3:06:35 PM 
5. Tom Lewis Aberystwyth, Wales  Skate and Support  Dorney Lake UK  Stormriders  push push roll, push push roll    9/23/2008 3:18:26 PM 
6. Sheldon Lessard Seattle, Wa  24-Hours  Seattle US  Subsonic      9/23/2008 4:07:21 PM 
7. Rodrigo (RODGON) Gonzalez San Diego California  24-Hours  San Diego US  Critter Factory Design Studio  Born artist and skater from Sunny san Diego.   woooohooooo!!! here we go again!  9/23/2008 10:59:06 PM 
8. Rob Thomson Christchurch, New Zealand  24-Hours  Takapuna NZ    Gonna try to ride the wave of euphoria of being home in Aotearoa!    9/23/2008 11:30:05 PM 
9. Barry Brown West Drayton Middlesex  24-Hours  Dorney Lake UK  Me, Myself & I  If my knees can take it, then I'm gonna make it ;-)    9/24/2008 12:20:29 AM 
10. Dan Grant Auckland New Zealand  24-Hours  Takapuna NZ        9/24/2008 1:13:31 AM 
11. Keith OLeary Winnersh, Berkshire, UK  24-Hours  Dorney Lake UK  Stella Artois    Tell me - whoose idea was this?  9/24/2008 3:41:27 AM 
12. Beth (Fish) Fishman WA  XX-Hours Personal Best  Seattle US  Still looking for one  LDP is Love Da Pump!!!!  No comment - speak to my lawyer  9/24/2008 8:14:53 AM 
13. Miles Kirkwood Tacoma, Wa  XX-Hours Personal Best  Seattle US  First timer but i wanna go as long as i can.    9/24/2008 10:57:14 AM 
14. Pete Bedwell Bristol, UK  XX-Hours Personal Best  Dorney Lake UK  Skatefurther  I am king of the tree infested waters of Galgomoth  60 miles target. www.justgiving.com/60milesforpoverty  9/25/2008 5:33:27 AM 
15. Meghan Lee Issaquah WA  XX-Hours Personal Best  Seattle US        9/25/2008 1:23:53 PM 
16. Rain Daley Shoreline WA  24-Hours  Seattle US    ive been to two other ultra-skates before this (October 08) but have never completed the full 24 hours.    9/26/2008 9:00:44 AM 
17. Brett Tinius Puyallup  Skate and Support  Seattle US  My Self      9/26/2008 11:37:49 PM 
18. Patrick Alldred Seattle WA  Skate and Support  Seattle US  James Peters keeps me stoked  love to skate, no matter what bones i break  my orthopedic surgeon is on standby  9/27/2008 6:09:10 PM 
19. Eric Westberg Seattle, WA  XX-Hours Personal Best  Seattle US  none  none    9/30/2008 8:33:39 PM 
20. James Hares Swindon Wiltshire  24-Hours  Dorney Lake UK        10/1/2008 10:58:24 AM 
21. Rob Hanson Bath  XX-Hours Personal Best  Dorney Lake UK    cheese?    10/3/2008 2:41:38 AM 
22. Lauren Cichy Aberystwyth Wales  24-Hours  Dorney Lake UK    James's midgit (hares) we are constantly injuring ourselves.    10/4/2008 9:35:51 AM 
23. Corey Moy Puyallup, Wa  Skate and Support  Seattle US      I will be there for James "Ironman" Peters  10/4/2008 6:04:01 PM 
24. Eric Lowell Houston TX  24-Hours  Houston US    I have done 2 Ultra-skates    10/5/2008 8:14:51 AM 
25. Calum Warren-Piper East Molesey,Surrey, UK  24-Hours  Dorney Lake UK    im bringing it back...    10/5/2008 8:36:30 AM 
26. DHsam Flavin Seattle,WA  24-Hours  Seattle US  Defiance longboards  Yay! Ultra skate!   Cant wait!   10/5/2008 9:59:22 AM 
27. Scott Moore Portland, OR  Skate and Support  Seattle US  Subsonic  I like to make skateboards.  I will be test riding two new hybrid drop pump/ push boards called Century.  10/5/2008 11:42:01 AM 
28. Connor Harkey Lake Forest Park, WA  24-Hours  Seattle US    Second time skating greenlake, short term goal is 25, hoping for 50!  I like to skateboard  10/5/2008 1:47:54 PM 
29. Gabe Trainer edmonds, WA  XX-Hours Personal Best  Seattle US    I have been skateboarding for about 6 years and longboarding for 2 years. I love downhilling and freeriding as well as distance.    10/5/2008 2:12:22 PM 
30. Ian FIke Shoreline, WA  XX-Hours Personal Best  Seattle US    Trying to go for 50 but pushing for 75.    10/5/2008 3:31:53 PM 
31. Kaleb Haddish Shoreline, WA  XX-Hours Personal Best  Seattle US    I failed at skating and decided to try longboarding and I love all disciplines of it!    10/5/2008 7:32:03 PM 
32. Ben Stiff Ipswich, Suffolk  24-Hours  Dorney Lake UK  Seismic, Boardfree  Skated the UK for 'Corda' the stroke and heart charity. Right leg still not big enough...  must. keep. skating. must. keep. skating. must. keep. skating. must. keep. skating. must. keep. skating.....  10/6/2008 11:25:09 AM 
33. Joseph Salsbury Fareham, Hampshire, UK  XX-Hours Personal Best  Dorney Lake UK        10/6/2008 2:12:56 PM 
34. Josh Michels Hamilton, New Zealand  24-Hours  Takapuna NZ  Bombardier Longboards  Tumeke cuzz    10/7/2008 2:29:47 AM 
35. Calvin Logue Auckland, New Zealand  24-Hours  Takapuna NZ    Not hoping for much, next time I'm gonna be ready for it though.    10/7/2008 3:23:14 PM 
36. Aria Pramesi Houston TX  Skate and Support  Houston US  Carve Longboards      10/7/2008 8:28:20 PM 
37. John Galac San Diego, Ca  XX-Hours Personal Best  San Diego US  Galac Landsurfing  Glide, Turn, Carve Pump  I'll do my best, it's all I can do.  10/7/2008 10:54:31 PM 
38. Chris Yandall San Diego  Skate and Support  San Diego US  Seismic, Galac, Tracker, Bennett, Chaput  70's skater  sounds like fun. good workout. good cause.  10/8/2008 11:05:49 AM 
39. joseph karchemny auckland, New Zealand  24-Hours  Takapuna NZ  my girl  31yrs. Canadian, engaged to kiwi lass.  proud to be part of such and event.  10/8/2008 11:31:22 AM 
40. Stephen Sloan San Diego, CA  XX-Hours Personal Best  San Diego US  Galac Landsurfing  54 and still skating  I will skate as far as I can, maybe farther.  10/9/2008 11:06:19 PM 
41. Calin Schepler Seattle, Wa  XX-Hours Personal Best  Seattle US  If by sponsors you mean people I buy stuff from, then Subsonic, Loaded, Insect.  I've been to every one of these!  see ya there!  10/10/2008 12:21:05 AM 

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