Jason Mitchell, Seismic Nationals 2007, Hybrid Slalom.  Photo by Greg Fadell Northern California Downhill Skateboarding Association
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Ditch Slap '07
50 Registered Contestants.
Event Date and Time: Saturday, April 28, 2007  08:00
Event Duration:
Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Entry: Open
Helmets: Mandatory
Organizer: TimeShip Racing
Entry Fee: $75.00
Contest Info:

“Ditch Slap ‘07” April 28th – May 5th in Abq. NM

VERY IMPORTANT Hotel Info now posted on the bottom of this page! You need to book NOW!

Sponsored by TimeShip Racing, Dregs, Landyachtz, Coast Longboarding

This event has been sanctioned by ISSA as a Basic Status Race, they will award points for the Banked Slalom's toward the 2007 season rankings.

Entry fee of $75 includes:
Any 3 races and a Ditch Slap Shuttle Pass for the week

Single or Additional Races are $25
Ditch Slap Shuttle Pass is $30 (See schedule)

Racers will receive a ‘Ditch Directory’ to assist in finding the venues.


Saturday 28th Banked Slalom Qualifier. Morris Ditch, Riders meeting at 8am, race at 9am.The top 10 unseeded finishers will get an invite to race Indian School ’08.

Indian School Qualifier Rules;
Race Day Riders meeting at TVI parking lot at 8:00 on Friday 28 April. TVI is on Morris north of Montgomery between Juan Tabo and Eubank. Do not treat the parking lot as a tailgate party. If we draw attention to ourselves the day is over. Turn your stereo off, keep the trash, coffee cups and beer cans in you car, and keep the noise to a minimum. Don’t skate around the parking lot. Do not be late. We need to stay on time. We will not wait on you. If you miss your heat you miss your heat. Racing starts at 9:00 or earlier if we finish the riders meeting early.
Make sure you have paid your entry fee either through the Indian School event or through Ditch Slap. You will not be racing if you do not pay PRIOR to the race. After a short riders meeting we will assign numbers and start racing.
The course will be set at 7:00 AM on race day for anyone who wants to run it. The starting spot will be on the north east rim of the ditch. Racers will be staged under the Morris bridge.

Equipment rules; 1 board, Any combo of wheels and trucks that you feel safe enough to ride on, Weighing no more than 13 lbs. I will not be weighing boards or providing safety checks, I will leave it up to the racers to self-police. Do not disrespect the spirit of these rules or the spirit of the race. Practice prior to race day, be stealthy. Get out of your car and into the ditch ASAP!
Do not stand in the parking lot and bulls#@! with your friends while you get ready. Do that somewhere else!
Don’t skate around the parking lot! All it takes is for one person to be sighted by the wrong neighbor and the day is over!!! Be chill with the locals, but if anyone asks what you are doing do not bring up anything about a race or event. You are just riding a skateboard for fun and enjoyment.

REMEMBER THAT THIS IS A DITCH RACE!!! This is not a Sunday afternoon at a local slalom hill. This is closer to barging a pool than it is to racing. The ditch will be dirty and it may be wet. We will run the race in the condition that the ditch presents itself. We will try to make it as clean as possible. There are nasty hazards in the ditch that will strike you down hard. Skate defensively. Skating in Albuquerque ditches is illegal and you could be arrested for doing it. There are no givens, we are at the mercy of the neighbors, cops and open space rangers. Pay attention to everything that the locals tell you. Large soft wheels and grade 8 kingpins are highly recommended.See you on race day, The Indian School Marshall

Sat. Night 28th Very Vert Skate Park Race at the New West Side Park.Riders meeting at 5pm, racing to follow. 3 deep bowls 8ft, 9ft and 12ft. all connecting into an 18 ft ¾ pipe. Expect a fast, smooth exhilarating course and some stiff competition.

Sunday 29th Chinese Ditch Race $500 prize money / Ditch Shuttles 3-mile Ditch, Riders meeting at 9am Race at 9:30am. 5 miles of untamed ditch with EVERY kind of transition, flat bottoms, aprons, riding under bridges, over holes, grates, gaps and more! Le Mans style start with about 2 blocks of street / bike path to spread the pack before jumping into the ditch.

Monday 30th Banked Slalom Race $500 prize money
Katenips Ditch, Riders meeting at 9am Race at 9:30am.
This brand new pink ditch has a great take off area and perfect transitions with a few second level aprons providing us with a long and challenging course.

Tuesday 1st Ride Calvary, the Bear and Harper (no shuttle this day) All 3 of these are within a few minutes skate from the hotels and offer a wide variety of riding. Calvary Chapel Skate Park is a perfect one push park, no cussing or Satanic graphics, you must wear a shirt and helmet, it’s FREE! The Bear Slalom Cross Course will be pre-marked. Harper Ditch runs right next to the hotel, Fridays Banked Slalom Course will be pre-marked at the top of Harper.

Weds 2nd Ditch Shuttles on Harper, Layton, 3-Mile, Katenips, Carmel etc. 9am hotel pick up, breakfast at Garcia’s. Explore some of Abq lesser known multi mile wonders with guides, maps and GPS points! Noodle legs will be your reward!

Thurs 3rd Rio Bravo Ditch Style Jam and Downhill with Shuttles. 9am hotel pick up, breakfast at Ramon’s. If the wind hasn’t brought us here yet, we’ll enjoy a full day on the West Mesa with a Style Jam from 10am til 12noon judging the Best, Worst, Most and Least. The DH is a 1.5 mile dead straight drafters special ending right at the ditch. 50 mph with no wind, 60 plus with a 20 mph tail wind. World Record is possible with 35mph plus tail wind. Bring your GPS units!

Friday 4th Harper Ditch Race $500 prize money / Ditch Shuttles
Harper Ditch, Riders meeting at 9am Race at 9:30am. This will be the same course raced in 2003 which takes you under the bridge and around the ollie gaps at mach speed. Unlimited push start in true Abq style

Saturday May 5th Slalom Cross at the Bear $1000 prize money
Riders meeting at 9am Race at 9:30am. This will be the first time for a Banked Slalom Cross at the legendary Bear, starting with 2 individual courses then joining together head to head before an exciting finish. A Bear Style Jam will follow this Race.

Saturday Night Awards Party at Kelly’s at 6:00 pm 3222 Central Ave.

Sunday 6th Try to leave Paradise!

Ditch Slap Shuttles are provided for registered riders only! Guided excursions will explore Abq’s diverse ditches and hills. Drivers will offer expert advice, local tips to keep you out of trouble and frequent safety checks. Drivers reserve the right to insist that you take one more run and rosters will keep a tally of how many you do.

Helmets are required at all times, slide gloves are recommended.

Schwheelers (6 wheeled skateboards) will be allowed and openly ridiculed until someone lands one on the podium.

Any day that presents 30 mph sustained winds will mandate a change of venue to the West Side where we’ll enjoy tail winds in the Rio Bravo Ditch and attempt to tie Gary Hardwicks world speed record in a draft train. Bring your GPS units. Anyone registering 64mph will be disqualified and forced to buy beer.

TimeShip will honor the Canadian Exchange Rate for skaters from Canadia.

The following skaters will be granted TSR Exemptions on all Race Entry Fees and Shuttles:

Dean Ozuna
Noah Sakamoto
Derek Brown
Jeff Goad

All of these hotels are on the North end town at I-25 and Osuna or San Antonio and are right on or next to several of the ditches and venues.

IMPORTANT!! Checking in on the 28th or 29th may be more expensive at some hotels due to the Gathering of the Nations Pow Wow. Take time now to research and reserve a room, they will be filling up! It may be necessary to stay at a more expensive one for ONE NIGHT as rates will drop on Monday the 30th.

Crosslands (505)343-1100 (extended stay) is offering a rate of $43 per night if you stay a week. They have kitchenettes and are OK with people rolling out sleeping bags on the floor, this could make it very affordable for your crew to stay or split the week with other racers coming in for only a few days. Ditch is out front.

Studio 6 (505)344-7744 (extended stay)$44 per night if you stay for a week. Ditch is out back.

La Quinta North (505)821-9000 $68 per night.

Hampton Inn 505-344-1555 $77 per night.

Country Inn Suites (505) 823-1300 $69 per night.

Howard Johnson Express North (505) 828-1600 $65 per night

Quality Suites (505) 797-0850 $72 per night.

Ditch Slap Shuttles will depart each morning to visit different family style breakfast places that specialize in New Mexican Cuisine (read CHILE!). You can also get regular old hot cakes etc for the timid, then we're off to the days riding all fueled up and ready to roll.
1st Place Finisher: Huey, Mitchell, Brunson, Brunson
2nd Place Finisher: Brunson, Ricker, JimZ, Ricker
3rd Place Finisher: Rolf, Huey, Lynn, Lehm
Overall Results:

Ditch Slap 2007 Final Results

Chinese Ditch Race

1st: Jon Huey
2nd: Will Brunson
3rd: Josh Rolf
4th: Jim Z
5th: Brett Dooley
6th: Steve Lange
7th: Billy Greene
8th: Rob McKendry
9th: Biker Sherlock
10th: Jody Wilcock
11th: Jason Mitchell
12th: ? green t-shirt-whitecap knee pads
13th: Jeff Budro
14th: David Price
15th: Phillip Ginn
16th: Zac Brenner
17th: Nathan Ginn
18th: Steve Flusche
19th: Kyle McLaren
20th: Ritchie Mole
21st: Dennis Manougian
22nd: Josh Burt
23rd: Tad Drysdale
24th: Steve Ladderman.
25th: Dean Ozuna
26th: Stubbs
27th: Ari’s son
28th: Ari
DNF: James West Jr.

Kate’s Nips Banked Slalom Race Results:

1st: Jason Mitchell-73.95
2nd: Ryan Ricker-77.49
3rd: Jon Huey-78.42
4th: Ryan Smith-80.84
5th: David Angelus-80.92
6th: Kelly Lynn-81.11
7th: Will Brunson-81.49
8th: Cody-81.53
9th: Dennis Manougian-81.53
10th: David Price-81.98
11th: Chris Miller-82.76
12th: Mike Kresky-83.11
13th: Ryan EP-83.55
14th: Steve Flusche- 84.28
15th: Josh Rolf-85.98
16th: Dean Ozuna-86.60
17th: Steve Ladderman-87.16
18th: Nathan Ginn-88.11
19th: Brett Dooley-88.16
20th: Stubbs-88.93
20th: Lynn Kramer-88.93
22nd: Jody Wilcock-89.41
23rd: Cabot-89.51
24th: Phillip Ginn-91.35
25th: Tad Drysdale-94.94
26th: Brandon Lewis-95.70
27th: Tower Thompson-97.98
28th: Kaegan Mc Daniel-100.38
29th: Rob McKendry-101.77
30th: Starr Adams-109.61

Harper Banked Slalom Race

1st: Will Brunson 19.40
2nd Jim Z 20.32
3rd: Kelly Lynn 20.39
4th: Jon Huey 20.53
5th: David Angelus 20.84
6th: Ryan Ricker 20.95
7th: David Price 21.28
8th: Cody 21.41
9th: Dean Ozuna 21.61
10th: Chris Miller 22.25
11th: Josh Burt 22.57
12th: Jody Wilcock 22.71
13th: Brandon Lewis. 23.81
14th: Tad Drysdale 24.12]
15th: David O’Connor 24.50
16th: Matthew McDonald 24.59
17th: Gage Hamilton DQ

Bear Slalom Cross (qualifying times are combined from both white and red lane and indicate qualifying position only).

1st: Will Brunson 28.43
2nd: Ryan Ricker 29.35
3rd: Joe Lehm 30.96
4th: Cody 30.25
5th: Jon Huey 35.30
6th: David Price 32.97
7th: James West 35.28
8th: David Angelus 31.61
9th: Zac Brenner 33.86
10th: Malcolm Hecht 33.97
11th: David O’Connor 34.75
12th: Josh Burt 35.17
13th: Matthew McDonald 35.37

Rio Bravo Style Jam:

Most Style: Josh Burt
Best Style: Steve Ladderman
Least Style: Tad Drysdale
Worst Style: Dean Ozuna

Registered Contestants (50) -- Ditch Slap '07
Name Home City Sponsors Bio Comment Date Submitted
1. k-lee ABQ, NM      I'll be crunching numbers, taking classes, and tutoring students all week long. Perhaps I'll skate too?  1/12/2007 6:42:00 PM 
2. Deano Spokane, WA      More Ratz! Now I have to try and get a whole week off of work.  1/13/2007 11:51:54 AM 
3. Jimmy Flindt Fullerton, California.      No Comment.  1/13/2007 12:52:18 PM 
4. Ricker Santa Baby!      Got Ditches?  1/13/2007 2:53:09 PM 
5. JimZ Nelson, BC      You know it's gonna be good  1/13/2007 5:34:16 PM 
6. Chris Miller Coming to a city near you...      White Cotton Racing...    THIS IS THE SHIT!!  1/15/2007 8:19:08 AM 
7. Andrew Mercado Elsinore Scum      Hot Damn Shit Its On!!!  1/15/2007 9:27:07 PM 
8. James West L Town NM      time to get down and dirty in the dirtiest ditches around  1/18/2007 2:18:42 PM 
9. WAHL HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA      I'll be there for the weekend races.  1/19/2007 2:39:27 PM 
10. William Brunson Madrid, N.M        1/23/2007 8:56:37 PM 
11. B-Rat Spokane, WA in route to San Diego, CA      It's only been 4 months but I miss those ditches!  1/23/2007 9:50:34 PM 
12. mike mcgoldrick VANCOUVER bc      C L B C !!!!!!!!CLBC!!!!!!!!!CLBC!!!!!!!!  1/26/2007 4:27:47 PM 
13. Robert James McKendry III Vail, coloRADo        2/2/2007 7:03:23 PM 
14. Lynn Kramer San Diego, CA      I'm going to Disneyland!   2/4/2007 8:16:39 PM 
15. GI Joe Santa Fe, NM      God's Land of Ditches and Noodle Legs.  2/6/2007 12:48:18 PM 
16. Jon Huey Olympia, WA      Can I crash at someone's house?  2/7/2007 12:51:09 PM 
17. Matt Franklin Austin Texas      Oh boy. A whole week of scabs? Is Kenny Martin the "scab king" coming?  2/8/2007 10:55:32 AM 
18. Jason Mitchell Louisville, ColoRADo      Iron man ditch week is on!  2/9/2007 6:26:36 AM 
19. gage hamilton Albuquerque, NM        2/9/2007 2:00:30 PM 
20. ryan ep westside boys      watch out im on the wagon!  2/10/2007 5:48:38 PM 
21. shnate squamish bc.      Good  2/11/2007 11:43:21 AM 
22. David Price-RATSHIP Santa Fe, NM      Ditches are deadly, find a safe place to swim and play  2/11/2007 1:20:20 PM 
23. Tad Drysdale Kirkland, WA.      this will be some kind of fun  2/11/2007 7:42:09 PM 
24. Dmennis iSsaquah Wa      Bring on The DITCHES!!!!  2/12/2007 11:10:15 AM 
25. Ryan Smith Austin, Texas      Full speed ahead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  2/13/2007 4:25:45 AM 
26. steve flusche dallas tejas      I dream of ABQ every day! This is gonna be a blast!  2/13/2007 11:06:06 AM 
27. Stubbs David Allen Coe-town, Texas      Pave the rainforest!  2/13/2007 11:54:23 AM 
28. Louis Statman TX      If you can't say any thing nice... Say some thing that would imply or insinuate that Stubbs isn't exactly hetero,   2/13/2007 7:54:51 PM 
29. Tod Oles OJville, IL        2/15/2007 11:40:06 AM 
30. Chalakee The Mighty NE Heights.      When there's no more room in Hell, Chalakee will race the ditch!  2/17/2007 10:40:20 AM 
31. JOE MCLAREN LAND OF COSS      FUN FUN FUN  2/17/2007 5:50:30 PM 
32. Brian Holden Littleton, CO      Sweet  2/17/2007 8:41:32 PM 
33. Kelly Lynn NSB - FLA      Unemployed and Hungry!  2/18/2007 11:21:34 PM 
34. Brandon Lewis Wild Westside ABQ      I'm going to give it a shot....first time racer but I'm training hard  2/22/2007 8:23:13 AM 
35. NDN steve Spokane, WA        2/24/2007 8:18:49 PM 
36. Biker Sherlock San Diego, CA      Back to Abq for some racing!   2/26/2007 10:25:18 AM 
37. jonny miller SLO TOWN USA      LOVE SURFING THE DITCHES  2/27/2007 12:40:12 PM 
38. Benny Boyd Vancouver BC      I heart ditch  2/28/2007 12:21:00 AM 
39. K-Rimes Vancouver, BC        2/28/2007 8:26:56 AM 
40. Josh Rolf Tucson, AZ      STOKED! DDC  3/6/2007 1:16:50 PM 
41. Joshua Burt West Hills, Portland        3/15/2007 7:32:43 AM 
42. David Angelus Albuquerque NM      Ditches..... I'm there!!!  3/21/2007 9:18:06 PM 
43. Evan Ricker Santa Fe NM      Skate Every thing  3/25/2007 9:54:41 AM 
44. David O Menston, UK      Punk as Fuck!  3/30/2007 11:06:40 AM 
45. Matthew McDonald Penzance, UK      Couldn't keep away, roll on !  4/4/2007 11:04:42 AM 
46. zac Brenner Santa Fe      TSR  4/10/2007 3:39:05 PM 
47. Malcolm Hecht Santa Fe      tsr juniors  4/19/2007 6:54:18 PM 
48. Nathan Ginn Denver, Colorado    Ginn Twin (see Philip Ginn)    4/22/2007 8:57:55 AM 
49. Philip Ginn Embudu, NM  wife and kid  Ginn Twin #2 Both originally from Alb.     4/22/2007 9:07:41 AM 
50. starr adams cerrillos nm  poolking/ protec/ tracker trucks/pleasure tool bearings/tail devil      4/25/2007 2:48:20 PM 

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