Jason Mitchell, Seismic Nationals 2007, Hybrid Slalom.  Photo by Greg Fadell Northern California Downhill Skateboarding Association
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Soulriding (2099 Posts)
Topic Soulspeak
san francisco
On 6/13/2007 mike wrote in from United States  (71.67.nnn.nnn)

I am moving to san francisco july 17th! I pretty sure I'm the only longboarder in northwest Ohio,Or at least feel like it. I will have a longboard when I arrive (new longboard larry 48" kicker) I love larrys boards they have that quality feel. I'm 21 years old and could teach you some longboard tricks. I love longboarding I believe its an addiction. I am going to move to the mission district and if you want to cruise email me. I am easy to get along with also love music Radiohead Flaming lips Modest Mouse Beastie Boys and Beck are just a few of my favs maybe that will help you. Wow I used I a lot in this paragraph. kellerkroger@hotmail.com

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Stimulus - response
On 6/10/2007 h0dad wrote in from New Zealand  (210.54.nnn.nnn)

Interesting how young skaters responded to that article on the blog where it was posted. No gap between stimulus and response at all, just a gullible knee jerk reaction to what is actually satire.

f**k you bush you even try to work this s**t skaters will overrule and beat you down you will loose to us so dont even try you f****n c**t nobody likes you especially us skaters dont try and take are life away just because of that were sorry you didnt have a life thats no reason to take away ours

Thats just priceless, like this ethan for example.

h0dad's seen many skaters and punx of many flavours jerk themselves unstuck and eat themselves ALIVE with prison, drugs, or just looking like a idiot ;).

Later, squids, be nice to each other now

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On 6/6/2007 Ethan wrote in from United States  (67.149.nnn.nnn)

Thats bull s#@!... you spend too much time on the computer and not enough on a board.

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Bush outlaws skating
On 5/13/2007 h0dad wrote in from New Zealand  (203.167.nnn.nnn)

Check this out, my squids:

Yesterday President George W. Bush signed the little publicized bill 072702.afrt into law which makes owning and/or using a skate board a federal offense. “Our youth have been perverted long enough” Declares Bush as he affixed his signature to the bill.


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On 5/5/2007 greg wrote in from United States  (68.59.nnn.nnn)

Day Trippin is Rippin!!!

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New Longboarding Video
On 3/14/2007 Christian Stepien wrote in from Canada  (216.48.nnn.nnn)

Hey everyone,

just thought I'd let you know that my brother and I have just uploaded our new longboard "digital short" titled "Day Trippin'". If any of you are interested, you can check it out on YouTube here...


Keep cool,


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dreaming of warmth
On 2/12/2007 Jeff Kasson wrote in from United States  (24.31.nnn.nnn)

My daydream today in zero degree weather with an approaching snowstorm is a backside carve with screeching wheels... slightly out of control ... close to wiping out ... but making that minute movement that brings it back together. woahh.

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On 1/15/2007 h0dad wrote in from New Zealand  (222.154.nnn.nnn)

h0dad wishes tom_t well in the outside world.

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Old school and new school: like the foot before and the foot behind in walking.
On 1/15/2007 h0dad wrote in from New Zealand  (60.234.nnn.nnn)

The h0dad finds the way of skate to be a deep and endless practice.

In the park are only the things he takes with him.

Before attempting a frontside 540, he attempts to empty himself of past successes and failures at frontside 540s, because it is only in this 540 that he is truly alive; previous 540s are only an idea in his mind, distorted by his conditioning, as are all future 540s. There is no life in those.

On arrival at the place of the Way, the h0dad remembers that his anticipation of the grommits' and newschoolers' disdain for his flowing style is only an idea in his mind. Only experience is reality, so the h0dad throws down his flowing style and finds out for himself if it is nectar. Happily, the gromnits are often stoked, with words of approval such as "that was gangster, h0dad".

Flowing styles are boundless, the h0dad vows to master them all.

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hi boys
On 1/7/2007 tom t wrote in from Canada  (74.100.nnn.nnn)

I've been out of the psyche ward 3 mos. now and 420 daily and all is well. If any of you ever wonder about happiness and peace of mind, well, don't, because we've already found it. Our true passion is the reflection of our soul, and boarding is a blissful dopamine-filled love affair. Extend that creativity into all aspects of your life and you will generate true happiness for yourself and those around you. Out to skate now. Imagine...

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thanks to Woody's Halfpipe/Gravity Skateboards
On 11/26/2006 PATIO wrote in from United States  (68.190.nnn.nnn)

thanks to Atlanta area skateshop www.woodyshalfpipe.com and Gravity Skateboards for putting on the Trade Street Fun Slide in AthensGA. good steep hill, good surface, good times had by all.
this was the first downhill/sliding event in the SouthEast(that I know of). and I hope there will be many more.
I'm not just saying that because of my second place finish and my killer Gravity Skateboard prize.

I gotta get me some of them plastic sliding gloves if I'm gonna keep up with these young "tech slidey" punks. my leather work gloves wore out halfway through the event and i ain't got no fingerprints left.

Woody's and Gravity...keepin the scene FRESH!

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What is soulriding?
On 11/23/2006 Alan Moeller wrote in from United States  (70.229.nnn.nnn)

My boards are extensions of my body,
each one, graceful in it's own way
wether bombing, cruising, sliding, or luging,
my life is better every day.'
broken bones wont stop me,
a miss spent youth, recoverd on 4 wheels

No matter wat happens,
a bad day, an argument, a bicker,
i ride my boards, and i'm free'
nothing but the wind, a board
and a connection to the road thats stronger then steel

my injuries, though few and far between
are a reminder that life is precious
life is fragile and bodies are frail
but each bruise, each scab
each blister, each crash
a story bonded in blood for all time

remember that day, you picked up a board
a hill was found and you bombed it w/ glee,
but at the bottom u came up, blood red knee
you didnt stop though, you tried, tried again
nothing comes easy, and the best is the hardest.

with nothing left to do but ponder the day
a ride with some friends, some old some new
sidewalk surfing, a band of brothers behind you
no need to speak, no need for praise
the road speaks for us all
some rustled leaves and some sticks break
its the mark, the stain, the writ
of a day full of bonding,
the soul rider way.

~Soul / Air~ [Productions]

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Trade Street Fun Slide
On 11/21/2006 athensGA wrote in from United States  (192.104.nnn.nnn)

on 11/25/06 woody's halfpipe boardshop and Gravity Skateboards are having a downhill slide contest on the big hill.
more on woody's messageboard


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Forest cruise
On 11/8/2006 doox wrote in from United States  (67.180.nnn.nnn)

This is soulriding to the max.

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Hawaii Product Test Vid
On 10/14/2006 Manny Pangilinan wrote in from (66.8.nnn.nnn)

Check out this product test video from new skate company ROLL SKATEBOARDS


-Manny Skate
Cruise Specialist

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On 10/12/2006 h0dad wrote in from (222.154.nnn.nnn)

The h0dad and his skate were sitting at a cafe enjoying a latte, listening in on a film producer and a Californian skater planning a documentary on the latter's skating exploits. It transpired that said skater was a Sector9 Cosmic1 rider who's lower body had been severed, who often uses his Cosmic1 as a substitute wheelchair. The h0dad has witnessed this man ripping, he wears leather gloves with padded knuckles. Tells us that, due to his severence, he is able to skate anywhere with impunity since nobody has the nerve to tell him otherwise, that means supermarkets, shopping malls with marble floors, down anything with a gradient, sounds like nectar to the h0dad.

Loose rides and wild times,
the h0dad

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A limerick of the no brainer
On 10/7/2006 John Vroman wrote in from (65.188.nnn.nnn)

I went and got a longboard today
No helmet, taking a hill today.
Then I crashed and I moaned
Four staples to the dome,
and crying as my cash flies away

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new ride haiku
On 10/2/2006 bipolar soulrider wrote in from Canada  (69.194.nnn.nnn)

out of psyche ward now
daily ride and four-twenty
new glide tames mean streets

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Speedwobble Satori
On 9/21/2006 h0dad wrote in from New Zealand  (60.234.nnn.nnn)

sudden speed wobble
the chips in the tarseal
sharp and bright

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Soul Riding
On 8/23/2006 Just another face wrote in from United States  (69.167.nnn.nnn)

I came back from the wilderness of Oregon.
To my home the concrete South Bay.
There was no peace and quiet, there was nothing outside of vanity.
There was only the hills of concrete running through my neiborhood, my imagination, my suffering and my life being owned by the ocean.

I took flight on the hills, with a board and some wheels. Those I passed by stared in wonder.

I carved the hills days on end, hours to the sessions. Time didnt stop me.
I would crave the experience on the board and take off in the middle of the night with nothing but to experience the now.

When the waves were not available the concrete came. Few understood me. None of them mattered. Those of my breed have accepted reality and said f#@! it.
Those of my breed taste what the world offers and we dont come back.

We are the birds without wings. We are warriors.

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soul returns
On 8/14/2006 brendan wrote in from United States  (206.190.nnn.nnn)

my return to riding stems from my son picking up a vintage slalom board
MY board is a year older than my son
it has seen miles and miles of streets and sidewalks
it has seen me accosted by screwdriver-wielding, portland, oregon hobos
it has seen portland, oregon rain like you wouldn't believe
it shows in the faded, crinkled paint
but latley. . .

it has seen the dust and piles of useless junk
it has seen mice across its black gritty top
it has seen no endless tinkering with bearings, lube, looseness, tightness
as it used to.

but now, thank you, son.
it will see more miles
less rain here in bend, oregon
less unfortunate souls with no homes and no help
less dusty mice staring at it with hunger in thier bellies, wishing it was
made of swiss
something better
it will be ridden!

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On 8/11/2006 Kevin wrote in from United States  (207.200.nnn.nnn)

aug 8-9,2006
Life forces us to do a bunch of lame stuff but some things just call for heart and soul. Anticipation builds as the full moon approaches. As I head out solo under the Sierra Nevada moon I turn on my mp3 player and am submersed into a glowing night with the gentle sounds of PInk Floyd. Gentle carves while gently sliding my ungloved hand on the fresh asphalt awakens my soul. I am more alive now than ever at 36. The moonshine casts a bright sheen on the ground as I glide to the bottom of the hill. I howl like a coyote into the wind. My soul is free and right now I am one with the universe. I am the Moonrider.

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Skate Jones Haiku
On 8/7/2006 h0dad wrote in from New Zealand  (132.181.nnn.nnn)

another skater-
what a dumb idea it was
to leave my board at home

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On 8/5/2006 tom t wrote in from Canada  (66.241.nnn.nnn)

light and shadow
trees fly by on right and left
breeze cools sweated brow

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On 7/20/2006 Grubbs wrote in from (72.181.nnn.nnn)

oh i've been skating for years i was just wondering what it was i've never heard of soul riding it sounds rad i cant really do the same tho there arent many streets to carve around on by my house

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