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Region: United Kingdom (14572 Posts)
Topic Info
On 9/19/2016 Abdul Rehman wrote in from (39.45.nnn.nnn)

Dear Sir/Madam,
Pleased to introduce K6 GLOVES Manufacturers & Exporters of All Sorts of GLOVES & BAGS.

Slide Gloves (without pucks),Leather Suits,Bags,Shirts etc
Motocross and Motorbike Gloves
Mechanic Gloves
Tee Shirts, Polo Shirts and Hoodies
Biking and Mechanic Wears

We do custom work with customers logos and also custom patches,
If you have any queries on any products please do not hesitate to contact us.

Waiting your prompt reply,

( Export Dep )
Abdul Rehman

Kashmir Road, Pacca Garha,
51310, Sialkot-Pakistan.
Website: www.k6gloves.com
E-Mail: info@k6gloves.com
Skype: k6glovesspecialist
Phone: 0524296096
Cell : +92-331-2131314

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Longboard Slide Gloves
On 1/27/2016 M Waseem Chughtai wrote in from (39.49.nnn.nnn)

We are Manufacturer of longboard Slide Gloves from Pakistan.

Please visit www.vhs.com.pk

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On 8/5/2015 Mark bishop wrote in from United Kingdom  (82.18.nnn.nnn)

Hi guys long time since on here, Dust off the boards
We are up for a meet me and jace

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On 3/16/2015 Edwin wrote in from United Kingdom  (85.92.nnn.nnn)

Hello New Zealand !!

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On 2/27/2015 nat wrote in from New Zealand  (118.93.nnn.nnn)

You are all over it Alec!

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On 1/5/2015 Alec wrote in from United Kingdom  (193.109.nnn.nnn)

Is it time to resurrect this yet? Nearly 3 years since the last post...

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SkAte2: Pump+Grind
On 1/21/2012 SamG wrote in from (2.100.nnn.nnn)

SkAte2: Pump+Grind Registration is now on the contest calendar!

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On 9/1/2011 paulp wrote in from United States  (67.136.nnn.nnn)

Any UK skaters fancy the September Antrim race - £371 fares to Boston from London. $25 accommodation
and a really fun race with A B and C groups - The last big race of the year!

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British Open Slalom Championships - Results
On 8/10/2011 RobA wrote in from United Kingdom  (86.162.nnn.nnn)

British Open Slalom Championships – Results

Hybrid Slalom

1. Bruno Silva de Oliveira
2. Louis Selby
3. Mike Allison

Giant Slalom

1. Louis Selby
2. Sam Gordon
3. Mmedo Duffort

Wipeout Cushion Award (British Beef ha, ha!) - Miles Murphy

13th Place Award (Hybrid qualifying) - Pogo Deck - Bart Brunninkhuis

Special Award (for Marshalling) - Alec Keleher

Special Award (for outstanding catering services) - Sylvia Brown, (Redbrige Cycling Centre Cafe)

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British Open Giant Slalom Results
On 8/10/2011 RobA wrote in from United Kingdom  (86.162.nnn.nnn)

Giant Slalom Results

1. Dalibor Danhel – 20.42
2. Robert Thiele – 20.49
3. Ferdinand Lindner – 20.78
4. Michel Dupont – 20.92
5. Josef Stefka – 21.08
6. Louis Selby – 21.12
7= Petr Janousek 21.13
Tomas Fiala – 21.13
9. Christopher Dupont – 21.24
10. Bart Brunninkhuis – 21.25
11. Sam Gordon – 21.49
12. Mmedo Duffort – 21.82
13. Bruno Silva de Oliveira – 21.88
14. Peter Klang – 22.06
15. Vincent Tanguy – 22.10
16. Eddie Spearing – 22.30
17. Alvaro Feldman – 22.33
18. Ben Williams – 22.42
19. Pavel Holec - 22.67
20. Mike Allison – 22.80
21. Rob Ashby – 22.94
22. Paul Taylor Crush - 22.96
23. Jon Merrifield – 22.97
24. Jason Martin – 23.24
25. Sam Slaven – 23.48
26. Ian Sutherland Cranfield – 23.44
27. Tim Neal - 24.00
28. Jack Taylor Crush – 24.78
29. Richard Norbury – 26.01
30. Terry St George – 26.74
31. Paul Coupe - DQ

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British Open Slalom Championships, Hog Hill 6/7 August 2011
On 8/7/2011 RobA wrote in from United Kingdom  (86.173.nnn.nnn)

This years British Open Slalom Championships was attended by racers from Holland, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, Brazil and New Zealand (OK, a Brit now resident in New Zealand!)

Hybrid Slalom Results

A Group

1. Robert Thiele
2. Tomas Fiala
3. Michel Dupont
4. Christophe Dupont
5. Bruno Silva de Oliveira
6. Louis Selby
7. Josef Stefka
8. Dalibor Danhel
9. Peter Klang
10. Petr Janousek
11. Ferdinand Lindner
12. Mike Allison
13. Bart Brunninkhuis
14. Mmedo Duffort
15. Sam Gordon
16. Donald Campbell

B Group

1. Pavel Holec
2. Eddie Spearing
3. Vincent Tanguy
4. Jon Merrifield
5. Martin Hoppe
6. Alvaro Feldman
7. Ben Williams
8. Pat Holden
9. Edwin Brockman
10. Paul Taylor Crush
11. Rob Ashby
12. Ian Sutherland Cranfield
13. Sam Slaven
14. Paul Coupe
15. Jason Martin
16. Paul Keleher

C Group

1. Tony Lord
2. Trevor Baker
3. Markus Kaffke
4. Tim Neal
5. Luke Baxter
6. Richard Norbury
7. John Nicholas
8. Nigel Allgood
9. Dave Hillier
10. Dominic Barette
11. Terry St George
12. Johnny Rehab

Giant Slalom results to follow…

The Super G had to be cancelled due to the typical English summer weather!

Full Race report coming soon on www.ukslalomskateboarding.org.uk/ shortly.

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CP Sunday
On 7/29/2011 Pat wrote in from United Kingdom  (84.93.nnn.nnn)

Please join Rich, Vinny and I at CP this coming Sunday 31st. We'll be there mid day -ish with cones.

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The Rush 2011 Results
On 6/28/2011 Rob Ashby wrote in from United Kingdom  (86.173.nnn.nnn)

A great weekends racing under the hot English sun, a big thanks to all - especially Glen at Modified Live and to Motor Sports Vision and Brands Hatch for hosting us. Thanks to our sponsors Octane Sport, Glastonbury Ales, Dan Gesmer and Seismic for the spreadsheet and to Tim and the Brands Hatch Marshal crew.
Great to see so many great names of the British racing scene back on the hill at Brands, highlight of the weekend for me was seeing Edwin get into the A group round of 8 - amazing skating, look out folks he's back!

Full race report on http://www.ukslalomskateboarding.org.uk/ coming soon!

The Rush 2011 Results

Hybrid “A”
1st - Bruno Silva da Oliveira
2nd – Louis Selby
3rd – Sam Gordon
4th – Chris Charalambous

Hybrid “B”
1st – Luke Baxter
2nd – Rob Ashby
3rd – Graham Driver
4th – Steve Greenwood

Giant Slalom
1st - Louis Selby – 33.38
2nd - Sam Gordon – 33.81
3rd - Bruno Silva da Oliveira – 34.39
4th - Mmedo 1848 Duffort – 36.42
5th – Vincent Tanguy – 36.77
6th – Rob Ashby – 36.83
7th – Chris Charalambous – 36.97
8th – Sam Slaven – 37.02
9th - Ian Sutherland Cranfield – 37.22
10th – Paul Taylor Crush – 37.42
11th – Jon Merrifield – 37.80
12th – Jason Martin – 37.91
13th – Steve “Conan” Greenwood – 38.39
14th – Frank Wheeler – 38.62
15th – Ben Williams – 38.76
16th – Paul Coupe – 38.88
17th – Jack Taylor Crush – 39.07
17th – Graham Driver – 39.07
19th – Richard Norbury – 39.38
20th – Mike Allison - 41.14
21st – Nigel Allgood – 42.92
22nd – Terry St George – 43.34
23rd – Luke Baxter – 43.98

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Brands Hatch
On 6/25/2011 Paul P wrote in from United States  (72.130.nnn.nnn)

Go fast at Brands Hatch!

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HP tonight
On 6/23/2011 Dave wrote in from United Kingdom  (194.74.nnn.nnn)

Looks like its raining.... I think I might head straight to the QA

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HP/QA Thursday - Ticket Collection
On 6/22/2011 RobA wrote in from United Kingdom  (86.166.nnn.nnn)

I'll be at HP from around 5.30ish then at The QA tomorrow for people to collect their Brands Hatch entry and camping tickets. If it is raining I'll be in The QA!

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WIsconsin Results
On 6/20/2011 RobA wrote in from United Kingdom  (86.162.nnn.nnn)

Congratulations to Paul Price on yet another sting of Podiums at the Wisconsin Wiggle War last weekend. Shame you can't make it to Brands Paul - you could have raced Markus on home soil!


Rob (LSD)

Wisconsin Wiggle War 2011 Results:

1. Jason Yerke
2. Steve Pederson
3. Paul Price

1. Paul Price
2. Tod Oles
3. Joe Behm

1. Tod Oles
2. Paul Price
3. Derek Yerke

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CP Sunday
On 6/18/2011 Pat wrote in from United Kingdom  (87.113.nnn.nnn)

Will be at CP from mid-day tomorrow with cones for some pre-Brands practice.

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Crystal Palace - now cancelled!
On 6/18/2011 RobA wrote in from United Kingdom  (86.173.nnn.nnn)

Rain stops play - maybe try again tomorrow!

Rob (LSD)

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Crystal Palace Park Today
On 6/18/2011 Rob A wrote in from United Kingdom  (86.161.nnn.nnn)

I will be heading up to Crystal Palace for about 12.30ish. Will be meeting up with Pat - any other takers?

Rob (LSD)

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On 6/16/2011 Jon wrote in from United Kingdom  (217.33.nnn.nnn)

My optimism might have paid off - the skies have cleared slightly! I'll be at HP with cones from 6.30ish, assuming it doesn't start raining again...

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On 6/16/2011 Paul K wrote in from United Kingdom  (195.110.nnn.nnn)

change of plan, firstly, i forgot to pick up my board this morning, and secondly...it chucked it down, and is likely to be on and off all day, so i guess i won't be going tonight

next week is a possibility though, whats the favoured day , Tuesday or Thursday?

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On 6/15/2011 Paul K wrote in from United Kingdom  (90.194.nnn.nnn)

Anyone planning on going to HP tomorrow

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Hog Hill
On 6/14/2011 Pat wrote in from United Kingdom  (212.183.nnn.nnn)

Many thanks to Sam, Rob, Michael, and the Hill Sessions Crew for organising a great event last weekend- and nice to see so many new people giving slalom a go. The atmosphere was really fun and relaxed. Can't wait for Brands Hatch!

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Hog Hill
On 6/10/2011 Paulp wrote in from United States  (166.205.nnn.nnn)

Best of British to all those going to Hog Hill
This weekend!

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