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Seattle Groove #2 (MS Skate)
10 Registered Contestants.
Event Date and Time: Sunday, July 31, 2005  07:30
Event Duration:
Location: Redmond to Seattle, WA
Entry: Open
Organizer: pavedwave.org
Map: Directions to start points below
Entry Fee: $35 by July 22, $45 after (go to URL below)
Contest Info: For the 2nd year, we're longboarding the length of the scenic Sammamish and Burke Gilman trails - pumping, pushing, hacking, wheezing, and passing out at the finish line.

(a.k.a. "Walk and Roll for MS 2005")

Choose the 12 or 25 miler - some will be there to race through the course, and others to just cruise it from one end to the other.

All for a good time and a good cause! All proceeds of the event go to the Multiple Sclerosis Association of King County.

Both races start promptly at 7:30 a.m. and timing system is done by Perfect Time Events. The 12-mile takes anywhere from 1-2 hours, and the 25 mile takes from 2-3 hours.


Sign-up on NCDSA is to get our longboarder head-count, but OFFICIAL sign up is through the active.com website, only $35 IF before July 22nd!! Kids 14 and under are $10.



Starting Points:

1. Redmond Town Center (25 mile skate): Traveling eastbound, exit SR 520 at the West Lake Sammamish Parkway exit. Go left (north) on West Lake Sammamish Way. Turn right at light onto Leary Way NE, then turn right into Redmond Town Center.

2. Tracy Owen Station Park, Kenmore (12 mile skate): From Bothell Way NE and 61st Ave NE, go south towards the lake approximately a short half block and then turn right on NE 175th.


We'll re-group longboarders at the finish line for post-race prizes and festivities...

HUGE THANKS to our Sponsors!!

AOL Seattle / Tegic Communications - $1100 pledge to MS

RoeRacing slalom skateboards

Gravity Sports, the Northwest's oldest surf and skate shop

Insect Flying Machines

1st Place Finisher: 25m Peters / 12m Westberg
2nd Place Finisher: 25m Munson / 12m Dycus
3rd Place Finisher: 25m Stickle / 12m Brighton
Overall Results: Matt Stickle takes 1st in STOKE!! He and family came 7 hours from Corvalis Oregon so he could skate the 25-miler, and made a killer time! He went home with a Flexdex 5-footer, and some schwag from RoeRacing and Tegic. MS of King County also awarded Matt a K2 bag as a "spirit" award for making the event!

Munson nailed 25-miles without putting a foot to ground, climbing over the biggest and baddest hills of the Burke -

Westberg did a fast and furious 12-mile @ 1:05:12, and takes home a SurfOne deck from Gravity Sports in Renton.

Peters' time on the 25 mile: 2:04:17

The Seattle AOL / Tegic team took 1st place in the event for their cash donation to MS of King County.

Many thanks again to our sponsors - Gravity Sports in Renton, RoeRacing, and Insect, for supporting these events and what they stand for -

And thanks everyone else who showed and made this a fun event!

Registered Contestants (10) -- Seattle Groove #2 (MS Skate)
Name Home City Sponsors Bio Comment Date Submitted
1. John Dycus Kirkland, WA      Honking it.  6/27/2005 10:22:47 AM 
2. Mark Brighton Seattle, WA        6/27/2005 10:23:20 AM 
3. derek redmond wa      i like bread  6/27/2005 12:32:09 PM 
4. Cynthia Seattle, WA      wiggle it, but just a little bit  6/27/2005 5:01:21 PM 
5. Skip Croteau Kirkland, WA        6/28/2005 12:13:58 PM 
6. Thea Croteau Kirkland, WA        6/28/2005 12:16:06 PM 
7. james peters seattle wa      fo shizzle yo pumpin' nizzle  7/6/2005 9:37:51 PM 
8. Matt Stickle Corvallis, OR      I brake for trees  7/22/2005 3:21:36 PM 
9. Eric Westberg Seattle, WA        7/30/2005 10:04:49 AM 
10. Ken Zick Seattle WA        7/30/2005 9:03:56 PM 

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