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School Slalom Jam POSTPONED TO MAY 20th
47 Registered Contestants.
Event Date and Time: Saturday, May 20, 2006  00:00
Event Duration:
Location: Needham High School Campus
Entry: Closed
Organizer: Needham High School Longboard Club
Map: Click here for online map
Entry Fee: $5.00
Contest Info:

The Needham High School Longboard Club/ Slalom Racing Team is the first public high school organization of it's kind, many kids have started slaloming in Needham a small suburb of Boston MA. We are throwing down this spring, all are welcome for a good fast flowy hybrid and possibly a TS.

9 AM Practice starts
9:30- 10 Registration
10:15 Riders Meeting
10:30 Start Runs We'll all take at least 3 runs possibly more if time allows.
3 or 4 PM Possible tech TS. Bring the wiggler deck, just in case.

On Friday May 12th there will be a practice session in the Arnold Arboretum at 5:30 in Jamica Plain Boston. Everyone is welcome please contact me KarlATslalomspot.com or 781 492 9312 if you would like to attend that.

From I 95/ 128. Take Needham Hights Exit 19B. Once you get off the highway, go strait through the first set of lights. Drive a little further to a second set of lights, you should see a Fire Station on your right. Take a LEFT onto Webster Street. Stay on Webster street, there will be an intersection coming up, go strait at the traffic light. Continue until you see a the school on your right. DO NOT turn into the school from webster street. Go past the school, about 3 house after there will be a road KINGSBURY street on your right. Turn on to Kingsbury. Continue until you see Admiral Gracy drive, turn right. Go up to the top and you should see us. Make sure you have my cell phone number handy if you get lost we'll come find you. 781 492 9312.


Residence Inn by Marriott
259 Elm St.
Dedham, MA 02026
Phone: (781) 407-0999

Request the 'Needham Skateboard Championship' group, $109 a night for a suite with full kitchen/bath, sleeps 4 and there's plenty of room for sleeping bags.

We have this really nice spot right on Campus which our principal is letting us hold the event on.
Pavement is about 8 or 9 out of 10. Just paved last year.

Entry Fee is only $5 for anyone 18 or older, Kids Skate Free!

Come Support Youth Slalom Skateboarding.
1st Place Finisher: Karl Floitgraf
2nd Place Finisher: Bryan Werner
3rd Place Finisher: Mike Duquette
Overall Results: Karl Floitgraf 12.75
Bryan Werner 13.12
Mike D (JR) 13.70
Brian Peck (JR) 13.77
Curt Debartolo 13.98
Terry Whalen 14.73
Adam Daniels (JR) 14.78
Glen Chapman 14.98
Marshall Deming 15.00
Jake Hawkridge (JR) 15.04
Anthony Pistono (JR) 15.28
Joe I 15.56
Tyler Hager (JR) 15.88
Shane Anderson 16.20
Rob Herten 17.21
Wenzel Ruml 17.35
Mike Ruisi 18.01
Mario Kula (JR) 18.13
Glen Garbet (JR) 18.31
Millie Chapman 18.31
Paul Pellerin 18.90
Nick Chamberlain (JR) 20.20
Cheri Schroder TEAM SLACKER 20.86
Nick I (JR) 23.48

Registered Contestants (47) -- School Slalom Jam POSTPONED TO MAY 20th
Name Home City Sponsors Bio Comment Date Submitted
1. Karl Floitgraf NEEDHAM      3 years I've spent running this organization, comes to this.  2/8/2006 7:44:32 PM 
2. Joe Iacovelli Bristol, CT      I'm not picking up any cones  2/9/2006 9:00:28 AM 
3. Terry Whalen Cape Cod, MA      Great job putting an event together!  2/9/2006 5:06:32 PM 
4. cmc RI      The oldest picks up the cones--Joe!  2/9/2006 5:35:04 PM 
5. Kam Bumpus NEEDHAM MA      I might not be too cool to show up for this race  2/9/2006 7:49:04 PM 
6. TaxMan South Portland, ME      Dam. I think I'm the oldest - skate clean!  2/9/2006 7:54:05 PM 
7. mike duquette bristol ct      im with joe  2/10/2006 10:42:22 AM 
8. bryan werner Needham, MA      It should be a good one  2/11/2006 10:48:01 AM 
9. Glenn Garbett westerly rhode island      NICE!!!!!  2/11/2006 9:22:04 PM 
10. Marshall Deming Elmwood, CT      Suppose I'm thinking of a plate of shrimp then suddenly someone says "plate" or "shrimp" or "plate of shrimp"  2/15/2006 6:38:22 AM 
11. Molly Deming Elmhood, CT      I think that the youngling's should have to pick up the cones....Brian  2/15/2006 6:54:08 AM 
12. Rob Herten Jersey        2/15/2006 11:11:23 AM 
13. Brian Peck West Hartford, CT      I'm thinking, maybe girls should be deployed onto the cones. Molly...?  2/15/2006 3:00:06 PM 
14. Leo Stamford, CT (& Venezuela)      new camera test  2/16/2006 9:25:00 PM 
15. John Gilmour Boston      Bryan sets the best TS courses- he will not disappoint- could be the best TS course all year. It won't be impossible.  2/18/2006 11:36:24 PM 
16. Ty Hager NJ        2/19/2006 6:39:40 AM 
17. Michael Shneer Andover, MA        2/20/2006 12:23:35 AM 
18. Glenn Chapman Beverly, MA        2/22/2006 8:03:56 AM 
19. Ben Chapman Beverly, MA        2/22/2006 8:04:33 AM 
20. Millie Chapman Beverly, MA        2/22/2006 8:05:06 AM 
21. Fat Tony Isles of Sholes, New Hampshire      I'm there for the food. There's going to be food. right? for 5 bux there better be!  2/27/2006 9:07:04 PM 
22. Derek Smith Rowley, MA        2/28/2006 5:17:32 AM 
23. Shane Anderson Connecticut        2/28/2006 6:53:25 AM 
24. wayne langford-rogers needham ma      sick!@  2/28/2006 1:32:35 PM 
25. James "wild" West Albacrazy NM      The weasel is going down! .................. maybe I hope so  3/1/2006 1:34:47 PM 
26. Adam Schwippert Stratton, Vermont      I'm gonna skin that weasel character!  3/10/2006 2:06:18 PM 
27. Adam Daniels East Greenbush, NY      this is the year....... Teacher vs. Apprentice  3/23/2006 4:40:14 PM 
28. Gabbie Pellerin South Portland, ME      Asked to race Gilmour ....no response...will the rabbitt race or will the rabbitt run   3/23/2006 11:56:17 PM 
29. Cheri Manchester, VT      Team Slacker  3/29/2006 3:07:49 AM 
30. Anthony Pistono ditry jersey         3/29/2006 11:04:49 AM 
31. wentzle Ruml IV wellfleet, ma      its been awhile for me........sounds like a blast....will be great to see old friends and view all the young talent  3/29/2006 12:04:08 PM 
32. Eric 'PSR' Brammer Stratton      Stratton Mountain School Vs Needham High School  3/29/2006 4:23:15 PM 
33. Glen Cook Eastgreenbush, NY      I want to ride my skateboard  3/31/2006 3:16:07 PM 
34. Pat Forsyth Marshfield Ma.        3/31/2006 4:14:41 PM 
35. chris banker westerly rhode island      hello  4/7/2006 10:27:19 AM 
36. Ben Volvovitz Woodbridge, CT      i like skateboarding  4/9/2006 9:37:01 AM 
37. Shaggy VT      Team Fatoldboy  4/27/2006 6:11:29 AM 
38. MIke R westerly rhode island        4/27/2006 8:03:00 AM 
39. Nick Chamberlain Rockport MA      First race :)  4/27/2006 5:45:23 PM 
40. John Friends Deerfield,MA        4/29/2006 2:10:00 PM 
41. Eric Brassard Québec Canada        5/1/2006 8:06:07 AM 
42. Miguel Marco aka Mig Quebec, Canada      The Frenchies are back! :)  5/1/2006 11:41:24 AM 
43. Louis Ricard Quebec Canada        5/2/2006 6:17:50 AM 
44. Réjean Houle Québec, Canada        5/2/2006 2:44:19 PM 
45. Bob Polard Marshfield MA.        5/3/2006 5:44:28 PM 
46. julie boulanger quebec canada      slalom for peace  5/15/2006 6:26:33 AM 
47. danilo percich quebec canada      let the sunshine in  5/15/2006 6:28:29 AM 

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