Jason Mitchell, Seismic Nationals 2007, Hybrid Slalom.  Photo by Greg Fadell Northern California Downhill Skateboarding Association
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Luna Slalom Jam 2007
37 Registered Contestants.
Event Date and Time: Friday, April 27, 2007  00:00
Event Duration:
Location: Ridgeland, MS
Entry: Open
Helmets: Mandatory
Organizer: MS Grass Roots Slalom & Road Kill Racing
Entry Fee: $40.00
Contest Info:

We are now excepting pre-paid entry fees at PayPal.
User Name: rickyDOTbyrdATcomcastDOTnet

Friday, April 27, 2007 Madison Landing, Ridgeland, MIssissippi, promptly at 5:oopm

The Pocket Pistol Blood, Guts and Glory Slalomcross.

Once again Chicken has stepped up to sponsor our Friday night event. We appreciate what PPS has done and continues to do for us.

This year we plan on something a bit different for our Friday night casual gathering on the race hill. This year it's Slalomcross! This event will be very similar to the slalomcross events run at the World Championships in past years except on a smaller scale. We will use the start ramps and the four beep start to assure fair starts. The course will start with a set of 4 to 6 widely spaced cones, then it's into a single lane of three big sweeping turns. There will be a wide fast left hader as the course enters the lower parking lot, then returning to separate lanes for the finish. We are using a best 2 out of 3 format so no timer is needed. These types of races can bring out the competitive nature in some so, false starts are an instant DQ. Any cone hit is an instant DQ. If a racer is obviously pushed into a cone by another racer, the pusher is DQ'd. Play fair or pay. We can determine a push by a racer or a racer trying to squeeze where he or she don’t fit. Match ups for the starting brackets will be done lottery style with names pulled from a hat. We need to start promptly at 5:00pm and we will need to run this event as fluidly as possible to assure finishing before dark. So, hang close and be ready to race.

We understand this is not your normal slalom event. We have run this event before on this hill and turned out to one of the most memorable races we've had. Much fun was had and it can be done safely. FYI, Will J came away with the win.

This is a free race, so some local longboarders can come out and try their hand at racing. If you get matched up with one, nail the start and get away for them...

Party at the Byrd house afterwards with the usual food that’s been fried, boiled and simmered along with our own Lazy Magnolia beer. More on that later

Saturday, April 28, 2007, Madison Landing, Ridgeland, Mississippi, Dual lane hybrid slalom with start ramps, A, B & C brackets. Same course as last years rained out event. Practice starting at 10:00am and racing starting around high noon.

This race is of Prime points status.

Afterwards, Bonfire, cookout, party, halfpipe jam under the lights in beautiful Pickens, Mississippi. Clifton would like to invite everyone to come out to his place in the country for the evening. We'll have plenty of hot boiled crawfish with corn, potatoes & sausage, and Lazy Magnolia beer and halfpipe for everyone. Clifton asks that everyone try to spend the night on a bed, couch, sleeping bag, tent, RV etc., cause it is long way home after a long night in the country. His place is less than an hour north of Ridgeland. This puts any Sunday Oxford skaters that much closer and saves you a night in a hotel.

The halfpipe is now complete and it is awesome. Concrete pool coping on one side. Pictures soon.

We will have maps and directions at the event.


We are glad and honored to have Foiled Concepts Longboards as a major sponsor of the event this year. Foiled Concepts boards are works of art honed out of wood recovered from the debris field left in the wake of Katrina. This company is something very good coming from something so bad. Owner/shaper Gabe Steptoe will be making some awesome trophies for the winners of the race. Support this family trying to recover from the strom and get you one. Thanks Gabe.

Thanks to the skate companies that always do so much for us here at MS GRS. Guys like RoeRacing, ChiXill, Pleasure Tool, Radikal, Sk8kings, Pocket Pistol, Concrete Wave, Fullbag, etc. Thanks guys!


Lodging for this year is at the usual location, Drury Inns & Suites. They love us so much the cut $20 off this years cost per room. From $94 in the past to $74 this year. Go figure…?

Here is info and online registration:

We are planning a great event for Luna! Rooms have been held for our group at the Drury Inn & Suites Jackson, MS.

Best hallway racing in the country and back this year, Coffee Table High Jump won by JBH in 2006.

To make reservations, please click on the link below.

The hotel offers great amenities, such as:

• FREE! HOT! QUIKSTART ® Breakfast- Enjoy scrambled eggs, sausage, biscuits & gravy, Belgian waffles & more!
• FREE! Evening Beverages and Snacks now served daily from 5:30-7:00pm
• FREE! High-Speed Internet Access in Every Room
• FREE! NEW! Free Long Distance - One Hour Every Room, Every Night!

Please make your reservations by Tuesday, April 17, 2007 to receive our group rate. Reservations made after this date will be subject to prevailing rate and availability.

Wesley Tucker has stayed at and recommend a room at Motel 6 on I-55 for $50 a night which includes a kitchen in the room. I haven’t stayed there (why would I) so I can’t recommend it but it is an option and very close to the Drury.


Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns. Check back here for more info.

Be looking for a racer email in the next few days with maps to get around.
1st Place Finisher:
2nd Place Finisher:
3rd Place Finisher:
Overall Results:

Registered Contestants (37) -- Luna Slalom Jam 2007
Name Home City Sponsors Bio Comment Date Submitted
1. points mcgee jacked      sittin sideways  1/27/2007 4:15:19 PM 
2. Alston "Motherfukking" Evans Clinton, MS      Point Snatchers suck my balls you A$$ fukks!  1/28/2007 2:36:02 AM 
3. Eddy Texas MF Outlaws Harlingen, Texas      LSJ # Cinco for me. Bring on some RoadKill  1/28/2007 3:18:03 AM 
4. Marty Schaub L'Ville JoJa      Depends on the shoulder rehab timeline...... Maybe so..... Maybe no....  1/28/2007 9:02:02 AM 
5. Paul Graf Alton, IL        1/28/2007 9:40:56 AM 
6. Traveler Flatland USA      Disavowed  1/28/2007 11:27:41 AM 
7. chris cfav favero chicago the ILLest      road trippin and wheel slippin,both hands on the steerin' wheel  1/28/2007 2:34:58 PM 
8. Marion "MC HammerHead" Karr Skatesville, North Carolina      DHB Stoke Train Rolling Down the Natches Trail!  1/29/2007 6:34:01 AM 
9. JBHxyz123BINGO3.14159yahtzee STL, MO      MS "legacy" rider--let's race at Concourse again for old times' sake! :-)  1/29/2007 6:53:35 AM 
10. The Saint States - Vegas NC      This is where it all started for me last year   1/29/2007 7:19:03 AM 
11. Eric Sanders Arab, Al.      NO speed wobbles this time.  1/29/2007 11:16:37 AM 
12. Kendal Woods Huntsville, al.      the 70's live again, KISS fanatic  1/31/2007 4:35:31 PM 
13. ChAiNsAw StL world champs      5 years baby has it really been 5 years I owe it all to ricky and cliffy  1/31/2007 7:52:21 PM 
15. gOAd southside      flat for 2007  2/2/2007 11:47:27 AM 
16. WillJ anywhere south of 33*      ps: quit bitin my STEEZ boys  2/5/2007 1:57:18 PM 
17. Stephen Lavin CHIxILL      CHIxILL Mafia - Go Clifton!!  2/6/2007 3:50:37 PM 
18. Mark Kovachi Roswell GA        2/7/2007 8:06:24 AM 
19. Carl Crider / Mr.Surly CHillsborough NC      our camper is bigger than yours!  2/8/2007 8:08:22 AM 
20. Laura 601      he said he was 18...  2/8/2007 11:02:54 AM 
21. the duque bristol ct        2/8/2007 6:09:41 PM 
22. Adam "Joker" winston Toronto CANADA      hells ya luna is going to kick ass...  2/10/2007 11:35:24 AM 
23. Jeremy Coffman Louisville, KY      The tag says Kentucky but I'm Alabama all the way!  2/23/2007 8:11:37 PM 
24. Bosco Austin, Texas      Texas Dirt Bags Represent!  2/28/2007 11:15:29 AM 
25. justin collins floral park, ny      slalom, then half pipe, sounds like my kinda party!  2/28/2007 8:02:24 PM 
26. Zack Levitt Houston Texas      No Comment  2/28/2007 9:40:08 PM 
27. Keith Hollien Gainesville, FL      Keith Hollien Signature Series by CHIxILL Skateboards  3/6/2007 8:09:35 PM 
28. Stephanie St.Clair Statesville NC        3/20/2007 7:22:56 AM 
29. Jim Mather Wake Forest, NC        4/2/2007 10:57:18 AM 
30. Gabe Steptoe Ocean Springs, Ms.      Katrina Decks will be available for purchase, and I got your trophies!  4/4/2007 7:19:26 AM 
31. Maxx Lavin CHIxILL      CCHxILL youngloods comin' to Ole Miss  4/7/2007 6:45:32 AM 
32. Louis Statman Wrongview, Texas      If you can't say any thing nice... Say some thing that would imply or insinuate that Stubbs isn't exactly hetero  4/9/2007 3:09:15 PM 
33. Ben BUckles Illinois      mmm mmmmmmm bitch  4/16/2007 11:20:49 AM 
34. Generic Slalom Skater Florence. Mizzizzippi.      Points? What points? We get points for this? Can I trade them for fun?  4/16/2007 4:47:40 PM 
35. guMby Olmito, TeXas      Like Patches O'Houlihan told me, "You gotta grab slalom by the Cujones and hump it into submission!"  4/17/2007 8:21:14 AM 
36. Chris Doan Richardson, TX        4/23/2007 10:03:42 PM 
37. sean moore huntsville alabama  beer(no sponcer really)  bama man with the plan    4/26/2007 9:30:25 PM 

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