Jason Mitchell, Seismic Nationals 2007, Hybrid Slalom.  Photo by Greg Fadell Northern California Downhill Skateboarding Association
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Some Sorta Slalom with Acorns in Salem
41 Registered Contestants.
Event Date and Time: Saturday, October 13, 2007  10:03
Event Duration: Sat/Sun
Location: Bush Park Soap Box Derby Hill, Salem, Oregon
Entry: Open
Helmets: Mandatory
Divisions: Tadpoles


Maybe Challenge duels
Classes: Think about slalom occasionally.

Think about slalom all of the time.
Organizer: CSA & Northwest Slalom Lab and Testing Facility
Entry Fee: FREE!
Contest Info: ****NEWS UPDATE**** -Sunday will be the "main" event, Saterday will be the "add-on" by Pat. Stay tuned to the NCDSA CSA(Cascade Slalom Assoc) forum. End of update.

This date is contingent on weather and other events.


WEATHER: October is generally good dry sunny weather in this area. Check the National Weather Service at www.weather.gov beforehand if you are coming long distance.


BRING YOUR CONES ALSO(this only applies to CSA'ers) - I only have 68.

WHAT: Saterday - Pat is planning 2 courses, one really hard techy offset course nearly impossible to make, the other will be VERY easy. Sunday- Probably some weirdo(but not too bad) Pauliwog sorta course, maybe dual lane, and if so, they may be assymetrical just to make everyone versatile. Also, due to busy schedules, plan on coming to ride and have fun slaloming more than real racing since courses will NOT be pre-set before the events and thus, it WILL take us longer to get our act together if we exactly try to match courses and set timers and get all hung up on time-consuming details. It's NOT the Worlds, and probably worth Zero points, but will be fun and good learning and coaching for those who want it. We at CSA/NW Slalom Lab are into innovation and the Art of Slalom in addition to the Science of Slalom. We will likely go eat somewhere afterward both days.

OFFICIALITY: This will be a "Drop In Unscheduled Activity use of a Municipal Recreation Facility" courtesy of the Salem Parks and Recreation Dept. Just so we stay a welcome entity, please pickup garbage, no obnoxious behavior toward other park users, etc. So far everyone has been great about this so THANKS EVERYONE! In the unlikely event we get kicked out(it hasn't happened yet in 3 years of using this spot) bring your park boards also and we can go to a nearby skatepark.

HELMETS: It's a HILL, it can KILL! Insert your favorite lecture about not being stupid and apply it here. Helmets will be required. All other pads, slide gloves, wrist guards, jackets/armour are HIGHLY recommended.

WHERE: Put yourself into the State of Oregon in the United States of America if you aren't there already. Employ a locomotion device in such a way to get onto Interstate Number Five in a legal manner following Interstate Transportation codes. Transport oneself to Salem, Oregon. Keep a sharp eye out for sign dispays alerting traffic-goers to the location of the exit for Oregon State Highway Number 22 WEST. Take the Highway 22 Exit and proceed Westward toward the Pacific Ocean. If coming from the North and heading South, you will be exiting to the Right and turning Right onto HWY 22 WEST. If coming from the South and heading North, you will exit to the right then proceed Left onto HWY 22. As soon as you are on HWY 22 WEST, you will simultaneously be on MISSION BOULEVARD. Stay on Mission Blvd approx 2.5 miles until you see an enormous park on the Left/South side of the street, This is BUSH PARK. Look for a BIG TRACK STADIUM, Turn into the parking lot near the stadium, the SOAP BOX DERBY HILL will be adjacent to the West side of the Stadium. Put on your HELMET and take your pads and skateboard with you and go slalom.

LONG DISTANCE TRAVELERS: If you fly, you can fly to Portland Airport PDX, take the HUT Shuttle to Salem which will drop you off at the Lion Inn on Market Street, you can stay there or find a definately cheaper rate at the Motel 6 2blocks South on Hawthorne and easily walk the distance. From there, one of us CSA'ers can pick you up and give you a ride to the race hill. There are plenty of restaraunts and a few other motels nearby. There are also plenty of car rentals at the PDX airport.

Salem Motel 6 (503)753-4663 call ahead, they often fill up on weekends all year.

HUT Shuttle (541)753-4663 or (541)753-7831, reservations required because they don't take "walk-ons".

If you picture yourself to be, or have the desire to be the REALLY HELPFUL type of personality, arrive early with a LEAF BLOWER and help clear the hill of debris and detritus.
1st Place Finisher: Corey Moy 20.641
2nd Place Finisher: Brad Jackman 20.938
3rd Place Finisher: Skip Marcotte 20.998
Overall Results: Cascade Slalom Association Rookie of the Year - David Mitchell of Keiser, Oregon.

This was a great end-of-season event with Pat Chewning putting on a fun slalom clinic/jam session Saterday as an add-on event with a practically impossible course and an easier course.

Sunday's Main event was head-to-head dual lane racing on ASSYMETRICAL COURSES as an experiment which everyone seemed to like. The courses were "similar" and sorta "mirrored" but did not match each other intentionally.

Thanks to everyone who showed up and helped setup and teardown, race, and cheer us on. - Paulskiiwog

Registered Contestants (41) -- Some Sorta Slalom with Acorns in Salem
Name Home City Division Classes Sponsors Bio Comment Date Submitted
1. Pat Chewning Beaverton Oregon          Signing up for a race about 11 months in advance seems silly.  11/16/2006 11:53:24 PM 
2. Corey Moy Puyallup, WA          Entree Fee-Everyone bring a cone for Paulie!!  11/18/2006 8:50:59 AM 
3. Brad"Jackhammer"Jackman sumner Wa.          Way to plan ahead Paulie!Sounds awsome !!  11/19/2006 10:48:18 PM 
4. James Peters Seattle, WA          i might not make it until 10:04 a.m. Thanks Paul!!  11/20/2006 7:56:37 AM 
5. Stevan Hemingway Bend, Oregon          Missed the last one cuz I got a D.U.I.I. and couldent drive. My board was stolen about a month ago.  12/21/2006 3:08:32 PM 
6. eze lome            12/29/2006 8:08:55 AM 
7. mugu lome togo91            12/29/2006 8:10:47 AM 
8. skip PDX          I'm not even sure what I'm doing next weekend  1/7/2007 12:32:10 AM 
9. Severin Moore S.E. Portland            1/19/2007 12:23:35 AM 
10. Scott Moore S.E. Portland            1/19/2007 12:24:12 AM 
11. Eric Hovey NW PDX            1/26/2007 2:04:48 AM 
12. Tim Eney Snohomish, WA            1/31/2007 12:40:51 PM 
13. David Mitchell keizer            2/23/2007 10:16:54 AM 
14. Tom Chute burnaby b.c. canada baby!          i love salem  4/16/2007 10:52:30 PM 
15. Adam Jones Corvallis, OR          Awesome...  4/17/2007 12:56:55 PM 
16. Billy Meiners portland, or            4/22/2007 6:31:06 PM 
17. Jesse Rodriguez Grants Pass, Oregon      Morning Wood baby!    cant wait to test out the new speedboard and slalom  6/27/2007 2:26:10 AM 
18. Mark Harris Spokane wa.            7/23/2007 8:50:24 PM 
19. Spencer Smith Bellevue, WA      none so far    cant wait to skate this awesome hill again. YAY for gimme cones!!  7/26/2007 4:01:58 PM 
20. Judy Harris Spokane, WA            7/30/2007 8:10:45 AM 
21. Phillip Hickey the city of roses        im here to take it all    8/19/2007 10:25:18 PM 
22. david jones seattle,wa          this is dudewtf  8/21/2007 1:22:40 AM 
23. Brandon TeVelde Bellingham Wa      Too many to list  I'm cool, because I skate...  i plan to get wobs...  9/9/2007 9:55:52 PM 
24. Casey Morrow Portland, Oregon          Don't rain.  9/16/2007 11:23:58 AM 
25. dan-o miszewski Yelm, WA      hot body against me.  i am in the middle of tall and short...  seeks in the middle of short and medium...come to dan-o.  9/17/2007 7:14:30 PM 
26. Peter Williams Bellingham, WA        I suck at slalom.  But that's ok.  9/19/2007 3:09:27 PM 
27. Tony Aadland Kirkland, WA        New to slalom. My third slalom event.  Somewhat fresh meat.  9/19/2007 3:09:53 PM 
28. Brian Wyler Corvallis OR          Skate  9/20/2007 12:07:18 AM 
29. david hendrickson portland  Tadpoles  Think about slalom occasionally.        9/25/2007 8:50:18 PM 
30. Erik Overland Spokane Wa  Toads  Think about slalom occasionally.        9/26/2007 9:04:11 PM 
31. Cindy Overland spokane wa  Toads  Think about slalom occasionally.        9/26/2007 9:08:12 PM 
32. Lloyd Center Oakland, Portland, Centralia  Tadpoles  Think about slalom occasionally.  SUBSONIC    TOO FAST FOR LAST!  10/1/2007 1:45:18 PM 
33. Pete It's a Secret Salem  Toads  Think about slalom occasionally.  Cool Shit, SkateForever, Secret Weapons    I'll take anyone on riding Stokie  10/1/2007 5:21:28 PM 
34. Will "Eskimo" Story the Couv, Wa  Tadpoles  Think about slalom occasionally.      I chose tadpole because it sounded insignificant like me when it comes to a slalom event  10/1/2007 6:03:13 PM 
35. Nicholas Calafato Washougal, WA  Tadpoles  Think about slalom occasionally.    newb newb newb!!! hahaha, hope I dont embarrase myself.  I suck.  10/1/2007 9:20:14 PM 
36. Josh McCormick Vancouver Wa  Tadpoles  Think about slalom occasionally.      Coming done with some of the Couve Crew, we'll try and get some footy and shoot it out when its done  10/4/2007 10:59:11 AM 
37. jordan huotari spokane WA  Maybe Challenge duels  Think about slalom all of the time.  Mountain Goat Outfitters  just want to surf and skate, so salem is home half the time. surfs up  "surfing keeps me alive, but the music keeps me grounded," Donavon Frankenreiter  10/4/2007 11:09:59 AM 
38. Paul Steiger Kennewick, WA  Toads  Think about slalom occasionally.        10/5/2007 5:15:40 PM 
39. Patrick Alldred Federal Way WA  Tadpoles  Think about slalom all of the time.  squirrely skate, shifty weight    just a squirrel trying to get a nut  10/9/2007 9:55:13 PM 
40. paul peterson newport oregon  Toads  Think about slalom occasionally.        10/11/2007 11:10:33 AM 
41. Ileigh Amable Poulsbo, WA  Tadpoles  Think about slalom occasionally.        10/11/2007 6:48:43 PM 

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